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Henderson, Liverpool and England: isn’t it possible Roy Hodgson knows better?

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

The Daily Mail football writer Matt Lawton began his report on Jordan Henderson’s call-up to the England squad for Euro 2012 with these words: (more…)

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Dying Magpie caption competition brings parting sorrow and winning joy


Salut! Sunderland is pleased that Titus Bramble has been cleared of sexual assault. He was utterly wrong to be out on the toot after the debacle at Carrow Road but was punished by the club for that and it is right that we should record today’s Not Guilty verdicts in passing. However, Monsieur Salut – […]

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Money matters: belt-tightening at Sunderland, rocky at Villa, steady at Stoke

Jake catches MON thinking of strikers

Pete Sixsmith gets perilously close to causing another internal spat at Salut! Sunderland with passing thoughts on the waffle, rumour and lies that pass for football transfer news at this time of the year. But first he examines the annual Conn report on the good, bad and ugly of Premier League finances … (more…)

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Sixer’s Sentiments: Joey Barton, Premier League withdrawal symptoms and Super League allure

Pete Sixsmith

Pete Sixsmith has been back at the chalk face, enriching young lives and earning the means to enable him to attend Premier League games again next season. Or will he forsake round footballs for the squashed variety? Ask him at the wrong moment, when he’s just been thinking about Joey Barton or recapturing his Rugby […]

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Coldplay to la corrida, Futureheads to flamingos


And at least I can claim two of the four subjects have Sunderland connections … It is not every week that combines a world supergroup in full rehearsal for a gig at the Stadium of Light; a Spanish matador taking on six bulls in one session (not all at once, of course – that would […]

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A Sunderland footballing odyssey from Gateshead to Southport

Tony Roffe's photo: Jake's adaptation

Crikey! John McCormick has turned writing for Salut! Sunderland into the craft of jigsaw creator, or perhaps more like that of the inventor of snakes and ladders. Discussing ups and downs that have followed the exclusion from the Football League of Gateshead 52 years ago, always looking out for SAFC links, he weaves an intricate […]

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Now’s the time to sharpen your writing skills and brighten these pages

MON's men on the up

It was a tiring season. Being any supporter of Sunderland was, at times, exhausting enough. Being Pete Sixsmith, determined to get to every game even if it meant watching a joke team selection at Brighton and truly awful performances at many Premier grounds, was a test of any fan’s commitment and stamina. (more…)

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Corrie’s Sunderland connections. Sorry, lads, they don’t include Michelle Keegan

salut sunburst copy

Glenda Young, who runs a highly successful blog about the world’s longest running TV soap is also Sunderland-daft, passionate about the city and the club. And she is a friend of Salut! Sunderland’s; we were happy to help out when she came looking for contributions to the history of Wearside connections with the series, though […]

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Sunderland Review of the Season: (4) a mixed start to O’Neill era

Pete Sixsmith

This season, Monsieur Salut has decided not to offer his own end-of-season report. Not because he felt so demotivated at the end of it, though he did, but because it is not really fair to make such an appraisal on too few games attended and the rest followed by a combination of consistently admirable coverage […]

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Magpies, Mackems and mugs: another flyer hits the dust

Rob, from Proper Music, helpfully added the, er, prop

M Salut is heading along the road to join a 45,000-strong crowd watching Coldplay warm up for the SoL with a concert in Nice. While he’s away at the gig, you can come up with a prize-winning gag … What is it with magpies and Kent? Perhaps some less ornitholologically challenged reader of Salut! Sunderland […]

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Adieu Martin Bain

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Monsieur Salut knew, or had a good idea, this was coming, but thought it prudent not to say. Now it […]

SAFC takeover: done and dusted with a £40m price tag and, soon, a new manager

Jake: 'when will we next see sunny times for Sunderland AFC?'

Monsieur Salut couldn’t be in Sunderland today but pieces together the bits he has gleaned about the confirmed purchase of […]

That takeover: the Ellis Short era seems all but over

Promotion at first attempt!

  No need for much more to be said than that Stewart Donald is now on the brink of completing […]

Season End Reviews: (9) the Lars Word on turning points, Big Sam and the way forward

Salut Banner3(featured image)

There are reports our would-be owner is in a meeting with the EFL today, and that our change of ownership […]

From the archives, and bordering on insanity

From_Our_Archives_featured _image

John McCormick writes: Nine years ago years ago I was in Sunderland and wondering what the future held. In particular, […]