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Sunderland vs Aston Villa: the cup finals start here

Another of Jake's Salut! banners

Carlisle United on Sunday in the FA Cup proper and there’s a good “Who are You?” on its way. But who can deny that Sunderland vs Aston Villa assumes cup final significance? (more…)

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Sunderland’s Twelve Days of Christmas: (7) Manchester City

Pete Sixsmith then (not so long ago) ... he's a lot trimmer now

Pete Sixsmith continues with the task he set himself of finding a match to reflect upon for each of 12 days of the festive season. Today he recalls the start of the illustrious Sunderland career of the 1973 FA Cup-winning team captain Bobby Kerr… See the Twelve Days of Christmas series in full at […]

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Sixer’s Cardiff Soapbox: sometimes life is just beer and skittles (or football)

Jake says "flipping heck" or words to that effect

Never one to miss the opportunity to combine two of his favourite pastimes, real ale and watching footy, Pete Sixsmith took advantage of the holiday fixture list to take a tour of the English Midlands and Welsh Borders to work off his post Christmas over indulgence by over indulging some more. Having taken the Supporters’ […]

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Sunderland’s IQ: It needs to be better than average

Jake: 'this is the place where you find true support, unconditional commitment'

On Boxing Day 2004 West Brom’s 19th game of the season saw them at home to Liverpool. They lost 0-5, which left them adrift at the bottom, with 10 points and a goal difference of -24. They drew their next match 1-1, away to Man City, but this wasn’t enough to lift them up the […]

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Sunderland v Aston Villa: Guess the Score and help a good cause

Jake: 'forget the mugs: Monsieur Salut has a better class of prize these days'

When the glittering occasional prize of a Salut! Sunderland mug was reinstituted for the Everton game, it was a safe bet that Eric Bowers would win. After all, he’s already got three, though in fairness one was bought – making him as rare as, say, a priest who finds the painting he bought for £400 […]

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Sunderland’s Twelve Days of Christmas (6): Newcastle United

Ye olde days, even before Jermain's super strike

John McCormick writes. I must have been at this game but I can’t remember anything about it. Maybe the disappointment at the result has caused me to blot it from my mind, or maybe it’s true that if you can remember the sixties you weren’t there. No, that can’t be right. Pete Sixsmith was there, and […]

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SAFC vs Aston Villa Who are You?: ‘looks too tough, Gus’

Jake: 'let the revival continue?'

Since beating Arsenal 3-1 at the Emirates on the opening day of the season, Aston Villa have been at best patchy. They arrive at the Stadium of Light for the New Year’s Day fixture six points ahead of Sunderland, fourth top of the group of 11 clubs separated by just nine points. Our Villa interviewee […]

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Sunderland’s Twelve Days of Christmas: (5) Fulham

salut soap

John McCormick writes: In his fifth reminiscence of Sunderland games played over the festive season, Pete Sixsmith goes back to another promotion season. This is probably one of the many where I didn’t get to a game, unless I went to Stoke, but I do remember the signing of Marangoni and the anticipation that came […]

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Poyetry in Motion from Cardiff: never say die attitude brings reward

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

There was turmoil off the pitch at Cardiff where the owner began with a smile on his face, no doubt convinced that he could convince the home support that he knows best. No sign of turmoil on the pitch, where the red Bluebirds started brightly and had Gus Poyet’s men on the backfoot. Unlike at […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Cardiff City 2 SAFC 2 – Colback at the death

Jake gives Sixer star billing

This was a crucial game. Other results for once had gone our way and a win would get us off the bottom of the table. But with O’Shea out and Brown suspended it was up to the reshuffled back four to hold firm but they didn’t. They looked shaky for much of the first half […]

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Adieu Martin Bain

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Monsieur Salut knew, or had a good idea, this was coming, but thought it prudent not to say. Now it […]

SAFC takeover: done and dusted with a £40m price tag and, soon, a new manager

Jake: 'when will we next see sunny times for Sunderland AFC?'

Monsieur Salut couldn’t be in Sunderland today but pieces together the bits he has gleaned about the confirmed purchase of […]

That takeover: the Ellis Short era seems all but over

Promotion at first attempt!

  No need for much more to be said than that Stewart Donald is now on the brink of completing […]

Season End Reviews: (9) the Lars Word on turning points, Big Sam and the way forward

Salut Banner3(featured image)

There are reports our would-be owner is in a meeting with the EFL today, and that our change of ownership […]

From the archives, and bordering on insanity

From_Our_Archives_featured _image

John McCormick writes: Nine years ago years ago I was in Sunderland and wondering what the future held. In particular, […]