Jake: 'Keir has made a real effort this term to get his work in on time'

Jake: ‘Keir has made a real effort this term to get his work in on time’


John McCormick writes: In the 1960s, when most of the Salut team had just graduated from short pants, about 80,000 people a year got 5 or more O levels, an achievement which was guaranteed to impress not only Grandma but also employers. Now almost 80,000 people are awarded First Class Honours every year. By the time young Keir Bradwell reaches graduation age he’ll likely need a couple of PhDs to get a job, so it’s no surprise he occasionally needs to prioritise commitments.

However, he hasn’t forgotten us. He sent his Burnley ratings a couple of days ago with a message that it might be worthwhile holding them until after Fulham and doing a double post.  I originally decided to jump the gun but now I’m able to give you his ratings for both games:



Pantilimon – 6 Would probably have been better off spending his time reading a good book than stuck out on the end of a football pitch with nothing to do for 90 minutes, but, I mean, at least he was there if we needed him. Mannone – 7 Not bad. Didn’t have much to do although perhaps could have done better with their first.
Reveillere – 8 I didn’t really get the Tony hype. Now I do.



Had very little impact on the game.
O’Shea – 7 He’s really really good.




Yet another dependable performance from the captain
Vergini – 7 Finally put in at centre back (where he belongs) and did a sterling job of not imploding a la Liverpool. I like the look of the O’Shea – Vergini partnership a lot.



Wasn’t needed for too much. Still, the O’Shea – Vergini partnership is looking good.
van Aanholt – 9 Got an assist, launched multiple counter attacks, didn’t have a nightmare in defence and propelled us forward with actual pace. Decent.


Got forward more than most throughout, and is one of the few quick players in the side.
Bridcutt – 6 This – hopefully – will not come as much of a surprise but he’s not very good in the air, to be honest. Got outmuscled several times throughout the game but kept things tight for the most part.


Absolutely woeful in the air. Decent at everything else.
Larsson – 7 There really isn’t anything much to say. He had a very typical Larsson game Giaccherini – 6 Wasn’t very effective and seemed to get in Alvarez’s way a lot of the time. Still, at least he can pass a ball *cough* Gomez *cough*.
Gomez – 7


Jordi Gomez manages to play game without restricting the rest of the team whilst simultaneously putting van Aanholt through for our goal. Incredible.


Slooooooooooooow. Scored a goal, though, which means he’ll be in the team for ever and a day.Guslogic.
Johnson – 7 I thought he was decent.

Keir - I thought he was decent

Keir – I thought he was decent

Wickham – 9 Scored twice, really, given the one he also scored which was wrongly disallowed. Seems to have a good partnership with Defoe forming already. Agnew -6 Made little impact. Hopefully, if he’s up to standard, he’ll get a few more chances like that soon
Defoe – 8 Scored (a big weight off his mind, I imagine), although was offside the vast majority of the time. LOOK. AT. THEIR. DEFENCE. PLEASE.


Like Giaccherini, seemed a bit lost. This wasn’t a game for the aerially challenged.
Fletcher – 5 Managed to be even less effective than Danny Graham. Staggered.


He’s managed to put himself lower than Danny Graham on the pecking order. I don’t understand. Somebody give him some more doughnuts.
Graham – 5 I have no idea where the Graham hype has come from. Age: 29, Played: 15, Scored: 0. New Messi.


He will probably never score a goal. But at least he runs at the defence.
Alvarez – 5 The actual new Messi. Although was only on the pitch for roughly two seconds.


 YES. Brilliant. There’s no excuse not to start him now.
 Brown – 6  Didn’t notice him at all really.

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