Paul Summerside: ‘me on matchdays until Moyes goes’

Monsieur Salut writes: as his pals and mine on Facebook speculate about a dream managerial pairing of Roy Keane and John O’Shea to restore Sunderland’s fortunes, Paul Summerside – an occasional contributor throughout the season – offers what he says will be his ‘Final View from the Avenue’. Paul feels David Moyes has brought nothing to Sunderland AFC and says he will not attend a match as long as remains in charge. I understand the anger and share it; I find Moyes difficult to warm to but I also cannot believe a good manager at Everton can suddenly, after poor experiences in Manchester and Spain, turn into a bad one at Sunderland. But here’s Paul view …

My mind is completely cabbaged at the moment.

There is so much wrong with the club from top to bottom, that it’s hard to know where to start.

Short’s stewardship, the redundancies, Bain’s cost-cutting, transfer policy, Moyes’s “management”, backroom staff, training, injuries and – for first time – the fans’ apparent acceptance of it all.

The whole club from top to bottom is five years out of time – a position the fans of Leeds, Derby, Bolton et al, know all so well.

The only positive I see going forward, is our half-decent Under 23 squad, a support that will again travel the length and breadth of the county, and the fact that Newcastle and Brighton and possibly Leeds wont be in the Championship.

These three things give us a chance to bounce back, the stumbling block of course being the current manager and his inability to instil an ounce of positivity into anything he does.

With him gone, and a go-getter in place – Parkinson, Wagner, Stam, Carvalhal, even Keano – there’s always hope.

Read Monsieur Salut’s thoughts on the club’s predicament at this ESPN FC link


Given enough time, and the power to spend wisely after selling Pickford, Kone, Ndong and Khazri, Moyes could yet be the man to spearhead a revival and, with it, a period of stability unseen in Sunderland’s modern history.

But that process needs to start immediately. Even a fighting finish to a demoralising season would be too little, too late to save Sunderland from the drop. But without it, holding faith in Moyes’ ability to oversee a successful rebuild might well be a minority position.

“It’s been coming for five years” is the latest soundbite ringing around the doors, as some kind of justification for our predicament.

Well it hasn’t. Its started last September, has been coming for five months and has been confirmed in the last five weeks.

Some will say it’s been allowed to happen by Ellis Short as relegation, parachute payment and trimming of the club’s outgoings will make it easier to sell the club.

But as some have already pointed out to me on several occasions, it doesn’t matter that we’re relegated as “there’s nothing else to do on a Saturday”, or “we’re happy to just turn up regardless”.

They are right, because it’s what we do, and I will happy to join them once Moyes has gone.

In conclusion….the worst season since McCarthy cannot end quickly enough.

Signing off with a heavy heart.

Paul Summerside: staying away for now

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  1. malcolm April 14, 2017 at 11:44 am #

    While I agree with Paul that the club isn’t moving forward under Moyes, the manager has either been seen as negative in his assessment of the team’s chances or unrealistic when looking for positives from poor performances.

    There is so much wrong with the club at the moment and that won’t change while Ellis Short controls the purse strings. Moyes is struggling as any other manager would. Sam is doing the business at Palace, just as he did with us. Losing a lot of points early doors then turning things round.

    It’s all hypothetical but the warning signs were in place during pre-season and before Sam left that his plans for the club were not forthcoming. Where I would criticise Moyes, but some of this may be down to the club’s recruitment policy, is that so many of his signings were prone to injury. Anichebe especially has been a big miss but with his fitness record he was always a risk.

    Add Cattermole, Kirchhoff, Gooch and Watmore to that list and his options have been limited. Januzaj has been a disappointment and the non selection of Khazri a mystery to me. I don’t agree with all Moyes does but with the club in its present state I can’t see anyone doing any better.

  2. Barry Emmerson April 18, 2017 at 10:40 am #

    Barry posted this at Facebook after the Man Utd game. He tried to alert me to it but I didn’t see his direct message. Here it is …

    Totally depressing. Multi millions against freebees, loan players and not good enough players.To see the ground virtually empty with 10 minutes to go week after week is a sad sight and no goals in eight games just adds to a long lingering death ,

    I have seen some relegations over the years and this is as bad as I can remember.Not one redeeming feature. I can’t take anymore!

    Its Sunderland AFC that has given me the life sentence, not Moyes .I just want to be happy in my latter year. I don’t deserve this. I think I’m a nice lad good to my family, loved my mam and dad … where has my life gone wrong to deserve being a Sunderland supporter? Mind the pies were nice in the Charley Hurley lounge.

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