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Manchester United: the gods – and divers – of Old Trafford

Eric Cantona mosaic by Mark KennedyImage: dullhunk   Who are You? That’s the question we ask before each Sunderland game. Paul Eccleston*, our first visitor this season from the ranks of Manchester United followers, is that rarity: an unblinkered football fan. His lifelong support for the club does not stop him recognising Nani as a […]

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String up Andy Reid’s guitar thieves

Andy Reid is a cultured midfielder. He’s also, by all accounts, an accomplished musician. But a nasty little theft has prompted him to issue an appeal for help in the return of some important items of personal property … The theft of two guitars owned by me, though an impossible crime since I have only […]

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Is Sunderland v Manchester United also Gordon vs Mignolet?

* Both images from our old friend addick-tedKevin Who keeps goal against the stars of Manchester United on Saturday? Craig Gordon’s recovery from injury hands a tough old decision to Steve Bruce …   (more…)

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The day they knew Brian Clough’s career was doomed

Our magnificent man in his flying machine is Bill Taylor, who lives in Canada these days but is a Sunderland-daft Bishop lad. He has never lost the passion despite living thousands of miles from County Durham and even becoming a naturalised Canadian. Older fans will identify with his nostalgic memories of an early introduction to […]

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Soapbox in Liverpool: not a fair Kop

Pete Sixsmith had a good day out on Merseyside, watching Sunderland play their best football of the season, enjoying some decent ale and admiring the fine sportsmanship of Kuyt and Torres … The Brucester made the point last night that all the talk would be about Stuart (“Winifred”) Attwell’s performance and/or the looming crisis in […]

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Liverpool v Sunderland Observed: simply our best

Things have reached such a state at Anfield that Liverpool fans now hail as a “good start” an extremely dodgy early goal, in which the spirit of fair play was singularly absent whatever the letter of the law may say (and always leaving aside how far Torres was from the ball when the “free kick” […]

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Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2: the beachball’s revenge

Image: Mrs Logic Are we destined to give away fluke goals to inferior opposition on a weekly basis? Arsenal and Liverpool have already profited. Will, next week, a spectacular Nani dive end in such a fashion that the ball bounces off his back and creeps into the goal when we play Man United? (more…)

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Liverpool 2 (incl 1 beachball goal) SAFC 2; verdict on way

It has been a frantic day, with lots of updates. This report has been superseded by the following posting. Click on the headline to go there – and feel free to comment (bearing in mind that I haven’t even seen the game and have only second-hand information about the contentious aspects): Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2: […]

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The Liverpool verdict: on its way

THIS REPORT NOW SUPERSEDED: CLICK HERE Image: Mrs Logic Today, I am away from Gary Bennett and Nick Barnes, always a sound matchday listen on BBC Radio N**cas**e, and from all those dodgy internet streams, because work requires me to interview the French band Moussu T e lei Jovents in Marseille. Pete Sixsmith will, as […]

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Liverpool v SAFC: the voice of America

It was from the judge I mentioned yesterday that I first heard the expression “up and down like a harlot’s drawers”. It was a reference to his football team’s yo-yo existence and I suppose there are County Durham variations of the phrase I have known and forgotten. Anyway, it also applies to Salut! Sunderland. Ever […]

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Scunthorpe vs SAFC prize Guess the Score: make Rod Liddle eat his words

Jake says click the banner to enter the prize Guess the Score

Monsieur Salut introduces the latest prize Guess the Score competition. Don’t worry if your entry is ‘held for moderation’ – […]

French Fancies: ‘star chroniclers’ Henry Winter, Sam Wallace and tenuous Sunderland links

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France’s leading Sunday newspaper hails four stars of Premier League football writing[/caption] How can I make this sound like it […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: Sunderland 1 Luton 1. Mazdas but no Maja

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

Malcom Dawson wrote this introduction wthout seeing Pete Sixsmith’s match report: Lee Probert’s performance will undoubtedly dominate the headlines and […]

Rate the ref: Sunderland v Luton Town

Rate The Ref featured image

The 223 posts have been put in the spreadsheet. (Mr Probert didn’t score very well). The poll has been removed […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Sunderland rue lack of killer finish as Luton are gifted a penalty


SAFC made a return to the Stadium of Light, Pete Sixsmith made a return to the Stadum of Light and […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Luton Town

Salut Banner5(featured image)

John McCormick writes, I’m  not sure whether or not I ever saw Luton during the sixties. Pete Sixsmith didn’t, so […]

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