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Sunderland 3 Spurs 1: ecstasy (at last) Observed

Pete Sixsmith knows no rest. No sooner had he left his seat in the East Stand after yesterday’s scintillating game than The Observer came on the phone for a verdict . As usual, we include the opposing supporter’s appraisal too … (more…)

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Beating Spurs: no need for sober reflection

There’s plenty to say about the three penalties, about the two of them that Darren Bent missed, about Sunderland’s impassioned display, about Anton’s disallowed goal, about Bolo Zenden’s cracking volley. But a lot of that has already been discussed here in the previous posts. And Pete Sixsmith has hardly had his say yet. (more…)

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Sunderland 3 Tottenham 1. Three sublime points

A much-needed, well-won, heartstopping victory. Sunderland are just about safe now, barring a crazy run-in, and can even aspire to mid-table respectability. Here is an updated, edited version of our earlier attempts to offer running commentary (itself a rarity at Salut! Sunderland) … This was a pulsating match and, in the end, an inspiring win. […]

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Second half: Sunderland (2) 3 Tottenham (0) 1 – but what lies ahead?

NB This post superseded by Sunderland 3 Spurs 1. three sublime points Two first half goals for Darren Bent, a fabulous chance to score a hat trick before the interval and a fourth afterwards. And then Peter Crouch made life uncomfortable until Zenden’s eased the nerves…. (more…)

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Nasty smells on the web

The day began just hoping for three points against Spurs, a tall order but not beyond us. This rant came on as I found yet again that there was a mini-epidemic of spamming and phishing to deal with … Since we exposed the odious activites of someone or something calling him/itself Andrew A Sailer, the […]

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Manchester United: a standing joke

No, we’re not having a go at the geographical disposition of United’s support, or trying to wind up the occasionally oafish Gary Neville or his professionally grumpy (and phenomenally succesful) manager. We’re actually sympathising with the club’s travelling fans … Being refused permission to stand up at football is not something that should, in all […]

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Liverpool 3 SAFC 0: anyone hear the thud?

The mini-run is over, for now. Maybe we did get carried away with a couple of wins and a few draws. Liverpool not only brought us down to earth with that thud. They hammered us … This was not a good weekend to come up against top four sides in decent form, as Villa, Bolton […]

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Aston Villa 1 Sunderland 1: drawing on our progress

No one seriously expected to go to Villa Park on the back of a mini-run pursued exclusively at home and romp to victory. Equally, no one a couple of weeks ago would have expected anything more than for us to come away with tails between legs, well beaten whatever the actual margin. The measure of […]

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Not good enough for England? A Bent judgement

Bent for England. The cry was heard again after his latest goalscoring feats. But some observers feel Fabio Capello will not be swayed by his remarkable record in a team that – at least before our mini-run – had hardly kept him supplied with a consistent stream of quality service … The Daily Star is […]

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SAFC 3 Birmingham 1: is Craig Gordon the new Monty?

SEE ALSO: guess-who-was-our-star In praise of a footballer who has had to triumph over doubt – and done so in style … More years ago than Salut! Sunderland would willingly own up to to remembering, an away game took us to Huddersfield, where Sunderland won 3-0 in a game that began with a blitz on […]

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Ha’way Sunderland against Charlton, hear Sixer’s words of wisdom and add your own

Jake: ‘make the Mackem army happy,

Forget the conspiracy theories in the Daily Mail’s report on our owners’ intentions. In fact, while the timing is rotten, […]

Sunderland vs Charlton Athletic at Wembley: let’s get it right this time

Jake: 'sunnier times for Sunderland AFC'. Click the image to reach Salut! Sunderland's home page

Charlton finished the League One season in style and ended up two places ahead of us, writes Monsieur Salut. Until […]

Sixer’s Portsmouth Soapbox: dogged, determined and disciplined as the Lads get to Wembley

Sixer'sSoapbox(featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……I said after the Southend game that I actually thought finishing 5th wasn’t such a bad thing, as […]

Sunderland bound for Wembley with nothing to fear from Charlton

Jake and and Jack capture the moment

Who would have thought? Wembley not once but twice and in the same season. Monsieur Salut is old enough to […]

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