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Poyetry in Motion from Aston Villa: ‘only thing missing was a goal’

what did he say?'

In his post-match e-mail, Gus Poyet applauds a solid team performance, rues the great missed chance and hails John O’Shea’s insistence on seeing out the 0-0 draw at Villa Park with a groin injury … Dear Colin, Of course we will take the point but we did want three and we were playing for three. […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Aston Villa 0 SAFC 0 – clean sheet stops the rot

Jake pins Sixer to the wall

With Pete Sixsmith indulging his passion for Rugby League at the World Cup Final at Old Trafford today it falls to his fellow Shildonian and East Stand neighbour, Peter Horan to step up from the bench and provide today’s Seven. Pre-match discussion revolved around the replacing of Johnson and Colback with Borini and Gardner and […]

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Sunderland Echo: a fond farewell as last page looms for the Pink

Com back tomorrow for the Coventry edition of Pete Sixsmith;s outstanding series on his visits to opponents' grounds

The newspaper is an endangered species. When Monsieur Salut was summoned to Abu Dhabi to help create The National, he was fully aware of being involved in possibly the last major newspaper launch the world would see. Under threat from electronic sources of journalism, dwindling sales and advertising and the evaporation of reader loyalty – […]

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Seb: ‘the Lads are happier under Poyet’. Us: ‘our turn next?’


It caught my eye that the Sunderland Echo – where’s that piece about the demise of the Footie Echo, Sixer? – was quoting Seb Larsson on how much happier the Lads all were under Gus Poyet. Glancing at the Premier League table, there’s an obvious response. And the first batch of readers’ comments made it. […]

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Podcast! Stoke, Villa and unfriendly referees…

See you next season!

Having just about recovered from Kevin Friend’s two footed tackle on our relegation battle, Goldy and I summed up the courage to revisit our most recent defeat. The Stoke game was definitely one we’d be earmarking for points and we came away with nothing. We dissect the game, the decisions and the repercussions. The red […]

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Aston Villa ‘Guess the Score’: Wes Brown to score winner?

Jake: more coaching than playing at Blackburn

In a fair world, that – Wes Brown clinching all three points for Sunderland – naturally would be the outcome. It may be more likely, given SAFC’s recent luck on the road, that Wayne Rooney’s pal Neil Swarbrick will miraculously overcome his problems with distinguishing between red and yellow and send off three of our […]

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The Aston Villa ‘Who are You?’: on MoN, Darren Bent, SAFC survival

Jake: hope springs etenal

David Hale* is @AVFCRant at Twitter. I liked the name so invited him over to Salut! Sunderland. He thinks we’ll stay up with a bit to spare so can come more often; not too often, though, given his matchday forecast. Wes Brown is cleared to play and Neil Swarbrick, so admired by Wayne Rooney and […]

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Wes Brown and the limited benefits of a post-execution free pardon

what did he say?'

You’ve just been hanged for a crime you didn’t commit. “Don’t despair,” someone shouted, the last sound you would ever hear, as the trapdoor opened. “There’s an appeal in.” So Wes Brown’s name is cleared. The trapdoor opened long ago; the corpse of Sunderland’s defeat at Stoke has already been moved to the plot reserved […]

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Stoke’s Friend may be no one else’s for a while

Jake: more coaching than playing at Blackburn

Not sure if Mike Riley has yet made his call to Gus Poyet with abject apologies for a howler that has made Sunderland’s desperate battle against relegation all the harder. Nor is it clear whether Kevin Friend has been man enough to send Poyet his own mea culpa. But the signs are growing that Friend’s […]

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If the FA has the least sense, Brown plays at Villa. IF!

Jake: 'this is the place where you find true support, unconditional commitment'

All Sunderland supporters, and all followers of football with a shred of common sense and fairness, will hope – and pray, if they pray – the club succeed in the appeal against Wes Brown’s staggering unjust dismissal at Stoke City. (more…)

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Scunthorpe vs SAFC prize Guess the Score: make Rod Liddle eat his words

Jake says click the banner to enter the prize Guess the Score

Monsieur Salut introduces the latest prize Guess the Score competition. Don’t worry if your entry is ‘held for moderation’ – […]

French Fancies: ‘star chroniclers’ Henry Winter, Sam Wallace and tenuous Sunderland links

Salut Banner2(featured image)

France’s leading Sunday newspaper hails four stars of Premier League football writing[/caption] How can I make this sound like it […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: Sunderland 1 Luton 1. Mazdas but no Maja

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

Malcom Dawson wrote this introduction wthout seeing Pete Sixsmith’s match report: Lee Probert’s performance will undoubtedly dominate the headlines and […]

Rate the ref: Sunderland v Luton Town

Rate The Ref featured image

The 223 posts have been put in the spreadsheet. (Mr Probert didn’t score very well). The poll has been removed […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Sunderland rue lack of killer finish as Luton are gifted a penalty


SAFC made a return to the Stadium of Light, Pete Sixsmith made a return to the Stadum of Light and […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Luton Town

Salut Banner5(featured image)

John McCormick writes, I’m  not sure whether or not I ever saw Luton during the sixties. Pete Sixsmith didn’t, so […]

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