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The Way It Is: where readers can have their say on anything

Cup excitement has been and gone and we’re back to the grind of fighting for our Premier League lives. So it is time to restore The Way It Is to the top of the home page. The idea is that this Salut! Sunderland feature will encourage readers to get talking about any Sunderland or even [...]

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Pure Poyetry: battling performance at Chelsea keeps season alive

Malcolm Dawson writes….just as the majority of Sunderland fans had resigned themselves to an inevitable relegation, the team go and do this to us. Four (almost six) points in games where there seemed no prospect of any at all has reignited the small ember of hope. Despite things not going entirely the way we might [...]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Chelsea 1 SAFC 2. The miracle starts here

Monsieur Salut writes: in all the time we’ve been covering Sunderland, said Nick Barnes as he and Gary Bennett discussed the MAGNIFIQUE 2-1 win at Chelsea, there may not have been a more incredible result. He was probably right. This was truly a majestic display, a win that was as deserved as it was important. [...]

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Salut! Sunderland Podcast: We Talk Man City And Chelsea.

Well despite only picking up a point from our last two games, the performances were encouraging, writes Stephen Goldsmith. I doubt any of us are quite believing that the great escape is on just yet, but it does give us a little scope to be positive on this week’s podcast. Hooray! It was a bit [...]

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Chelsea vs Sunderland: a tale of two vists. Same year, worlds apart

Let us remember, briefly, at happened on a shockingly wet day in London when, before Chelsea vs Sunderland, Monsieur Salut ducked the rain by taking a black taxi driven by a man claiming to the capital’s oldest cabbie. As bad as the weather was, the day was to get a lot worse. To the extent [...]

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Chelsea ‘Guess the Score’: hatful for them, valiant win for Sunderland?

The heartbreaking nature of Man City’s undeserved equaliser should not detract from the pride we can take, finally and for the first time since we last played them, in a Sunderland performance. Pete Sixsmith is probably right – too little, too late – but it is important for own morale, and for the future health [...]

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Chelsea vs SAFC ‘Who are You?’: falldown Torres, Liverpool’s media love-in and Gus

In my ESPN report – – on the spirited draw at the Etihad, I wrote this: Improbable as survival remains, with the club three points adrift at the bottom and six short of a position of safety with just five games left, Poyet’s own self-respect has to make him want to summon superhuman powers [...]

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Sixer’s Manchester City Soapbox: pressure’s off, so football’s on for Sunderland

So Pete Sixsmith succumbed to the power of a lifetime’s devotion. Instead of West Auckland vs an Eden Buses XI, [...]

Pure Poyetry: on almost upsetting the Man City apple cart

Following Sunderland we learn to expect the unexpected. Having failed to achieve victory in the games we thought were winnable, [...]

Sixer’s Sevens: Manchester City 2 Sunderland 2. So, so unlucky

It is not yet clear what happened to Pete Sixsmith‘s ticket for the Etihad. He has sent his customary seven-word [...]

A Bumper England World Cup Bundle for a football know-all

Another competition, more goodies to win, as the World Cup approaches. In fact, there is no need to be a [...]

The Robson Report: in an SAFC world without Poyet, who’d be next?

Still not the start of ‘Wembley and Bust’, the series in which our contributors will discuss what went so drastically [...]

Sixer Says: something rotten in the state of Sunderland

Rats live on no evil star. The ultimate palindrome, or at least the one we learned at school. In this [...]