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Who are you? We’re Liverpool

Did she fail me as a daughter? Did I fail as a father? Take your pick. Either way, Nathalie Randall did not grow up to be quite the sort of football fan her dad had hoped for. A fixation with John Barnes turned her young head towards Anfield, Sunderland’s next port of call after the […]

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Soapbox: no blues

Perhaps safest to say nothing to Roy Keane’s face, but could it be that our esteemed leader is among the growing band of devoted readers of Pete Sixsmith’s Soapbox? Or was it just great minds thinking alike? Well, I got the team selection right. And more important, so did Roy. He said that we have […]

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Who needs Cantona when we’ve got Charlotte Ord?

The only thing in the world that truly matters tonight is that Sunderland duly got the three points needed from the game against Birmingham. Two nil, might have been three. But that wonderfully vast world of SAFC support ought to be aware that among the fans who witnessed this crucial victory was one Charlotte Ord. […]

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Soapbox: no blues for us……please

Pete Sixsmith set his sights admirably high in demanding nine points from the three home games starting with Portsmouth. Then he accepted that a tally of seven might be more realistic. But with Pompey out of the way, we now face a pair of relegation rivals at the SoL and our uselessness on the road […]

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Help our fans bring light into damaged lives

Let’s not just hear it for the lads, and lasses, of the Billingham branch of the SAFC Supporters’ Association. Let’s dig into our pockets to support their charity walk: a 32-mile overnight trek to the Stadium of Light for a forthcoming home match* (and if God is watching, He’ll make sure to give us three […]

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Who are you? We’re Brum

John Baker lives in Idaho, writes like an American and thinks we’re Geordies. But he’s a Birmingham City fan through and through, has this website to prove it and responded in a blue flash to an invitation to write for Salut! Sunderland. So what does John make of SAFC? He quite likes us but thinks […]

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Rade Prica: a comical miss, a comely miss – and goals

It would be an exaggeration to say that the signing of Rade Prica has been greeted as just the tonic every relegation-haunted Sunderland fan needed. Some of the reactions on the Ready to Go and Blackcats forums show the Swedish international has a lot to prove to many fans. The poor lad has yet to […]

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Maple Leafs and Mackems: kindred low spirits?

Exiled in Abu Dhabi, Rob McKenzie misses his beloved ice hockey. But watching the suffering of a Sunderland-daft colleague who can catch every kick live on TV offers a sharp reminder of sporting under-achievement back home Fans of Sunderland AFC and the Toronto Maple Leafs are twins separated at birth, cheering through thin and thinner […]

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Soapbox: gulfs of difference

Thousands of miles from home, SAFC expats can gawp at every step of the Lads’ up-down-down Premiership progress while ticketless fans at home make do with radio commentary and TV highlights. Pete Sixsmith fears the differences do not end with football viewing rights Ah, the advantages of working in a country which has no restrictive […]

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Keano, there’s only one Keano (happy tonight)

Where our defence gets panto practice? Picture: dsch One moment of pathetic defending at the start, another at the end and glaring misses as we got agonisingly close to an equaliser. Business back to normal after our latest one-win-in-a-row sequence. McShane’s naive and clumsy attempt at a clearance after less than two minutes, aided and […]

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That takeover: the Ellis Short era seems all but over

Promotion at first attempt!

  No need for much more to be said than that Donald Stewart’s Madrox group is now on the brink […]

Season End Reviews: (10) six degrees to relegation (with thanks to Kevin Bacon)

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

Each year we invite regular and occasional contributors to write  end-of-season reviews, writes Monsieur Salut. You’d be forgiven for thinking […]

Season End Reviews: (9) the Lars Word on turning points, Big Sam and the way forward

Salut Banner3(featured image)

There are reports our would-be owner is in a meeting with the EFL today, and that our change of ownership […]

From the archives, and bordering on insanity

From_Our_Archives_featured _image

John McCormick writes: Nine years ago years ago I was in Sunderland and wondering what the future held. In particular, […]

The Salut! Sunderland Haways: Hull, Brentford and Derby fans edge out Bolton

Kathryn Townsley

It’s that time of year again and Monsieur Salut unveils the Salut! Sunderland equivalent of the Oscars … Salut! Sunderland […]

Come what may, can Sunderland go up?

Salut Banner3(featured image)

  Whoever turns out to be Sunderland’s next manager will soon – and let us hope it is soon as […]

Season End Reviews: (8) from the shambles of 2018 to 1988-style Sunderland fun

Ken Gambles: 'would a Gooner rhyme my surname with stumbles?'

One of the perils of responding promptly to Salut! Sunderland‘s annual appela for end-of-season reviews is that Monsieur Salut may […]