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Sixer’s sevens: Sunderland 1 Bournemouth 1: I suppose it’s OK

Take a bow, Jake. And see Salut! Sunderland's home page by clicking on the image

John McCormick writes: Early on in the game some stats came up. Bournemouth have scored the most early goals in the Premiership and we have conceded the most.  It came as no surprise when Bournemouth scored a couple of minutes later. We got back into it when Patrick came to our rescue and we even managed a bit […]

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Wrinkly Pete: supporting Sunderland, excusing my French


Salut! Sunderland‘s Monsieur Salut was rebuked recently for banging on too much about France. Since the old French Fancies series, looking at Ligue 1 and below, has largely fallen into disuse, this seemed odd even if the very title of the site betrays a connection with the other side of the Channel. Others did spring […]

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SAFC v Bournemouth Who are You?: ‘you’re going down, you deserve better’

Jake wants answers: see how good this series has been in League One by clicking on the image

Just in the nick of time before Monsieur Salut beetles off to Krakow for a long weekend, Steve Jenkins* from the Bournemouth fan site Tales From the South End comes up with the goods for our regular Who Are You feature. He’d take Jermain Defoe back to Bournemouth in a heartbeat and worries about the […]

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Sixer’s farewell to Pantilimon and Graham hails effort over achievement

Large and little

The transfer window is an opportunity for some players to move on and restart their careers. And so it is that, while saying welcome to Jan Kirchhoff and Dame N’Doye we also say goodbye to Costel Pantilimon and Danny Graham. Neither will be rated as amongst the finest signings the club has made. They will […]

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SAFC v Bournemouth Guess the Score: give us a winter warmer, Sam

Just for fun, if following incessant SAFC relegation battles can truly be considered fun, have a go at guessing Saturday’s score. As Sunderland begin 2016 with Costel Pantilimon off to Watford and Danny Graham bound for Blackburn, there may be chances for Big Sam’s new men to shine in this massive home game. Bournemouth will […]

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Beauties and Beasts: (7) Jermain Defoe and the shirt I want to buy

Beauties and Beasts: that’s the name of this series – see it here – of supporters’ recollections of different Sunderland shirts from years and even decades past. It was inspired by an idea from Classic Football Shirts, very welcome here as occasional competition sponsors. Their range of historic SAFC tops is a great internet outing […]

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Cheer up Jan Kirchhoff: even Charlie Hurley had a debut to forget

Jake on Jan

The Hoff needn’t get The Huff. We’ve all had rotten days at work and sometimes, for some of us, on the first day of a new job. Before he knows it, the fans will be singing, ‘Who’s the greatest centre half the world has even seen … Jan Kirchhoff is his name’. Anyone with the […]

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Tottenham v Sunderland. The view from the Upper West Stand

As Ed and the family headed off to Halifax for one birthday I headed down to London for another. When he was wandering round to find a pub in which to watch the game I was sitting in White Hart Lane’s West Stand watching the warm up. I stayed for two and a half hours. […]

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Beauties and beasts: (6) the loneliness of the long distance Sunderland supporter

Wrinkly Pete

See the whole Beauty and Beasts series, presenting supporters’ thoughts on the succession of SAFC shirts over the years, at And if you fancy a browse through the Classic Football Shirts Sunderland range, take a look at Our deal is that anything readers buy also helps the site with running costs … (more…)

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Maybe the ref does know what he’s doing after all

Supplied by Tom Webb

Monsieur Salut writes: Salut! Sunderland often asks ‘Who are You?’ interviewees to share their views on the best and worst referees in the Premier League. Mark Clattenburg is the one most commonly named as the best and, for all that he’s a Mag, I agree. Experience has also taught me to be as understanding as […]

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Promotion poll: Sunderland vie with Portsmouth but can Burton, Lincoln or Doncaster make top six?

Plenty of this from the Roker End last night.

John McCormick, associate editor, writes: things have quietened down with our ‘who to follow’ poll, as we might expect. Portsmouth, […]

McGeady: Aiden and abetting a new Sunderland promotion push

Jake: 'let's have a revolution - like winning some games'

Monsieur Salut writes: we all love a marquee signing, the arrival at the Stadium of Light of Light of a […]

A Salut! Sunderland welcome to Jordan WiIlis, Jack Ross’s third pre-season signing

Jake: 'sunnier times for Sunderland AFC'. Click the image to reach Salut! Sunderland's home page

Signing number three is another free, Jordan Willis, 24, a defender who played for Coventry City until the end of […]

Sunderland, Bolton and Bury. Our League One financial ramble has to end somewhere.

McCormick's Craic(featured image) full size 640 x 138

I didn’t know when I’d get back to this series but it seems appropriate to visit these three now, though […]

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