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Sixer’s Sevens strike threat

The National Union of Salut! Sunderland Scribes (NUSSS) says Sixer’s Sevens will be hit by a 12-hour strike from the start of the Chelsea game. This is in protest at the lamentable performance at Stoke, and also the obscene ticket prices charges by Brand Chelsea, formerly Chelsea FC. Pete Sixsmith is off to Whitehaven for […]

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Soapbox: after the Lord Mayor’s show

Pete Sixsmith scoured the recesses of his mind for something positive to say about the abysmal defeat at Stoke. He finally came up with one consoling thought: the gloriously optimistic suggestion that we may lose at Chelsea by only one goal.. What a disappointment! We’re all pumped up after defeating the Mags for the first […]

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Who are you? We’re Chelsea

How to forget Stoke (though we’ve plenty to say about that, too)? Let’s try. Gloryhunting comes in many forms. Brian Kerrigan, an esteemed Canadian colleague with uncertain knowledge of English football, wrote on Facebook: “Hull City AFC. all the way baby! Go Tigers!” Ray Knight* decided as a lad that he’d support Chelsea. But that’s […]

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Are we on Showtime Comedy Extra? You’re having a laugh

Regular visitors to Salut! Sunderland may have gained the impression that one of the best things about my life in the Middle East is that I get to see more football – Sunderland football, that is – than when I lived in London. Isn’t every Premier League game, after all, televised live by Showtime? Readers […]

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House of the Rising Sunderland fan

Alan, 2nd left, and the Animals’ finest hour Picture: blackmagicplastic A thoughtful new comment posted by “Bill” tempted me to give this one another airing – and maybe to suggest to Big Niall that a spirited attempt should now be made, if it has not been already, to get Alan along to the Stadium of […]

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Soapbox: after the party

Opinions vary on the apportioning of blame for the minor outbreak of trouble on the pitch after Saturday’s stirring win against the Mags. The most intelligent and balanced assessments – and these, it could be argued, are the ones not found so far in many corners of the press – put blame on both sets […]

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Who are you? We’re Stoke

Stoke flagPicture: lloyd.brayford Doesn’t the bonding between fellow football fans, whichever team they support, warm the cockles of the heart? And how much nicer still when you establish a warm rapport with fans of a team that plays in colours a little like your own. That’s the theory. But when Salut! Sunderland posted a friendly […]

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Soapbox: there’ll be days like these

Two-one all over again, and Pete Sixsmith hails the immense positives of Saturday. He also laments the behaviour of a few idiots who invaded the pitch (we might more vehemently lament the laziness of those sections of the press* intent on heaping all the blame on SAFC and its fans, ignoring the dreadful parts played […]

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A stirring win: savour the moment

Kieran: free kick king Picture: Peadar O’Sullivan It is asking too much that any of us will quickly forget yesterday’s heartening win. Let us be honest: the Mags were a test for us. That we overcame them, with superb performances from Malbranque, Cisse, Richardson, Yorke and Collins and lots of seven put of 10s among […]

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Who are you? I’m Mike Ashley, I think

Ashley OutPicture: In keeping with our inclusive policy, and a firm commitment to care in the community, we felt it would be appropriate, just ahead of the Wear-Tyne derby, to invite Mike Ashley*, the £135m owner of Newcastle United (pictured on a wanted poster – how grand to be so wanted!), to talk about […]

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That takeover: the Ellis Short era seems all but over

Promotion at first attempt!

  No need for much more to be said than that Donald Stewart’s Madrox group is now on the brink […]

Season End Reviews: (10) six degrees to relegation (with thanks to Kevin Bacon)

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

Each year we invite regular and occasional contributors to write  end-of-season reviews, writes Monsieur Salut. You’d be forgiven for thinking […]

Season End Reviews: (9) the Lars Word on turning points, Big Sam and the way forward

Salut Banner3(featured image)

There are reports our would-be owner is in a meeting with the EFL today, and that our change of ownership […]

From the archives, and bordering on insanity

From_Our_Archives_featured _image

John McCormick writes: Nine years ago years ago I was in Sunderland and wondering what the future held. In particular, […]

The Salut! Sunderland Haways: Hull, Brentford and Derby fans edge out Bolton

Kathryn Townsley

It’s that time of year again and Monsieur Salut unveils the Salut! Sunderland equivalent of the Oscars … Salut! Sunderland […]

Come what may, can Sunderland go up?

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  Whoever turns out to be Sunderland’s next manager will soon – and let us hope it is soon as […]

Season End Reviews: (8) from the shambles of 2018 to 1988-style Sunderland fun

Ken Gambles: 'would a Gooner rhyme my surname with stumbles?'

One of the perils of responding promptly to Salut! Sunderland‘s annual appela for end-of-season reviews is that Monsieur Salut may […]