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Brazil 2014. Sobs says….

Although not a fan of the World Cup as there’s too much hype and dishonesty (so how’s it different? I hear you asking) I have forced myself to watch the games in order to report on them for you. Sometimes, to give myself an authentic experience, I have forced myself to drink beer while watching. [...]

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Brazil 2014. Something for the weekend

John McCormick:

Here on Saturday the Suarez affair was bubbling under a bit, but quietly. It appeared Liverpool had not had any documentation from FIFA so didn’t know how or if they could proceed, although they have been told they are not eligible to appeal against the ban. That strikes me as unfair, given that they are [...]

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Brazil 2014. The empire strikes back

I said in my last post that I’m not a fan of the World Cup. That’s true but I do like football so I’ve watched the majority of games. One or two have been missed because of unavoidable clashes with the important parts of my life but, generally, TV schedules appear to have been adjusted [...]

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Brazil 2014. The World Cup – more like the World Con

John McCormick:

I’m not a fan of the World Cup. I suppose it’s necessary, given that football (not soccer, Mr. Beckham, get it right) needs to sell itself around the world. I can also appreciate that any footballer worth his salt will want to test himself against the best.

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Foul football and early baths

The average age of our readers has probably been reduced to below 100, thanks to Hayley and Keir, and our brilliantly successful season will no doubt have brought in new readers. Or maybe not, I don’t actually have a clue except for M Salut’s recent post that the site’s had 2.4 million visitors since it [...]

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McCormick’s Craic: sing when we’re winning (and losing and drawing)

John McCormick:

With thanks to Mackftm at YouTube for this gem My local paper in France runs a French-language version of the lyrics of John Lennon’s Imagine, changed to reflect Jonny Wilkinion’s career-concluding match, donning the red and black of Toulon for the last time in combat for the French championship final at the Stade de France [...]

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All’s well that ends well

John McCormick:

M Salut has put the “Wembley and safe” series to bed, leaving me to come up with a different way of passing on my thoughts about the season. So here’s the plot for a play with ten acts, one for each month. You could use alternative titles such as “Much ado about nothing“, “The tempest”, [...]

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Bouncing from rock bottom at Spurs. What will we see against Everton?

Spurs was one of the games I planned to attend. Only tentatively originally, because Helen and Will (daughter and Spurs-supporting boyfriend) had a wedding to go to and they said I could borrow Will’s season ticket and bunk down at theirs, but it was all lined up until the game was moved to a Monday [...]

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We buy newspapers but we don’t buy The Sun

John McCormick:

John McCormick, who – as many readers will know – lives in Liverpool, writes: Vince commented recently that The Sun now calls SAFC “Derland” after SAFC banned them from football-related briefings. The question I would ask is why is it doing this? It’s a stupid activity that does no one any good, least of all [...]

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Survival? Gus says it’ll go to the wire. So do some dodgy numbers

John McCormick:

    You may remember the first chart below. I posted it at the the mid-point of this season. It uses the improvement or deterioration of last season’s best and worst post-Christmas performers in the bottom half of the table, (i.e. Reading and Stoke) to predict the points that this season’s bottom teams will end [...]

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Salut! Sunderland: the way it is

Here is the feature we introduced with the intention of getting readers talking. Salut! Sunderland: the way it is will [...]

Fifty years of Sunderland openers: (2) visions of hell at Millwall

The New Den is hardly the Old Den. Back in 2000, a semi-reformed Millwall Yob-and-Proud-of-It – he’d become a published [...]

Sixer’s Carlisle Soapbox: the splendour of England, the torpor of friendly football

Pete Sixsmith ought to have been a professional football writer, as his priceless accounts at Salut! Sunderland demonstrate season after [...]

Pure Poyetry: young legs come good in Cumbria – Carlisle 0 Sunderland 1

Malcolm Dawson writes….Pete Sixsmith’s half time text read “marginally less than inspiring”. I wasn’t there but Gus was and he [...]

Summer Gold: (3) Tasmin Archer, No 1 star among Sunderland’s celebrity supporters

Back in 2007, when Salut! Sunderland was a long way from its first million hits, we reproduced a series of [...]

Fabio Borini and Sunderland: what, in honesty, are we to believe?

Gus Poyet said the deal had been agreed. Brendan Rodgers likewise. People ‘close’ to Fabio Borini insisted he had no [...]

Sixer’s Darlington Soapbox: Sunderland home if not dry in five-goal romp

Pete Sixsmith, in the company of Salut! Sunderland’s deputy editor Malcom Dawson, had an enjoyable afternoon despite the rain, watching [...]