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SAFC vs Swansea: last Guess the Score of a season to remember

And thanks heavens for that. I now have a lot of serious saving to do to fund the lorryloads of mugs owed to recent winners of Guess the Score. I said there’d be a prize for each competition until our fate was determined and it seems churlish to revert to a for-fun-only basis for the [...]

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Sunderland vs WBA: the penultimate Guess the Score, with thanks to Guingamp

Nolwenn Leroy is not only an uncommonly canny lass but a great Breton (not the same, except literally, as Great Briton) singer. On Saturday night, she sang her heart out for the Lads with this superb rendition of Brittany’s anthem, which the Welsh and Cornish-speaking Cornish may well recognise, both sets of Lads being Breton, [...]

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Guess the Score: can we save our season at Manchester United?

The answer to the question posed in the headline, logically, is No. Sunderland have done brilliantly in the league cup and in recent Premier League games. We all hope and hope again that Saturday might bring at least one point and maybe three.

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SAFC vs Cardiff City: Guess the Score in this ‘massive crunch match’

No one correctly guessed the score at Chelsea. That does not mean no Salut! Sunderland reader could bring himself or herself to predict an away win: the thin entry offered 1-1, 2-2 twice, 2-0 along with 2-1 and 3-1 to Chelsea but also, heroically, “William C” with 1-0 to the Lads. I also give credit [...]

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Chelsea ‘Guess the Score’: hatful for them, valiant win for Sunderland?

The heartbreaking nature of Man City’s undeserved equaliser should not detract from the pride we can take, finally and for the first time since we last played them, in a Sunderland performance. Pete Sixsmith is probably right – too little, too late – but it is important for own morale, and for the future health [...]

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Sunderland vs Everton Guess the Score: stick to football, not cricket figures

I have promised a prize in each Guess the Score unless or until relegation is a certainty. That holds. Pete Sixsmith expects mighty embarrassment on Saturday. Everton have been in terrific form. We, er, have not. I have a horrible premonition about Gus Poyet’s post-match e-mail ruing that killer third goal, just when we looked [...]

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Tottenham vs SAFC ‘Guess the Score’: routine defeat or Houdini escape act begins

Here’s a deal. I will offer a prize mug for each remaining game in which we start with a mathematical chance of staying up. I will even send mugs off to those kind enough to have become Friends of Salut! Sunderland – eyes right please – just as soon as I can persuade myself I [...]

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Sunderland vs West Ham ‘Guess the Score’ PLUS Champions League final comp

Guess the Score – absent without leave prior to Liverpool vs SAFC – returns along with news of a great competition where the prize will be tickets, travel and accommodation for two for the Champions League final in Lisbon …

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Norwich City v SAFC Guess the Score: ‘defining moment for both’

This week, I have deliberately ignored any article, one line or in print, with a headline suggesting words by Gus Poyet or players about the game at Norwich City on Saturday. Any expression of confidence, even hope, is meaningless. All that matters is the result. We know that without being told.

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Hull City vs SAFC: another Sunday, another cup. Guess the score

Win on Sunday and, as we all know, at least one more Wembley date beckons. Some pragmatic supporters feel that having had our day of pride, competing on equal terms with one of the best teams in the world so that they were time-wasting shamelessly before the undeserved third goal, we should settle for an [...]

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Salut! Sunderland: the way it is

Here is the feature we introduced with the intention of getting readers talking. Salut! Sunderland: the way it is will [...]

Fabio Borini and Sunderland: what, in honesty, are we to believe?

Gus Poyet said the deal had been agreed. Brendan Rodgers likewise. People ‘close’ to Fabio Borini insisted he had no [...]

Sixer’s Darlington Soapbox: Sunderland home if not dry in five-goal romp

Pete Sixsmith, in the company of Salut! Sunderland’s deputy editor Malcom Dawson, had an enjoyable afternoon despite the rain, watching [...]

Pure Poyetry: Darlington 1 – Sunderland 5 a good (but soggy) workout.

Malcolm Dawson writes: Sixer and I were in attendance at Heritage Park, Bishop Auckland today to get a glimpse of [...]

From Woolwich Arsenal to Sunderland, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

Malcolm Dawson, Salut! Sunderland‘s deputy editor, reaches a milestone of his life with some heartfelt thoughts on the way football [...]

Solidarity with the families of Newcastle fans killed in Malaysian Airlines disaster

Salut! Sunderland, or the collection of individuals who make it happen, is tonight thinking of all the victims of the [...]

Raich Carter: great gesture, grateful beneficiaries in Sunderland

Who are You? – interviews with fans of teams SAFC are about to play – is a feature of which [...]