Salut! Sunderland's Amazon link* has this on offer at anything from £0.01 for a used hardback to,er, £170 for a new copy ... sell the Diamonds you thought were Forever to buy one

Salut! Sunderland’s Amazon link* has this on offer at anything from £0.01 for a used hardback to,er, £170 for a new copy … sell the Diamonds you thought were Forever to buy one

The latest crisis at SAFC had Peter Lynn rummaging through all those vinyl discs in his loft again. He dipped his hand into the box of discarded LPs, EPs and singles and out came Shirley Bassey. Let him take up the story; let us hope Dick Advocaat has the Goldfinger touch and that the title of a long-forgotten promotional single Bassey made for the London tourist board, There’s No Place Like London, can be extended on Saturday night to read ‘There’s No Place Like London to Start the Revival’ …

What now my love?

Shirley Bassey went on to sing “Now that you’ve left me”.

So Gus has left us and there will be many who say good riddance but I am not so sure.

I have sympathy with Poyet, at least he tried to get us playing to a style but the players – with perhaps three exceptions, one of whom (Adam Johnson) cannot presently play – were consistently incapable of passing a ball 10 yards, even under no pressure!

And then the diva from Tiger Bay sang “How can I live for another day?”

Well, presumably we hope to perform another miracle and avoid relegation but life would go on even if we didn’t.

I genuinely believe it could be better for us to go down. We have escaped by the skin of our teeth in the past three seasons so that alone shows we are not making progress – under THREE different managers.

So, let us imagine we did go down, even a couple of levels. Then we could try to emulate Southampton or Swansea by building a proper foundation and introducing home grown players at a level they can cope with and who can then hopefully grow into top players who can achieve promotion(s).

The present method of buying so-called proven players from all over the world – well, any British Isles country under O’Neill, Italy under Di Canio and any South American under Poyet clearly doesn’t work, with our budget limits.

I am pretty sure the parachute payments would fund any restructuring required and the fan base is so loyal that, even with substantial attendance numbers lost, the turnstile receipts alone could pretty much pay the wages of academy reared players.

Peter Lynn: a musical theme for every moment

Peter Lynn: a musical theme for every moment

Ironically, on Saturday, having been haranguing Margaret Byrne about poor treatment of fans due to scheduling of TV games, (see I had a meeting with the “Supporters’ liaison officer” pre-match on Saturday. It went really well and I came away feeling great. Twenty minutes later,. I wasn’t in such happy spirits …

And then our Shirley sang “I’d be a fool to go on and on”.

Well, we fans will go on and on [what does that song of ours say? Only Fools Rush In – Ed]. We know that Sunderland AFC will survive and so will the supporters regardless of who the players, manager and owner are or what league we play in.

So bring on The Hammers!

* M Salut adds: If Peter Hogan’s book on Miss Bassey grabs you, get along to Amazon at to order it, from £0.01 for a second-hand hardback to a pricier new copy (I lied in the caption above: it’s only £169.90 though you do have to add £2.80 postage). I wonder what Salut! Sunderland‘s commission would be on a single sale of a used copy.

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3 Responses to “Sympathy for Poyet as Wrinkly Pete turns to Shirley Bassey for reassurance” Subscribe

  1. Jeremy March 17, 2015 at 7:46 pm #

    Did someone say “Put Shirley on,”?

    Definitely ahead of Gomez.

  2. IanOklahoma March 17, 2015 at 8:50 pm #

    I think she was wearing Gomez’s boots on the Morcombe & Wise show last night?

  3. Drummer March 18, 2015 at 4:49 am #

    Poyet should have being sacked the minute he blocked a deal for Mica Richards . The truth is starting to leak out now and apparantly the deal for Richards and two other better quality players were done and all it needed was Poyets approval . Presumably because they were Congerton’s choices and not Poyets he stamped he’s feet and blocked them . I hold the club responsible for not sacking him then especially seeing the garbage he’d brought to the club . Bloke is useless .

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