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Burnley vs Sunderland Guess the Score and SAFC towels hit Turkey

All the way from the Black Sea comes this sign of the globalisation of Sunderland support. The picture comes from a Spurs supporter, George Dearsley, an acquaintance who cut his journalistic teeth on the Northern Echo.

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Bill Cowell already has an OBE. Now he’s Guessed a Sunderland Score

Burnley away and another chance to Guess the Score will come soon enough. But first, let’s hear about a winner, a supporter whose mother moved south but had the good sense and exceptional style to go back to her native Sunderland to give birth to each of her children … Bill Cowell is one of [...]

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SAFC v Tottenham Hotspur Guess the Score: a partnership is born

Let’s go early, I thought. The international breaks are important of course, and it was naturally Sunderland AFC that turned Danny Welbeck into such an impressive striker. But even though I have to return to France until October, I am excited as anyone planning to be at the SoL on Saturday about the resumption of [...]

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QPR vs SAFC ‘Guess the Score’: no beer, no prize

Can two sets of supporters, from good, decent football clubs, be trusted to share the same licensed premises with a couple of coppers on hand to nip any nonsense in the bud? The answer from the Met is No. So make sure to get your pre-match pints in Kings Cross or elsewhere. Shepherds Bush may [...]

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Birmingham vs SAFC ‘Guess the Score’: Lee Clark, SMB and another Wembley dream

It seems only five minutes, but is more than five months, since we were all putting a thumping at Arsenal behind us and watching a spirited first half at Wembley in which Fabio Borini scored one cracker, from Adam Johnson’s marvellous long ball, and ought to have had another. Citeh then produced two even better [...]

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SAFC vs Manchester United Guess the Score: this is their cup final

Few pundits expect Sunderland to emerge from a game against Manchester United, even a home game, other than as a beaten team. No matter that we overcame them twice last season, away in the league and over two legs in the league cup. MUFC will always start favourites against us. Even after the opening day [...]

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West Bromwich Albion vs SAFC: the return of Guess the Score

Well, the season is about to start. Let us kick off a new series of Guess the Score, the competition which sometimes sees Salut! Sunderland offering, with a straight face, a mug as the winner’s prize … and sometimes offering nothing, not even the guarantee of reward in heaven.

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SAFC vs Swansea: last Guess the Score of a season to remember

And thanks heavens for that. I now have a lot of serious saving to do to fund the lorryloads of mugs owed to recent winners of Guess the Score. I said there’d be a prize for each competition until our fate was determined and it seems churlish to revert to a for-fun-only basis for the [...]

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Sunderland vs WBA: the penultimate Guess the Score, with thanks to Guingamp

Nolwenn Leroy is not only an uncommonly canny lass but a great Breton (not the same, except literally, as Great Briton) singer. On Saturday night, she sang her heart out for the Lads with this superb rendition of Brittany’s anthem, which the Welsh and Cornish-speaking Cornish may well recognise, both sets of Lads being Breton, [...]

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Guess the Score: can we save our season at Manchester United?

The answer to the question posed in the headline, logically, is No. Sunderland have done brilliantly in the league cup and in recent Premier League games. We all hope and hope again that Saturday might bring at least one point and maybe three.

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Salut! Sunderland: The Way It Is

Here is the feature we introduced with the intention of getting readers talking. Salut! Sunderland: the way it is is [...]

Striking out for victory at Burnley

What sort of team will Gus Poyet send out at Turf Moor? If we are at last to start winning, [...]

Salut! Sunderland tests the CrowdScores Premier League results service

UPDATE: The tests outlined below have led to a problem that should not greatly affect readers’ enjoyment of the site [...]

Burnley Who are You? Can ‘one-footed Fletcher’ torment old man Duff

“The town is the club the club is the town” – that is Aaron Wright*‘s grand description of Burnley. Yet [...]

How Dare We? A letter from Liverpool (and Everton, wherever that is)

Colin Randall writes: John McCormick supports Sunderland, of course, but lives in Liverpool. Even if he did not, he’d be [...]

Burnley vs Sunderland Guess the Score and SAFC towels hit Turkey

All the way from the Black Sea comes this sign of the globalisation of Sunderland support. The picture comes from [...]

Keir’s player ratings: Catts my star in fortunate SAFC draw against Spurs

Our youngest columnist by some margin, Keir Bradwell, 14 at the end of this month, quickly follows Pete Sixsmith back [...]