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Crosstalk: hanging on every PDC word, assuring Aston Villa it’s Wigan for drop

Some of those who listened to the latest Salut! Sunderland podcast will recognise Matt Turvey, from the Aston Villa Life site, as the Villan roped in to join the chat ahead of tonight’s important game. This is the conversation that followed when Matt turned the tables and interviewed our own Stephen Goldsmith, the man (with […]

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SAFC, Manchester United FC and a Poznan tantrum that won’t be calmed

Jake on the art of communication

Hear the pre-match SALUT! SUNDERLAND Podcast: This may be a controversial view but I like Scott the Red from the Republik of Mancunia website. We have a healthy intersite relationship – and a healthy difference of opinion on Poznan. I believe Manchester United fans are babyish to bang on about mildly funny (for us […]

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What we made of Bolton Wanderers

Another of Jake's Salut! banners

Robert Hurst, from the Bolton Wanderers fan site Burnden Aces, answered our questions. But first we answered his: … (more…)

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Sunderland Crosstalk: Sixer tells West Ham what’s what

Jake on the art of communication

You’ve seen the West Ham Who are You?; now see what we told them. And not just us. Pete Sixsmith readily supplied the nitty gritty on all things Sunderland. But in the panic to locate a warm, witty or wise SAFC supporter in time – Salut! Sunderland knows that panic – the fan site WestHamOnline […]

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Out of Africa: a Chelsea view of Sunderland’s plight – and escape exit

Jake wills us to win

News, with great conscientiousness, from afar. It’s over, to adapt the relatively recent colloquialism, once the fat lady has sung. Monsieur Salut, even at the safe distance of the Tozeur oasis in south-western Tunisia, knows better than to accuse Salut! Sunderland‘s star writer of resembling a fat lady. But Sixer has most definitely sung on […]

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Do they mean us? Our Chelsea interviewee on where O’Neill’s going wrong

Jake as Tony Roffe's caption writer

Chelsea have problems galore of their own. But it is interesting to hear what they make of ours. Salut! Sunderland does not usually dip into the forthcoming “Who are You?” feature days before the interview is due to appear but Grant James, a Chelsea nut from Cape Town, had plenty to say about Sunderland’s predicament. […]

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Chelsea: still not properly sorry, still a disgrace

Jake brightens up the site again

Victimhood has set in at Stamford Bridge. After acting despicably last week, dismissing a manager months into a reign that had yielded unexpected glory and refusing to apologise for the appalling slur on Mark Clattenburg’s reputation, the club is clinging to its bogus high ground. (more…)

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Clattenburg and Chelsea: when sorry seems to be …

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Mark Clattenburg made one wrong call, obviously wrong in retrospect, in Chelsea’s defeat by Manchester United. (more…)

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The ugly face of corporate football, Volume MMXII: step forward Chelsea’s Abramovich

Chelsea fans in an unfamiliar spot this season.

Chelsea supporters have no reason to care a hoot what a Sunderland fan thinks of the state of rottenness that pervades Stamford Bridge. (more…)

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O’Neill out? No, but meet the Aston Villa fans questioning that judgement

Tony Roffe's photo: Jake's adaptation

This time last season, I was half-heartedly arguing against sacking Steve Bruce. I wanted what Ellis Short, the owner, ultimately gave him: until the last game of November to sort out the mess. On Nov 26 2011 we slumped to that awful home defeat to Wigan and he was out. Now, the voices opposed to […]

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Sunderland: a tragic tale of lost love, disconnect and rebuilding from scratch

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Monsieur Salut is left at a loose end, feeling a little redundant with no need to post a Guess the […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: Preston comfortable as Sunderland freezes

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

John McCormick writes: I won’t be going to the North East before June, so I won’t be seeing any home […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Preston benefit from this week’s press of the self-destruct button

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

John McCormick writes: The darkness began to descend early in the second half at the Stadium of Light, and that […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Preston North End and a trip back in time

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

John McCormick writes: Tuesday morning, and I’m idly contemplating the weekend and Pete Sixsmith’s “first time” feature which will announce […]

PNE Who are You?: ‘stick with it Mackems; you’re a big club with loud, passionate fans’

Jake says: 'click the Who are You? banner to see the series so far this season'

Monsieur Salut writes: thinking Kevin Kilbane had a bit of a raw deal from SAFC fans isn’t the same as […]

Sixer Says: thanks for memories of beating Arsenal en route to Wembley glory

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Just when we’re all down in the dumps, Pete Sixsmith rides along on his white steer to cheer us up […]