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Dick’s post Villa Advochaat: happy with a point after losing control

Malcolm Dawson writes…..we don’t have a great record in recent times against Villa so a point is welcome even if it does mean we go back to the bottom of the table – thanks to Stoke City shooting themselves in their metaphorical feet, against their former cult hero manager Tony Pulis. But for the second [...]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Aston Villa 2 SAFC 2. Ever so slowly getting better

With Pete Sixmsith at Wembley for Rugby League, it was a day for one of those seven-word verdict preceded by an asterisk, indicating a supersub. Our old pal Bob Chapman may provide one from Villa Park but Monsieur Salut’s contingency offering shows this was a hard-won point. M’Vila’s Larssonesque free kick gave Sunderland a great [...]

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Sixer Says: a hearty Salut! Sunderland welcome to Ola Toivonen

At this stage of the window it is always a bit suspect treating reports on transfers as gospel. We are getting to that stage where both buying and selling clubs are plying the art of brinkmanship. Selling clubs are hoping that potential purchasers may pay over the odds, whilst those in the market for certain [...]

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Unanswered questions about Advocaat’s future squad as Sunderland face Aston Villa

For no really good reason, except that it’s Friday and no one ever seems to write for these pages on Fridays, let’s give another well-deserved boost to the excellent lads and lasses of the SAFC Supporters’ Association branch in North America – SAFC NASA for short. Just before we get onto transfer talk, the photo [...]

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Aston Villa vs Sunderland Who are You?: ‘a tenner on finishing 10th’

Welcome back, Stuart Jinks*. Jinksy, as some will remember, is a past winner – first prize no less – of what we now call the HAWAYs – Highly Articulate Who Are You? awards. That was back in 2012 and we thought it would be a good idea to invite him to have another bash. Sharp [...]

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Aston Villa vs Sunderland: Guess the Score, Guess the Bigger Club

Villa fans swimming to these shores must forgive what they would see as the impertinence of the headline – both sets of fans know precisely which is the bigger club*, though the conclusions they reach may well differ – and look forward to the return of Jinksy. Stuart Jinks, to give him a real name, [...]

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Sixer’s 6-3 Soapbox: pain and pleasure in beating Exeter. Bring on Manchester City

The defeat of Exeter City, with a quirky scoreline, had Salut! Sunderland delving into murky territory. The introduction to Sixer’s [...]

Dick’s Exeter Advochaat: six goals good – three goals bad

Malcolm Dawson writes…..we would all have been happier with 3-0. Dick too by the sound of it in his post [...]

Sixer’s Sevens: SAFC 6 Exeter City 3. Discuss …

There are different ways of looking at this. Good news: we’re through to the next round, we scored six, Defoe [...]

Michael Gray and the grey area of when a ban isn’t a ban

How does anyone get the impression they have been banned from a football stadium when they haven’t? Monsieur Salut remembers [...]

Sunderland’s Defoe and Bournemouth’s Wilson to lead England line?

Malcolm Dawson writes…..normally Salut! Sunderland relies on its tried and trusted team of contributors for regular input but every now [...]

SAFC vs Exeter City Guess the Score: smooth progress or cup upset?

Will Sunderland get a first win of the season, boosting morale with any luck ahead of the trip to Villa? [...]