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SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score rollover: back on the Wembley trail?

As regulars know, or should know, a rollover stops at two at Salut! Sunderland. We don’t want to annoy our sponsors, Personalised Football Gifts by having them pack threes and fours. But just in case we do get back to Wembley this season wouldn’t it be nice to have that pair of mugs as souvenirs [...]

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With or without Defoe: Tottenham Hotspur vs SAFC Guess the Score rollover

So, I awoke to an interesting e-mail from my friend Lesley Ciarula Taylor, from the Toronto Star newspaper, which was reporting that Sunderland had signed Jermain Defoe from the Canadian club. The story had been in that well-known fountain or truth and wisdom, The Sun, and tweeted just before I’d turned in; it was an [...]

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SAFC v Liverpool Guess the Score: send Jordan home pointless

Sunderland vs Liverpool. This has not been a happy fixture in most of SAFC’s seasons in the Premiership and Premier League. From head-to-head stats at Liverpool Online, I calculate that in 13 top-flight meetings since the FA Cup final of 1992, which they won 2-0 of course, Sunderland have won three, two have been drawn [...]

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SAFC vs Leeds United Guess the Score: 1973 revisited, a few rounds early

No one correctly guessed 3-2 as the score from the Etihad so the latest edition of Guess the Score is a rollover, with two mugs as the prize. READ ON … Over the years, and perhaps with relatively little else to shout about, Salut! Sunderland has published plenty about the great day in history – [...]

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Manchester City vs SAFC Guess the Score: cricket score or awayday shocker?

No one guessed SAFC 1-3 Hull. Plenty among us saw the potential for a traditional flop immediately following a derby win, but the common Guess the Score practice is to be, or appear, positive. Drummer was chuffed to win the Aston Villa competition but would probably have gone happily without his prize mug in return [...]

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Aston Villa v SAFC Guess the Score: time for some bouncebackability

Malcolm Dawson writes….Gus Poyet has been commenting on how ludicrous the holiday fixture list is with games coming thick and fast! He should try keeping a website up to date! Not much time to get your prediction in for the game at Villa Park. A loss to Hull after a win at Sid James was [...]

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SAFC vs Hull City Guess the Score: essential to keep it up, Lads

Here, then, with the Christmas greetings of all at Salut! Sunderland to all who read it, is the latest Guess the Score competition. After the excitement of Sunday, it’s back to basics with a mug from Personalised Football Gifts as the prize.

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The Grand Newcastle Utd vs SAFC Guess the Score: fun and framed pitchas

I still have a card my mother once sent me. It showed a long-suffering wife looking daggers at her old man as he hands her the most romantic birthday present he could think of getting: “Here you are, pet. Just what you always wanted. A framed pitcha of the Sunderland football team.” Well, look at [...]

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SAFC v West Ham ‘Guess the Score’: can we burst their bubble?

In his winning stab at 0-0 for Liverpool vs Sunderland, Paul Devine – soon to be the owner of two splendid mugs – said: “One pointer could well be Liverpool’s date with Basel, where winning could mean El Dorado.” Fat lot of good that did Brendan Rodgers, then, if they really did have an eye [...]

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Moving swiftly on, Guess the Liverpool vs Sunderland Score

The only way forward is to forget the most recent past. Let’s all regard SAFC 1-4 Manchester City as if it were another country, some minor detail of history (as Jean-Marie Le Pen once described the Holocaust). Just get out there at Anfield and rattle a few cages again. Can we bounce back? Can we [...]

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Salut! Sunderland: The Way It Is

Here is the feature we introduced with the intention of getting readers talking. Salut! Sunderland: the way it is is [...]

Sixer’s Fulham Soapbox: Should’ve gone to Shields v Shildon

Malcolm Dawson writes……I couldn’t get to this game being otherwise occupied on the Fylde coast. Phew – got away with [...]

Pure Poyetry: Sunderland 0 Fulham 0 but it’s not my fault

John McCormick  writes: Jermain  Defoe has a goal scoring pedigree so hopes were high that he’d mark his home debut [...]

Sixer’s Sevens:SAFC v Fulham FA Cup (FA stands for frustrating afternoon)

It may not have been a full house today for Jermain Defoe’s home debut but Pete Sixsmith was there as [...]

Behind Enemy Lines: shaky Fulham sink shaky Forest

Rob Hutchison, our man of single word player assessments took a trip to the north bank of the Thames last [...]

Fulham Who are You?: ‘SAFC fans deserve better than constant relegation scraps’

As a decent FA Cup run beckons for someone, we welcome back Russ Goldman*, a USA-based Fulham diehard adjusting to [...]

SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score rollover: back on the Wembley trail?

As regulars know, or should know, a rollover stops at two at Salut! Sunderland. We don’t want to annoy our [...]