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Bouncing from rock bottom at Spurs. What will we see against Everton?

Spurs was one of the games I planned to attend. Only tentatively originally, because Helen and Will (daughter and Spurs-supporting boyfriend) had a wedding to go to and they said I could borrow Will’s season ticket and bunk down at theirs, but it was all lined up until the game was moved to a Monday [...]

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We buy newspapers but we don’t buy The Sun

John McCormick:

John McCormick, who – as many readers will know – lives in Liverpool, writes: Vince commented recently that The Sun now calls SAFC “Derland” after SAFC banned them from football-related briefings. The question I would ask is why is it doing this? It’s a stupid activity that does no one any good, least of all [...]

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Survival? Gus says it’ll go to the wire. So do some dodgy numbers

John McCormick:

    You may remember the first chart below. I posted it at the the mid-point of this season. It uses the improvement or deterioration of last season’s best and worst post-Christmas performers in the bottom half of the table, (i.e. Reading and Stoke) to predict the points that this season’s bottom teams will end [...]

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Lots of huffing and puffing against Palace, but where’s the breath of life?

A week ago, after the Hull debacle, I worked out the team for the Palace game. Vito and the back four were simple enough, as were Bridcutt and Ki, plus Jonno and Borini. Who else in midfield? Jack, I thought, as Catts needed to be grounded to save a possible early bath and Larsson just [...]

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Our Day Out

While walking from the Leigh Arms to Goodison Park Pete Sixsmith and I discovered we shared a tenuous connection through the Willy Russell play “Our Day Out”. Written in the seventies, it’s the story of a group of inner city Liverpool kids who are taken to Conway castle by their teacher. Some of the people [...]

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Countdown to Wembley: Widnes, Warrington and Morris Men but no Dave Watson

As I said in an earlier Countdown to Wembley piece, I didn’t make the 1985 or 1992 cup finals. Nor, it must be said, have I made any of the playoff games, finals or otherwise. The nearest I have ever come to them was to arrive in Sunderland the evening after the loss to Crystal [...]

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Countdown to Wembley: prawn sandwiches at Old Trafford, pawn strategy among mates

John McCormick’s semifinal story has a familiar ring of competing allegiances. He couldn’t let friends and fellow chess-players down but his mind was elsewhere. We know events at Old Trafford went happily enough, with or without Keano’s prawn sandwiches on the away end catering stalls. Read on to see how John fared is his important [...]

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How Dare We: shut the pubs and spare Newcastle’s horses

A couple of weeks ago, after travel restrictions on the Tyne-Wear derby were lifted, I made a comment that rather than seeking to punish bona fide supporters who wanted to support their team the police should apply to close all pubs within a three-mile radius of the ground. My point was that the element which [...]

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Sunderland’s IQ: It needs to be better than average

On Boxing Day 2004 West Brom’s 19th game of the season saw them at home to Liverpool. They lost 0-5, which left them adrift at the bottom, with 10 points and a goal difference of -24. They drew their next match 1-1, away to Man City, but this wasn’t enough to lift them up the [...]

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Manchester City, Meatloaf and memories of the Glorious Fallen

John McCormick:

In the week after the derby I kept conjuring up a mental image of Meatloaf riding an elephant. Totally incorrect, of course, everyone knows Micky Dolenz, who found fame with the Monkees and thus gave us “Cheer up Peter Reid”, was the original circus boy. As Reidy had left years earlier it’s anyone’s guess as [...]

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The Way It Is: where readers can have their say on anything

Cup excitement has been and gone and we’re back to the grind of fighting for our Premier League lives. So [...]

Salut! Sunderland Podcast: We Talk Man City And Chelsea.

Well despite only picking up a point from our last two games, the performances were encouraging, writes Stephen Goldsmith. I [...]

Chelsea vs Sunderland: a tale of two vists. Same year, worlds apart

Let us remember, briefly, at happened on a shockingly wet day in London when, before Chelsea vs Sunderland, Monsieur Salut [...]

Chelsea ‘Guess the Score’: hatful for them, valiant win for Sunderland?

The heartbreaking nature of Man City’s undeserved equaliser should not detract from the pride we can take, finally and for [...]

Chelsea vs SAFC ‘Who are You?’: falldown Torres, Liverpool’s media love-in and Gus

In my ESPN report – – on the spirited draw at the Etihad, I wrote this: Improbable as survival [...]

Sixer’s Manchester City Soapbox: pressure’s off, so football’s on for Sunderland

So Pete Sixsmith succumbed to the power of a lifetime’s devotion. Instead of West Auckland vs an Eden Buses XI, [...]

Pure Poyetry: on almost upsetting the Man City apple cart

Following Sunderland we learn to expect the unexpected. Having failed to achieve victory in the games we thought were winnable, [...]