Whisper it, but Keano got it wrong

Salut! Sunderland is in turmoil. After all I said at the Blackcats forum about us being desperately unlucky at West Ham, Pete Sixsmith weighs in with a completely different view

Disappointed…yes. Frustrated…definitely. Unlucky? Absolutely not.

Looking like a Premiership side at times. But heading back to the Championship, possibly, if we continue to waste opportunities like this.

Make no mistake, West Ham were there to be beaten. They were low on confidence, their fans are muted after last seasons shenanigans and they have resorted to signing ex-Mags who, as they always do, came back to haunt us.

I am loath to criticise Roy in case he comes to my house and stares at me in an even more intimidating way than Yosser Hughes. I don’t envisage Roy ever having to say “Gissa a job” but I do think he got his tactics and selection wrong on Sunday. There I’ve said it.

I thought he showed the Hammers too much respect by opting to defend in the first half. Why not have a go at them? They had lost three on the bounce, the fans were verging on mutiny and they have poor defenders. Instead we let them dictate the play and had to play catch up in the second period.

It was an awful goal to give away. Great cross by McCartney and a touch by Kevin Kyle – sorry, Carlton Cole (he played like Kyle). But where were the defenders? Halford missed McCartney and nobody picked up Kyle -sorry, Cole. Gordon clearly leaves the six-yard box to his defenders but I think he could have been more pro-active here,

We had chances in the first half and Kenwyne Jones looked impressive. In the second half he looked awesome. Upson and Gabbidon were nowhere near him and his ability to lead the line makes him Roy’s best gamble of the summer. He is a genuine prospect.

So is Leadbitter. He must have done something to upset Stuart Pearce because I can’t think of any footballing reasons why he hasn’t got a place in the Under 21 squad.

He was at least a million times better than Mark Noble and he was only prevented from scoring by a great save from Robert Green. I felt that the game turned on that. They took a collective breath and Curbishley gambled and brought on pace in Boa Morte and experience in Solano.

He was the most likeable of the ex-Mags on show, not that he had much competition in Bellamy and Bowyer – Dr Mengele and Pol Pot are more likeable than those two!!

Yes, the second goal was unlucky but we have to ask questions about Nyron, who does most things right but makes crucial mistakes. We need a more composed centre half in January. There is no room for sentiment in this game now.

So, no points on a weekend where a win would have put us near the top of the table – on page two of Teletext. Fulham next week in a must win game. Would they be missed in the Premier League. We had 4,000 at Upton Park. I bet the Phony Pharoah and his men don’t bring a tenth of that.

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  1. Charverboy October 25, 2007 at 1:55 pm #

    It just shows the goodwill Keane and the board still have that most fans remain optimistic and are not panicking at this time.
    I remember Reid getting slammed by supporters for his negative “one up front” tactics which used to get us nowhere. It’s a similar situation now but no-one has criticised this manager, who admits to maing mistakes and says he is still trying to come to terms with being a boss in the Premier League.
    One up front just hands the impetus to the opposition!
    The sad thing is our record at this stage in the season is exactly the same as the one we had when we went down in 2003.
    Played 10, eight points from two wins and two draws.
    Whether or not we have scored more goals, we still have the same points.
    Back then Reidy lost his job after a gutless performance at Arsenal, where we lost 3-1 and were two nil down after about 10 minutes. The same happened this season – although we uncharacteristically fought back to two all at the Emirates before inevitably going on to lose it.
    I am panicking because I did not believe we would be in this position again and sadly we are. I allowed myself to be optimistic and now and I am not. I never used to miss a game home or away, now it seems like a chore to keep on watching the lads.
    I know it is early in the season but defeat to Fulham on Saturday and I think we have had it! Even if the transfer window opens again in January.
    If we are struggling in the bottom three by then, who the hell will want to sign for us?
    Keep The Faith though lads!

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