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Kenwyne back

SAFC 2 Wigan 0. Just the reserves, no special importance? Think that and you are wrong. Kenwyne returned tonight, and played a good 65 minutes. Pete Sixsmith, who will doubtless have more to say on the matter, wrote this at half time: “Kenwyne strolled through the first half. 1-0 up.” Gordon Taylor, from the Blackcats […]

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Who are you? We’re the Mags

No woman no cry. Sound advice to any lass, especially those daughters of Newcastle who felt aggrieved when the distinguished former Toon dream team of Freddy Shepherd and Douglas Hall were caught calling them dogs. For Garry Steckles*, long-time exiled Geordie, the phrase evokes Bob Marley, the subject of his newly published book on the […]

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Soapbox: the bad old days

A trip to Fulham brings back some bad memories for Pete Sixsmith but he sees much to be positive about in Sunderland’s performance On the long and slightly disappointing journey back from Fulham, we were treated to a DVD of how football was in the 90s. It was a recording of the highlights of the […]

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Who are you? we’re the Cottagers

Johnny Haynes flagPicture: JonHall You’ve heard all about Londoners who’ve never seen a cow. Joe Jenkins*, a journalist (specialising in foreign news, not sport), gave every impression of being one who hadn’t encountered snow the day he ventured north to watch his beloved Fulham at the Stadium of Light. He lived to tell the tale […]

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Soapbox: the Manchester rambler

Internationals weekend means two things. Someone like Ashley Cole will be booed by people like, er, Arsenal fans. And Pete Sixsmith will head out into the vast territories of non-League football…and enjoy a grand day out in somewhere like Lancashire… What a peaceful, tension-free weekend. No game to wrap yourself up in, just a leisurely […]

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Charlie Hurley: simply the best

See also: In the court of King Charlie at Salut! North … and buy the book from the Salut! Sunderland bookshelf down the righthand column – more than a fiver off the cover price and post free if you order something else at the same time . This comes from John Howey, chairman of the […]

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Joe Kinnear and Jacques Chirac: pardoning their French

Salut! Sunderland is never less than scrupulously fair in its dealings with Newcastle United, so you would expect all those connected with it to show the same spirit of even-handedness in their professional lives. Even so, readers might be interested to see how it is possible to link Joe Kinnear and his outburst aimed at […]

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Soapbox: same old Wenger, always moaning

Salut! Sunderland finds itself divided on the issue of foul-mouthed Joe. I’ve had my say elsewhere (see The Giles Coren approach to football management); Pete has more sympathy and sees a case for reptile eradication. But when it comes to Arsène Wenger, his understanding of the pressures managers face quickly reaches its limit… Which piece […]

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Against modern football? SuperKev and a salutary tale

Roy Keane thought we were outstanding against Arsenal yesterday, and Salut! Sunderland is inclined to agree. But first it has something it needs to get off its chest…. At least once a year, a good Friend in the North declares that he’s had enough of the money-drenched, elitist, screw-the-fans game and won’t be renewing his […]

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Who are we?

Salut! Sunderland is always on the cadge, asking fans of other clubs to preview our games against them – there isn’t much point asking the clubs themselves for help, as you’ll see when I get round to telling the dispiriting tale of Salut!, SuperKev and Birmingham City. Today the boot is on the other foot. […]

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World Cup Diaries: (4) Moscow en fête as Russians celebrate another big win

Andy Falconer: 'I love Sunderland really'

Our Boro-suppporting World Cup diarist – Monsieur Salut’s nephew, Andy Falconer – changes city. After revealing in the beauty of […]

Sunderland’s Spanish conquest: ‘the essence of English football in its purest sense’

Jake: 'when will we next see sunny times for Sunderland AFC?'

This well-researched and, for Sunderland fans, heartwarming slice of football history was written by David Hewitt, a PhD researcher in […]

The Paddy McNair question and the ins and outs of squad rebuilding at Sunderland

One that was made earlier. Nic, left, with Claire, from outside the Fulwell

This tweet, from a Twitter contact (we follow each other), caught the attention. Well Mr Paddy McNair I do not […]

World Cup Diaries: (3) our Middlesbrough-supporting chronicler enjoys his first game

Andy Falconer: 'I love Sunderland really'

This is the third instalment of the World Cup musings of Monsieur Salut’s Boro-supporting nephew, Andy Falconer, who saves hard-earned […]

World Cup Diaries: (2) pickpockets, a river spectacular and becoming an honorary Dane

Andy with - it seems - a Hibs fan

England’s turn at last and even Sunderland supporters with only modest interest in international football will be hoping one or […]

The Beautiful Game? Wrinkly Pete’s thoughts on the power of football

Wrinkly Pete(featured image)

John McCormick writes: We’re not the only old and famous club to be facing turbulent times and I’m sure our […]