Keir-300x175Sunderland 1 – 1 West Ham: Player Ratings

After being silenced by family commitments – and perhaps a spot of homework from school – young Keir Bradwell returns belatedly to action with his Sunderland ratings from the West Ham game (sorry Hammers, our players only; if I were marking yours, Song would be the star man, followed by Downing – Ed). Compare and contrast with the considered verdict of Pete Sixsmith, and the one-word ratings of Rob Hutchison

Pantilimon – 7
Shaky (putting it mildly) in distribution, but pulled off many fine saves and was very assured at the back.

Vergini – 7

Looked a lot better going forward this week than last. Is still a nice option to have down that right hand side when trying to find a way in past the defence.

O’Shea – 6
Hardly noticeable, which I think, all things considered, is a good thing.

Brown – 6
See O’Shea.

Reveillere – 5
Misfired a few times, and was caught out of position more than once too. But was usually back to defend when required. I think we’re beginning to miss Van Aanholt now, though.

Larsson – 8
I’ve never been one of Larsson’s biggest fans, but he was pretty fantastic at West Ham. His work rate is world-class, and he seemed to press a bit more in defence than usual, too. I’m starting to see why he got that new contract in the summer.

Cattermole – 7
Another textbook Cattermole performance. Need I say any more?

Gomez – 5
Seemed to go a bit flat after he scored the penalty – I think it’s time Rodwell was given a proper chance in the team.

Johnson – 6

Not at his best, although still a decent all-round performance. Due a goal…

Jozy – 5
He’s my favourite ever player, which earns him a five-mark head start over the others.

Wickham – 5

Someone should explain to Wickham, that, 99 per cent of the time, in order to score, you have to shoot. Not take about half a minute trying to take the defender on. Really frustrating to watch.

Alvarez – 7

Looked great, yet again, coming off from the subs’ bench. Definitely deserves a start at Newcastle – he looks really, really skilful.

Fletcher – 6
Didn’t really achieve much, although was a bit of a better target in the box than our Jozy.

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