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The Grand Newcastle Utd vs SAFC Guess the Score: fun and framed pitchas

I still have a card my mother once sent me. It showed a long-suffering wife looking daggers at her old man as he hands her the most romantic birthday present he could think of getting: “Here you are, pet. Just what you always wanted. A framed pitcha of the Sunderland football team.” Well, look at [...]

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SAFC v West Ham ‘Guess the Score’: can we burst their bubble?

In his winning stab at 0-0 for Liverpool vs Sunderland, Paul Devine – soon to be the owner of two splendid mugs – said: “One pointer could well be Liverpool’s date with Basel, where winning could mean El Dorado.” Fat lot of good that did Brendan Rodgers, then, if they really did have an eye [...]

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Moving swiftly on, Guess the Liverpool vs Sunderland Score

The only way forward is to forget the most recent past. Let’s all regard SAFC 1-4 Manchester City as if it were another country, some minor detail of history (as Jean-Marie Le Pen once described the Holocaust). Just get out there at Anfield and rattle a few cages again. Can we bounce back? Can we [...]

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SAFC v Manchester CIty ‘Guess the Score’. Keeping up the good work

You don’t get long to rest on your laurels in the Premier League. In a fairer world, Sunderland would have had a week to bask in the glory of the invigorating and much-praised performance against Chelsea. Or there’d even be an international break with Roy Hodgson putting away those blinkers and handing Lee Cattermole his [...]

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Sunderland Guess the Score as Chelsea’s Special One braves the far North

We don’t often do well against them at home, but when we do it’s spectacular. Most of us recall that best first half seen at the Stadium of Light when, having been walloped 4-0 on the opening day of our first season back in the Premier under Peter Reid, we waltzed into the same lead [...]

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Phew, internationals nearly over. So Guess the Score as Sunderland visit Leicester

Love them or loathe them, international breaks get in the way of the normal business of Salut! Sunderland. But for John McCormick’s sterling efforts, there has been nothing new here for days. But that is partly a result of Monsieur Salut’s own international break, a long weekend in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city, a port with [...]

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SAFC vs Everton Guess the Score: time to build on Palace coup

This week, Monsieur Salut has been granted time off from the ‘Who are You’ feature. Our Liverpool-based associate editor, John McCormick, found and interviewed an Evertonian and the fascinating result of their exchange will appear here tomorrow. That leaves Guess the Score. David Miller won the Personalised Football Gifts mug as the first – and [...]

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Crystal Palace vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’: redemption time?

The rollover Guess the Score competition for Sunderland vs Arsenal was won by our resident harbinger of doom, Bill Cowell. The man will soon run out of space for all his prize mugs. Two more are on their way from Personalised Football Gifts, to be preceded or followed by a carefully packed box of After [...]

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After Eight: a mint Sunderland vs Arsenal edition of Guess the Score

What better to accompany the tea or coffee, or stronger, in your rollover pair of prize mugs than a few tasty wafer-thin mint chocolates with cream inside?

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Southampton vs SAFC Guess the Score: football’s back with a rollover

From our good friends at Personalised Football Gifts, a Weardale business owned by a Sunderland supporter, two mugs await the winner of this week’s Guess the Score. Only one reader correctly predicted Sunderland 3 Stoke City 1. Step forward Keir Bradwell. Then step back again: he posted it after the match.

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Newcastle v SAFC Who are You?: ‘never met a Mackem I disliked’

Geordie and lifelong Toon fan, Nick Donaldson* was one of Monsieur Salut’s colleagues in London and is now following, long [...]

The Grand Newcastle Utd vs SAFC Guess the Score: fun and framed pitchas

I still have a card my mother once sent me. It showed a long-suffering wife looking daggers at her old [...]

The Way It Is

Here is the feature we introduced with the intention of getting readers talking. Salut! Sunderland: the way it is is [...]

One more time, let’s remember Newcastle United 1 Sunderland 9

As every schoolboy should know, another December Tyne-Wear derby weekend was a particularly happy one for Sunderland AFC. On December [...]

Newcastle United v Sunderland: are the horses now safe?

Previewing the Tyne-Wear derby for ESPN, I mentioned the decision by Northumbria police to treat the game with a less [...]

The return of Keir’s Player Ratings: Seb’s his star against West Ham

Sunderland 1 – 1 West Ham: Player Ratings After being silenced by family commitments – and perhaps a spot of [...]

Dodgy numbers signify relegation scrap for Hull, QPR, Burnley, Leicester (and us?)

This is my third post in this series, which began in August when I used some dodgy stats and history [...]