Anita Lovran's Instagram verdict

Anita Lovran’s Instagram verdict

Now let us be honest. If Dejan Lovren had gone feet-high into Fred’s throat, leaving stud marks and threatening life itself, we can safely assume a devoted wife might have protested when the referee had the audacity to give a penalty. And a yellow card.

But it wasn’t quite like that, as we know. Fred, untouched by Lovren except when falling dramatically into him, simply cheated to gain his penalty. Since I am not prepared to suggest anything criminal, let me just repeat that this was a wretched decision, as bad as any to be imagined for the opening game of the world’s grandest sporting tournament.

Anita’s response at Instagram, brought to my attention by the website, is as understandable as it is priceless. Great minds think alike: I have already visualised the ref in a Brazil shirt. Anita adds her critique of another of his blunders, the disallowed goal.

 Dejan Lovren posted this great photo at his Facebook page with the message: 'My girls are ready for the game, and you?' He deserved better from it

Dejan Lovren posted this great photo at his Facebook page with the message: ‘My girls are ready for the game, and you?’ He deserved better from it

I did read somewhere than Michel Platini had condemned criticism of the ref, Yuichi Nishimura, as racist because he happens to be Japanese. Platini has his critics but the suggestion is so preposterous that, having made a cursory Google search in vain for the comment, I dismiss it as mischief-making (unless you know better).

And here are links to our other two pieces on Brazil 3 Croatia 1:

* Right said Fred, let’s have a penalty:

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Colin Randall

And from our pals at Campo Retro:


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