Paul Summerside hoping for calmer waters - and a new man on the bridge

Paul Summerside absents himself from the M’Vila love-in

It is always refreshing to hear a different view on a current hot topic. Paul Summerside intended this as a comment at our Facebook pages after Monsieur Salut’s piece was published (see this link) but it deserves an outing here, too …

First of all let’s talk about the player as an asset to our club.

Based on a consistent end to last season, Yann M’Vila has somehow managed to propel himself into folklore among a section of Sunderland fans. I thought him to be a useful asset, especially when you consider our injury crisis. There’s no doubt he is a strong-tackling grafter.

But goals, key passes and assists … don’t remember many of those.

Next we can discuss the non-signing of M’Vila.

He was (along with Kone and probably others) promised the earth by Big Sam as a reward for keeping us up.

With Big Sam gone, a decision had to be made…was he worth £8.5 million and £100k a week, when he would be free four months later? An emphatic no. The player himself should have had the sense to see this.

My next point concerns the “tit for tat” exchanges between club and player.

I’m absolutely certain M’Vila was heartbroken when the summer move broke down. Lots of fans were. The Odemwingie-like scenes and the following Twitterfest were embarrassing to the player.

It is therefore no surprise that M’Vila has recently had a pop back at SAFC. The “I’m not available to you” statement is childish and smacks of a toys-out-of-the-pram” mentality – especially as we are currently not in for ANY players.

Finally, would it really make any difference whatsoever to SAFC to sign ANYONE in the January window?

The team have made giant strides over the last month, and any signings may disrupt instead of enhance. No point whatsoever in adding bang average players on mega wages to the squad.
M’Vila is this.

In conclusion, Messi…whoops sorry my mistake, M’Vila has burnt his bridges with SAFC. No player will ever be bigger than our great club. Move on.

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  1. wrinkly pete December 8, 2016 at 4:14 pm #

    Spot on. As has been written elsewhere, Kirchoff is a far better midfielder and, at a foot (?) taller, much more of a presence. Let’s just hope he stays fit.

  2. malcolm December 8, 2016 at 5:00 pm #

    You have summed it up really well Paul. Good points, well made. What I find disappointing was that everything seemed in place at the back end of last season to push on and M’Vila was an integral part of that. So was Kaboul. So was Kone. So of course was Allardyce.

    It all fell apart of course and Moyes is having to rebuild. The evidence of the past few games is that he is getting there.

    For me the turning point has been his ability to bring Anichebe into the side and credit must go to Moyes for a) bringing him to the club in the first place and b) getting the best out of him. But not only is it his own performances that have brought something different to the team – he has also been able to up the games of others.

    JD no longer has to feel he is ploughing a lone furrow. Pickford, the defence and midfield have confidence in him as an outlet, knowing he has the ability to win and hold the ball.

    Seb and Kirchoff have come back just when they were needed. Denayer and Djilibodji are starting to look half way decent and Kone seems to have got over his sulk and is looking solid again. Jones and PvA can do a decent job against all but the very best.

    You are right. We don’t need M’Vila now, especially on massive wages. It’s just the constant need to rebuild, rather than consolidate and show improvement that I find so frustrating.

  3. William C December 8, 2016 at 5:15 pm #

    I’m really glad to read this Paul, because I was beginning to believe that I was in a minority of one, as far as M’Vila was concerned.

    In my opinion he was okay. To listen to the eulogising of him from certain ‘ echo ‘ correspondents, he was a combination of Bryan Robson and Roy Keane, with a bit of Glen Hoddle thrown in.

    I am quite sure that David Moyes will find an equally good, if not better, alternative, who, to boot, wants to play for Sunderland.

  4. Phil D December 9, 2016 at 12:29 am #

    M’Vila was a player wanted by Big Sam, not Moyes. The latter has different needs and targets. It is better that we don’t have to honour the pre-contract agreement that was signed in the summer.
    We should find out tomorrow if we have to pay for Álvarez, which would further limit the funds available for new players.

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