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Sixer’s travels: Fun in the Fens – Histon v Sunderland

Jake brightens up the site again

Having felt like a fish out of water amongst the glitterati of Chichester a couple of weeks ago Pete Sixsmith continued his travels with a visit to the flatlands of East Anglia. The lure of course was the appearance of Bally’s Boys in another pre-season work out against Histon. As the North East at last […]

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The Robson Report: Hull hath no fury like Steve Bruce scorned

'They hated me for being a Geordie ... but not him behind me'

By now, you would think, any football reporter who rushed excitedly up to the sports editor and exclaimed ‘I have a great interview with Steve Bruce about how unfair life is’ would be demoted to covering junior rounders. Not so. Jeremy Robson notes that Bruce’s mantra, ‘how I was sacked for being a Geordie’ with […]

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McCormick’s Craic: Lies, damn lies and statistics! What can we really learn from crunching numbers?


Who was it said “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics”? We asked one hundred people. 37% said “Benjamin Disraeli,” 55% said “Mark Twain” and 42% said “I don’t give a toss!” Half Man Half Biscuit said “If 8 out of 10 cats do prefer Whiskers do the other two prefer […]

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French Fancies: 79 million other reasons Zlatan Ibrahimovic chose PSG ahead of Sunderland

Jake: l'artist

Now if someone tells you your pay in a new job is to be €14m a year, you’d be impressed. No one will be too surprised to hear that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s deal on becoming the latest recruit for Paris Saint-Germain, a club blessed with limitless Qatari money. (more…)

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Gerrin’ Gorrin – Gone: Testing time at Spennymoor

They say we all need a certain amount of stress in our lives and since taking my occupational pension and leaving the daily grind behind, mine has come from misbehaving computer hardware and the pressures of deputising for M. Salut when he is otherwise engaged. Last night was no exception. There I was, just about […]

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Luke’s World: how Sunderland could line up with or without Sessegnon

The classic design: 'Salut! Sunderland - a site better'

Luke Harvey ponders the team formations available to MON subject to the signings we hope he’s about to make … (more…)

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Real Madrid, Spain’s Civil War and a homage to an improbable hero

McCormick’s Craic has one of its more scholarly moments. Here, inspired by recent musings on football and fascism, John McCormick traces the history of one of the men most closely associated with Real Madrid and finds him commemorated in places you’d expect people with handed-down memories of Franco atrocities to bristle at any mention … […]

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Ryan Noble sprints clear of the peloton as Paris fetes Bradley Wiggins

Another Tony Roffe/Jake collaboration: but do you need to be born in its shadow to support SAFC?

Pete Sixsmith has long drooled over the Tour de France. Another Salut! Sunderland split: whereas Monsieur Salut accepts that the race passes through breathtaking scenery, and takes his beret off to Wiggo’s superb achievement and excellent French, the event itself leaves him cold. We both agree on the quality of Ryan Noble’s exciting winner in […]

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Peace of mind in South Korea as Sunderland pull off late win

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

Sunderland won third place in the Peace Cup after coming from behind to beat the Dutch side FC Groningen 3-2 in South Korea today. (more…)

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Sixer’s sojourn finds no Seoul in Sussex

Pete Sixsmith then (not so long ago) ... he's a lot trimmer now

Malcolm Dawson writes: it seemed highly appropriate that Kate Rusby’s version of The Kinks’ Village Green Preservation Society came on the radio, just as I was beginning the edit of Pete Sixsmith‘s latest offering. Immediately before dropping off to sleep the night before, I had re-read a chapter of Harry Pearson’s excellent book on North […]

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Adieu Martin Bain

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Monsieur Salut knew, or had a good idea, this was coming, but thought it prudent not to say. Now it […]

SAFC takeover: done and dusted with a £40m price tag and, soon, a new manager

Jake: 'when will we next see sunny times for Sunderland AFC?'

Monsieur Salut couldn’t be in Sunderland today but pieces together the bits he has gleaned about the confirmed purchase of […]

That takeover: the Ellis Short era seems all but over

Promotion at first attempt!

  No need for much more to be said than that Stewart Donald is now on the brink of completing […]

Season End Reviews: (9) the Lars Word on turning points, Big Sam and the way forward

Salut Banner3(featured image)

There are reports our would-be owner is in a meeting with the EFL today, and that our change of ownership […]

From the archives, and bordering on insanity

From_Our_Archives_featured _image

John McCormick writes: Nine years ago years ago I was in Sunderland and wondering what the future held. In particular, […]