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Sunderland end of term reports (4): seven good, seven bad

Since Salut! Sunderland burst into action in Jan 2007, Pete Sixsmith has delivered a seven-word verdict – known collectively as Sixer’s Sevens – on each match, in relatively few cases games not actually attended by him. Looked at over a season, these judgements reveal a mixture of hope and despondency, wit and wisdom. In the […]

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Sunderland end of term reports (2): not good enough

A slight behind-the-counter hitch has delayed what was intended as the second of Salut! Sunderland's end-of-term reports. We are nearing the end of an extraordinary week (leaving aside minor league football in Rome) for Sunderland, the North East and indeed for this site. Ellis Short has given us some encouraging clues as to how serious […]

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Sunderland end of term reports (1): lest we forget

A lot has happened since Jeremy Robson, a long way from his native Murton, took this clinical retrospective look at a season that, at the time his thoughts were flowing, still held ample scope for disaster for Sunderland AFC and its passionate followers. A day that had not quite begun in his Canadian exile was […]

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Sunderland’s dodgy term: now for the report card

Some of us remember only too well the feeling at the end of another wasted school term/year. It was time for the report. Well, it’s certainly time for Sunderland’s. (more…)

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Dust settles … back to business

We’ve had great fun over the past few days, keeping an eye on – and making our own contributions to – what has been said about our survival and Newcastle United’s relegation. There will be more fun (and that, above, is Adamfearman’s YouTube reminder of Sunday’s potent mixture of relief and joy) plus, today or […]

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Promotion poll: Sunderland vie with Portsmouth but can Burton, Lincoln or Doncaster make top six?

Plenty of this from the Roker End last night.

John McCormick, associate editor, writes: things have quietened down with our ‘who to follow’ poll, as we might expect. Portsmouth, […]

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