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Newcastle (3) 5 Sunderland (0) 1: the shambles and the shame

When a contributor reckoned at Salut! Sunderland last week that we might be in for a hammering at St James’ Park, he was shot down in the nearest thing to flames we get around here. Well, it this wasn’t a hammering, we want to know what it was. Pete Sixsmith’s will doubtless expand on his […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: the short, sharp match verdict

This is the slot where Salut! Sunderland‘s inimitable chronicler and sage casts his instant judgement on every SAFC match – well nearly every one – from the moral high ground of having been there. Agree or disagree with his seven-word verdict as you will, but they come from the heart of a first-rate analyst of […]

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Both sides now: the Newcastle v Sunderland build-up

If anyone still wants to enter the Tyne/Wear derby competition, the prize is now a choice between a copy of Ian Black’s pictured book and the Lance Hardy account of Sunderland’s famous last FA Cup win, Stokoe, Sunderland ’73. See footnote … Countless thousands of people have caught the Tyne/Wear derby fever. Those of us […]

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Newcastle v Sunderland: Talk of the Tyne meeting the Wear

Ken Waugh*, who runs the Talk of the Tyne fan site, has been unwell, my hand’s been dodgy after an op but we’ve patched together one last derby preview, Ken answering the same questions put to Keith Topping the other day … See also: Keith Topping on the Toon/Wear divide: Harmless banter or poisoned hatred? […]

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Newcastle United away – at Roker Park

One day to go. Pete Sixsmith cannot wait for it to be over if truth be told. Here, he climbs back on to his Soapbox to recall a bizarre derby day from the past … Probably the most surreal derby experience I had was in our final season at Roker Park in 1997. We had […]

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How not to scare Chelsea, Citeh and United off Jordan

Image: A Love Supreme Steve Bruce‘s dismissal of stories that he has put a £20m price tag on the head of Jordan Henderson is timely and wise. One sure result of publicly stating such a value would be to announce to the world that Jordan was for sale. And another would be to fix the […]

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Steve Bruce: no oil painting? Quinny and Keano know why

Owen Lennox* is a Sunderland supporter with unusual gifts. He is an author, as recently demonstrated on these pages with the story of his novel touching on Wearside history, he is an art teacher and he is an accomplished painter. Here, he describes how an attempted little sideline – painting SAFC figureheads in the hope […]

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Soapbox: suffering in the rain at St James’ Park

Sunderland fans remember the 2-1 victory in torrential rain at Newcastle United in 1999. Pete Sixsmith’s memory goes back further to another wet occasion at St James’ Park, without the uplifting consolation of a win … Half term and a couple of days in Lincolnshire, watching the delights of Louth Town v Shirebrook Town (8-0) […]

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Newcastle United and Sunderland: harmless banter or poisoned hatred?

Time soon enough for the talking to end and the real stuff to take over. But after a season without the need for a Newcastle United “Who are You?”, the Toon version of the feature is back as surely as the derby itself Keith Topping*, author (40+ books) and broadcaster, is the man whose dismantling […]

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Newcastle v Sunderland: Alan Shearer penalty points

AscensionImage: Akuppa   Click here for Salut! Sunderland’s first look at the derby through Mag eyes … As every schoolboy ought to know, our last win at St James’ Park – a distressing 10 years ago – was made all the sweeter by an Alan Shearer penalty miss. Here are two of the many stories […]

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Scunthorpe vs SAFC prize Guess the Score: make Rod Liddle eat his words

Jake says click the banner to enter the prize Guess the Score

Monsieur Salut introduces the latest prize Guess the Score competition. Don’t worry if your entry is ‘held for moderation’ – […]

French Fancies: ‘star chroniclers’ Henry Winter, Sam Wallace and tenuous Sunderland links

Salut Banner2(featured image)

France’s leading Sunday newspaper hails four stars of Premier League football writing[/caption] How can I make this sound like it […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: Sunderland 1 Luton 1. Mazdas but no Maja

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

Malcom Dawson wrote this introduction wthout seeing Pete Sixsmith’s match report: Lee Probert’s performance will undoubtedly dominate the headlines and […]

Rate the ref: Sunderland v Luton Town

Rate The Ref featured image

The 223 posts have been put in the spreadsheet. (Mr Probert didn’t score very well). The poll has been removed […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Sunderland rue lack of killer finish as Luton are gifted a penalty


SAFC made a return to the Stadium of Light, Pete Sixsmith made a return to the Stadum of Light and […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Luton Town

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John McCormick writes, I’m  not sure whether or not I ever saw Luton during the sixties. Pete Sixsmith didn’t, so […]

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