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Hutch’s Patch: Sunderland ratings vs Leicester. Guess who got 10/10

Rob Hutchison

So a Leicester-supporting pal says his lot were the better side but adds that it’s difficult to tell which of the two will go down. M Salut thought aloud at ESPN – – neither side could grumble at the outcome. Here, with young Keir Bradwell absent on family duties, is what the older Rob […]

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Pure Poyetry from Leicester: ‘good encounter … we’ll play worse and win’

what did he say?'

A quick edition of the boss’s post-match thoughts, as expressed in his customary e-mail. Others may add to this introduction. Gus Poyet is right to emphasise the positives. But were two points squandered? … (more…)

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Sixer’s Sevens: Leicester City 0 SAFC 0. Can’t beat the strugglers

Jake: 'but will this work for us?'

Pete Sixsmith, whose seven-word instant verdicts enlighten these pages, saw this goalless draw at Leicester as a win we let go. A touch of sharpness in their box, a little more midfield creativity … that would have made the difference. As it is, we still struggle against newly promoted teams. Two nil-nil draws from visits […]

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Remembering Iain Hesford, of Blackpool, Sunderland, Hull City and Maidstone. RIP

The long road. By Jake

Monsieur Salut writes: Iain Hesford*, SAFC’s goalkeeper in the Third Division title-winning season, has died at the cruelly young age of 54. Pete Sixsmith sent his thoughts on this sad news in the same file containing a preview of today’s game at Leicester. It would have been simple to detach and should have been by […]

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Sixer asks: must we go to Leicester?

Jake: 'but will this work for us?'

Pete Sixsmith muses over the trip to Leicester which turns out, probably through no fault of its own but more to do with a long-held student grievance, to be less than his favourite city. Incidentally, his item on the death of former Sunderland goalkeeper Iain Hesford now appears here … (more…)

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Graham gone. Jozy going, maybe. But are Wickham & Fletch fixtures?


I have been worrying for a while about our strike force. Until this week, if we leave aside development squad players, Gus Poyet had four options up front: Steven Fletcher, Connor Wickham. Jozy Altidore and Danny Graham. Don’t laugh at the last name; he’s been on the bench. (more…)

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Leicester vs SAFC Who are You?: (2) ‘never-ending love affair’

Sunil: 'at least you're harmless'

Who’d run a football website? Just as we’d settled into some really good readership results, along comes the dreaded passion killer known as the internationals. Suddenly, the readers disappear, the Facebook group goes quite silent, the Twitter account may as well shut down. Then, with the scent of resumed normality in the nostrils, we present […]

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Leicester City v SAFC Who are You?: (1) on SuperKev, racism and survival

Jake: 'but will this work for us?'

Finding a Who are You? candidate is not always easy. With Leicester City it was a cinch. Not one but two possible interviewees replied in quick succession with offers to leap into the hot seat. It seemed wrong to turn either Sunil Parmar* or Chris Moore** away so here is the first part of Salut! […]

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Phew, internationals nearly over. So Guess the Score as Sunderland visit Leicester

Jake wonders will be toasting The Lads or drowning our sorrows?

Love them or loathe them, international breaks get in the way of the normal business of Salut! Sunderland. But for John McCormick’s sterling efforts, there has been nothing new here for days. But that is partly a result of Monsieur Salut’s own international break, a long weekend in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city, a port with […]

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Man United, Man City, Liverpool and Everton: European Big Business or local small fry?

Jake: 'how do I add Bob Dylan to Salut! Sunderland's Facebook group?'

I suppose the referendum on Scottish independence was the starting point for this post, that and my trip up for the Arsenal game. The referendum was followed by calls for more independence for the north. Fundamental to this is improvement to the transport infrastructure so as to enable the emergence of a “super-city” comprising Manchester […]

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Promotion poll: Sunderland vie with Portsmouth but can Burton, Lincoln or Doncaster make top six?

Plenty of this from the Roker End last night.

John McCormick, associate editor, writes: things have quietened down with our ‘who to follow’ poll, as we might expect. Portsmouth, […]

McGeady: Aiden and abetting a new Sunderland promotion push

Jake: 'let's have a revolution - like winning some games'

Monsieur Salut writes: we all love a marquee signing, the arrival at the Stadium of Light of Light of a […]

A Salut! Sunderland welcome to Jordan WiIlis, Jack Ross’s third pre-season signing

Jake: 'sunnier times for Sunderland AFC'. Click the image to reach Salut! Sunderland's home page

Signing number three is another free, Jordan Willis, 24, a defender who played for Coventry City until the end of […]

Sunderland, Bolton and Bury. Our League One financial ramble has to end somewhere.

McCormick's Craic(featured image) full size 640 x 138

I didn’t know when I’d get back to this series but it seems appropriate to visit these three now, though […]

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