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Keir’s Kalculations: Crosses and Catastrophe

John McCormick writes: Keir Bradwell needed to take a break but now he’s back. And not only is he back, he’s bigger and better. With the help of Opta and the FourFourTwo StatsZone app he’s produced a nice analysis of the game last weekend and has some suggestions to offer (more…)

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Keir’s Sunderland Player Ratings after Newcastle beaten again

We probably need a psychiatrist to decipher Keir Bradwell‘s comment on Connor Wickham. Otherwise his marks go pretty much as you’d expect, with plaudits all round and special mention for an “all right goal”. Newcastle’s star man? Monsieur Salut! is tempted to say Tim Krul for his spontaneous act of sportsmanship, patting Defoe on the […]

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Keir’s Sunderland Player Ratings: he wants Larsson made captain

Jake: have your say on Keir's assessments

We are running a little to stand still here. But in an effort to catch up, here is a quick posting of Keir Bradwell‘s man-by-man SAFC ratings. Rob Hutchison‘s one-worders, and his more measured account of the game, will follow when we can get to them. Who would have been the Spurs man of the […]

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Keir’s Player ratings: Rodwell, Johnson and PVA best of a poor bunch

Keir Bradwell

Monsieur Salut writes: Keir Bradwell‘s “after Len Shackleton” device for his ratings from Southampton – a blank page – divided opinion. This week normal business is restored. I would not quarrel with most of it, save that Larsson’s industry merited a high mark and Wickham was, in truth, no better served than Fletcher … (more…)

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Keir’s player ratings: loving the new two-pronged attack

Jake: have your say on Keir's assessments

Nic Wiseman writes: Keir Bradwell is impressed with the two-pronged attack which saw our two strikers score for the first time this season. I personally feel the midfield is deserving of higher scores, particularly Gomez who delivered the cross for Fletcher’s first goal. These are Keir’s opinions and he’s quite capable of sticking up for […]

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Keir’s Player Ratings after Stoke setback: super Jozy, calamity Costel

Jake: took your time to post this image
M Salut: didn't have the stomach for it

Apologies to Keir Bradwell, who was very prompt in submitting his man-by-man assessment of Sunderland’s performance against Stoke, who dumped us unceremoniously out of the league cup as if last seasons Wembley run never happened. Gremlins got at the site last night and again this morning. They seem now to have retreated, but only a […]

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Keir’s player ratings: Burnley 0 Sunderland 0. Well, that was a thriller!

Jake: have your say on Keir's assessments

Here are Keir Bradwell‘s man-by-man ratings from the less than impressive afternoon at Turf Moor. Sorry, Burnley fans – Lukas Jutkiewicz may well have been the best player on the pitch but these are Sunderland ratings only … (more…)

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Keir’s player ratings: Catts my star in fortunate SAFC draw against Spurs

Keir Bradwell

Our youngest columnist by some margin, Keir Bradwell, 14 at the end of this month, quickly follows Pete Sixsmith back into action with the return of his man-by-man SAFC player ratings. You are at liberty to disagree … (more…)

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Sunderland 1 Manchester United 1: player ratings, with Buckley a whisker ahead of Catts

Keir Bradwell

Keir Bradwell was late but not as late as the editor suspected. Just in time for it to appear before the Birmingham City game, his player-by-player assessment of Sunderland’s home debut landed. Here, then, are one young fan’s marks out of 10. Try to remember, this is a subjective exercise. You are not required to […]

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Keir’s Sunderland Player Ratings: Catts the imperfect star vs WBA

Jake's take

Our youngest columnist by some margin, Keir Bradwell, quickly follows Pete Sixsmith back into action with the return of his man-by-man SAFC player ratings. You are at liberty to disagree … (more…)

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Sunderland: a tragic tale of lost love, disconnect and rebuilding from scratch

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Monsieur Salut is left at a loose end, feeling a little redundant with no need to post a Guess the […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: Preston comfortable as Sunderland freezes

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

John McCormick writes: I won’t be going to the North East before June, so I won’t be seeing any home […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Preston benefit from this week’s press of the self-destruct button

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

John McCormick writes: The darkness began to descend early in the second half at the Stadium of Light, and that […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Preston North End and a trip back in time

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

John McCormick writes: Tuesday morning, and I’m idly contemplating the weekend and Pete Sixsmith’s “first time” feature which will announce […]

PNE Who are You?: ‘stick with it Mackems; you’re a big club with loud, passionate fans’

Jake says: 'click the Who are You? banner to see the series so far this season'

Monsieur Salut writes: thinking Kevin Kilbane had a bit of a raw deal from SAFC fans isn’t the same as […]

Sixer Says: thanks for memories of beating Arsenal en route to Wembley glory

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Just when we’re all down in the dumps, Pete Sixsmith rides along on his white steer to cheer us up […]