John McCormick writes: In keeping with the character of this website, I’ve used a line from a quite well-known song in the headline. I’m sure M Salut will recognise it, as will Wrinkly Pete, which might give you some clue as to its age.

There’s no competition, so no mug, but if you think you know the artist(s) and title just pop in your answer as a comment. The non-mug will not be posted to the first person to get it right but she or he will have the satisfaction of being able to look (s)mug her/himself for a while.

The point of the headline, of course, is that the world’s worst-kept secret was out for a while before it became official.

Sunderland AFC have a new manager. Jack Ross, formerly of St Mirren, will shortly be arriving to take us on the next step the of voyage that is fandom. With him will be his assistant, James Fowler.

Here’s what Jack Ross had to say to the St Mirren fans, via the club’s website

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to so many people involved at St Mirren FC for the experiences of the past 20 months. 

To my players and staff who have worked tirelessly to support the work we do and who have been relentless in their pursuit of success and their desire to drive the club forwards. To the chairman Gordon Scott and directors Alan Wardrop, Chris Stewart and David Nicol for their willingness and indeed patience to help meet my demands for excellence at the club, and to Chief Executive Tony Fitzpatrick and my guru Gavin Whyte for their incredible backing and unwavering faith in me. 

To the fantastic support I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me, backing us in our hour of need and then joining us on the terrific journey of the past season and a half. I am immensely proud that I have helped to give you your club back and I have always said that your unwavering passion for your club was there long before me and will continue long after my time. 

It has not been an easy decision to leave a club and a job which I loved but I have been offered an exciting career opportunity of which the challenge of I look forward to meeting. 

The days at Easter Road last May, and the Saturday’s 21st and 28th April at our stadium and in the town will be memories I will always treasure and I wish all Buddies every future success. 


Jack Ross

And here’s an edited version of the SAFC webpage which reported it:

As a new era begins at Sunderland AFC, the club is delighted to welcome Jack Ross as its manager. The 41-year-old has signed a two-year contract and will be joined by assistant manager James Fowler at the Stadium of Light…

…Sunderland Chairman Stewart Donald said: “We are absolutely delighted to have secured Jack as our new manager. Jack is excited to be a part of the future we are building here, and the fact he turned down lucrative offers from elsewhere, including clubs currently in a higher division than ourselves, is testament to his commitment and desire to succeed at this club and his belief in our vision for the future.

Saint Mirren*


No doubt our own Pete Sixsmith, no stranger to the Scottish football scene  (he’s even seen St Mirren) will be giving his view on this appointment shortly. Until then, there’s always the Daily News.


Photo of St Mirren statue posted on Wikipedia by Thomas Nugent

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  1. malcolm May 25, 2018 at 12:33 pm #

    “I just read the Daily News and swear by every word” is not the song I think you are meaning but does feature in the song “Barry Town” from one of my all time favourite albums – Steely Dan’s “Pretzel Logic”.

    But I do know the song you are referring to you old folkie. Someone else can have the imaginary mug.

  2. malcolm May 25, 2018 at 12:43 pm #

    Having read the statement in detail, there are some other important decisions and principles outlined regarding the way the club is going notably a recognition that supporters want to see the money they spend used wisely and an end to the spendthrift culture of the past few seasons.

    On another note Angus the Monkey became Mayor of Hartlepool and now Samson the Cat has become the new Managing Director – well not the current Samson but a former one.

    Good to see a supporter in a top job.

  3. Mike Sixsmith May 25, 2018 at 12:52 pm #

    I listened to the Roker Rapprort podcast where Donald and Methven were interviewed. They came across very well and their enthusiasm appears to know no bounds.
    Very sensible, pragmatic way of looking at the club and great to hear that they believe in a club for the community.

  4. William C May 25, 2018 at 3:51 pm #

    I am feeling increasingly excited at what is happening at Sunderland – this despite being a cynic and having had so many previous hopes dashed [ for example the appointment [s] of Martin O’Neill and David Moyes, both of whom I had rated very highly, and had been convinced that they would turn the club round ]

    However, this feels altogether different, in the sense that everything looks to be changing, rather than just the playing management structure.

    The new owners sound sincere, realistic and [ above all ] intelligent.

    Jack Ross sounds like a dream appointment – the type of manager we need given the position we find ourselves in.
    He certainly has a massive task ahead of him, in terms of organising a drastic clear out, and simultaneously putting together a promotion seeking playing squad.

    At the end of last season I had reached an all time low as far as positive expectations was concerned. Suddenly I have perked up, and guess what? – I can’t wait for the new season to start.

  5. wrinkly pete May 28, 2018 at 3:51 pm #

    I would have been wrong-despite my age-and guessed about those holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. I had to use the interweb so won’t spoil the chances of the eventual winner.
    Nice to feel the change of atmosphere around the club currently, hope it lasts when the football season starts!!

  6. salutsunderland May 28, 2018 at 4:23 pm #

    No prizes being offered just now, Pete. But I do owe one or two from the end of the season – sorry Ken Gambles and others – and will get round to it as soon as proper (ie paid-for) work permits

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