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Soapbox: Monday night fever

What is the secret of our 1973 FA Cup triumph? What would Bob Stokoe give the Lads just before they ran out for games? Why doesn’t Paul Bracewell get the beer in? Pete Sixsmith has answers to two of those questions Monday nights in the Sixsmith household are usually fairly routine and predictable. Return from […]

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SAFC youngsters: from snowy hell to semis heaven

Pete Sixmsmith wasn’t at the Valley last night, but the text message that dropped as I slept nearly 4,000 miles away read like the first under-18s edition of Sixer’s Sevens: “Youth team won two one at Charlton.” So Kevin Ball’s Class of ’08 are through to the semi-finals of the FA Youth Cup with only […]

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Who are you? We’re Derby

After all the must-win home games we somehow managed to win, here comes the must-win away tie. If we cannot get three points at Derby, where can we win? Nick Britten, the tall one in the middle at the Wembley playoff final last season, counts Danny Higginbotham as a mate, but is a diehard County […]

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Soapbox: yet another bad day at the office

Another away defeat, but this time Pete Sixsmith knew the script so well that even a new roof over the visitors’ end couldn’t lure him to Fratton Park to suffer in person These away games pieces are getting easier and easier to write. Plenty of effort, lots of huffing and puffing, no penetration and a […]

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Who are you? We’re Pompey

Not quite ready in time for Saturday Picture: Smug feelings about our 2-0 win over Portsmouth were still strong when Salut! Sunderland went in search of a Pompey fan to write about Saturday’s return fixture. The choices were plentiful: Peter Allen, friend and fellow journalist in Paris; Robert Hardman, another former colleague; Brian Oliver, […]

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Soapbox: another Saturday away from the Stadium of Light

Pete Sixsmith profits from a SAFC-free weekend to take in games at Ashington and Ryton, plot his book on the fate of proper old football grounds, hail Big Cec Irwin and question moves to stamp out of swearing on the pitch Being out of the cup gives people like me a chance to get to […]

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Soapbox: the pleasures of youth

Pete Sixmith, who goes to at least three games a week during the football season, witnesses one of the best at the Stadium of Light. But the players wouldn’t have been celebrating at the Glass Spider afterwards. One of them had to be up for school the next day Those of us who trooped out […]

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Hail Bally’s stars in the making

If I collated all the goal alerts and scorelines I have received since the age of text messages began, the overall figures would probably make for fairly sorry reading. There was the infamous, says-it-all Pete Sixsmith one from the last relegation season when we played Everton at home: “0-1. Cahill, 92 minutes.” And Joan Dawson’s […]

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Soapbox: the Ofsted inspector reports

Pete Sixsmith is no stranger – it’s oft said – to Ofsted inspections. Here are the findings of one of his own, which he conducted after making an impossible demand for nine points from the last three home games A few weeks ago I said that we needed nine points out of the next three […]

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Decipher these autographs

Interesting question set by my confrères at the safc-fans site on behalf of one of their subscribers. Click to enlarge the image and then supply all the names of Sunderland players, circa 1978, who signed the page. You can do this here, as a comment, or direct to the safc-fans site at this link, though […]

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Sixer’s Sheffield Wednesday Soapbox: not enough to pass the test but A for effort

Sixer'sSoapbox(featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……..there were plenty of positives to take from last night’s game, both on and off the field. Off […]

Sixer’s Sheffield Wednesday Seven: out but not disgraced

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

Pete Sixsmith was not to be found in the matchday (matchnight?) programme for the League Cup game against the Owls. […]

Sunderland vs Scunthorpe United prize Guess the Score: more goals for Maja?

Jake: 'forget the mugs: Monsieur Salut has a better class of prize these days'

The congestion of this week and next – with games tonight, Sunday and next Wednesday – means there’ll be an […]

Scunthorpe United Who are You? Magical Beagrie, woeful refs, Sunderland revival prospects

Jake: 'you need a long memory'

Monsieur Salut writes: this edition of Who are You? appears out of sequence, with a league cup game to be […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team (in the League Cup): Sheffield Wednesday

Promotion at first attempt!

John McCormick writes: Pete Sixsmith wrote about Sheffield Wednesday last season, as you no doubt remember. Today he makes a brief […]

Stoke City, the U23s and the Hetton Irregulars. What more could you want on a Monday Night?

Salut Banner4(featured image)

As soon as Pete Sixsmith and the trusty Mazda returned from Luton he was under the bonnet, checking the oil, […]