Keir Bradwell

Keir Bradwell

Keir Bradwell sends his apologies. He’s been busy of late but much better late than never are his ratings from Monday night, and it’s pleasing to see they’re mostly on the good side of five:

Crystal Palace 1 – 3 Sunderland: Player Ratings

Pantilimon – 7
Made a wonderful save right before Wes Brown donated a goal for Palace, at 1-0. Seemed massively more comfortable than at Stoke in the cup. Deserves to start against Everton based on this performance.

Reveillere – 7
Hugely reassuring performance from our new right back. Looked very solid and provided a few decent crosses into the box.

Vergini – 6
Could well have given away a penalty within the first minute, although seemed to do well after that, having to move to right back when van Aanholt went off injured.

O’Shea – 7
Improved as the game went on, part of the back four that – one moment of madness aside – kept a clean sheet.

van Aanholt – 6
Looked great going forward before he was subbed off in the first half due to injury.

Gomez – 8
Scored a beauty of a goal to give us the lead late on, and seemed to be our most creative midfielder throughout.

Larsson – 6
Fairly quiet, a few decent passes but that was pretty much it.

Cattermole – 6
Back to the performances of old? Cattermole seemed determined to get himself sent off, and managed to get suspended for Everton anyway. Other than that, did a good job defensively in front of the back four.

Buckley – 7
Not a huge Will Buckley fan, although he seemed on good form, creating quite a few chances of his own. Would still rather see Johnson in the side though at the moment.

Fletcher – 9
Brilliant. When he has the right service, there can be no doubt that Fletcher will score. An outstanding performance capped off with two well-taken goals.

Wickham – 6
Full of energy down that left hand side, but otherwise fairly quiet.

Brown – 3
Oh dear.

Altidore – 5
Don’t think he did anything, but he was only on for a bit.

Bridcutt – 7
Great assist. Should start at Everton given Cattermole’s absence.

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  1. malcolm November 6, 2014 at 9:50 am #

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks we played much better against Stoke, than on Monday night, despite the similar results so I would expect generally poorer overall assessments.

    Brown was unlucky with the goal – unlike the shocking back pass against the Arse, he couldn’t do much about it. Apart from that he played OK – much better than a 3 suggests.

    Larsson and Cattermole were more influential than Buckley or Gomez and Wickham was poor but generally I think these are much fairer ratings than young Keir has come up with in the past.

  2. salutsunderland November 6, 2014 at 11:10 am #

    Malcolm is quite right. Brown was the victim of a mishap, not guilty of a howler. He also happened to play well throughout that second half, including one tremendous block, and warranted a seven in my view. He certainly wasn’t only half as good as, say Vergini, though I have a feeling Keir adjusts his marks to take a/c of time on the pitch, which is fair enough with a late sub but no for someone who plays more than half the game. Larsson was more seven than six, too, for me. No quarrels with the rest of it

    • Keir B November 7, 2014 at 8:42 am #

      Things Brown could have done to stop us conceding a goal:
      1. Not backtrack needlessly into the path of travelling football
      2. Not bundle that football in the goal, instead kick it out for a corner
      3. Look up

      He’s becoming ridiculously error prone. How many goal-costing mistakes is that now in the last three games?

  3. CSB November 6, 2014 at 2:41 pm #

    I thought Larsson in the immediate aftermath of the game MOTM, he covered a huge mount of ground, continually harrying their players in dangerous part of the pitch.

    With Cat’s booking I thought Larsson took up the gauntlet, nothing too spectacular but solid and hard working, did what needed to be done.

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