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Crystal Palace v Sunderland Guess the Score rollover: another Monday night win?

After three defeats in his first four games, Big Sam must be wondering whatever happened to New Manager Bounce. It has not exactly been a replica of Alan Pardew’s experience at Monday night’s opponents Crystal Palace.

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SAFC v Southampton prize Guess the Score: light after the Goodison gloom?

This is your chance – whoever you support – to Guess the Score in SAFC vs Saints, be first to get it right and win a prize … It was already a massive test. Southampton are seventh for a reason just as there is no mystery as to why Sunderland are second bottom. Our Saints […]

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Everton v Sunderland Guess the Score: can we build on derby joy?

The past is another country. A week is a long time in politics/love.football. And all the other cliches you can think of to cover the fact that one win on Sunday October 25 is all well and good, but only if we can keep the green shoots sprouting. It is time to Guess the Score […]

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SAFC v Newcastle United: (3) Guess the Score. Six in a row?

Cometh the hour, cometh the number. That number is six, Newcastle United’s tally in the demolition of Norwich City (after some shaky moments) on Sunday and also – if only Sunderland can bring the Mags crashing back to earth – how many times we would then have beaten them on the trot.

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West Bromwich Albion vs SAFC Guess the Score: the latest adventure begins

To cries of “fix”, Joan Dawson walks off with the prize mug in the Name Sam’s Column competition. The doom-laden entrants, at Facebook and Twitter in particular, just didn’t get Monsieur Salut’s ruling that unduly pessimistic titles would clash with the spirit of Salut! Sunderland. Of course we’ll criticise and grow despondent if things do […]

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SAFC v West Ham Guess the Score: Mark 2 – have another go!

Our hard working West Ham supporter Sam assures us he’ll be able to find and restore previous entries to our West Ham “Guess the Score” competition, together with John McCormick’s original intro, but for now he has other things to occupy him. We are more than grateful for all his work but with match day […]

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Manchester United v SAFC Guess the Score: one for the cricket scoreboard?

There is, of no course, no truth in the rumour that the venue of Sunderland’s visit to Man Utd on Saturday, while still at Old Trafford, is being moved half a mile to the much older cricket ground to reflect the likely scoring pattern. Dick Advocaat’s finest could even shock us. But then anything short […]

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SAFC vs Manchester City Guess the Score: it’s their cup final

This is a quick posting to invite Salut! Sunderland readers to guess how tomorrow’s League Cup game against Man City will end up. Probably just for fun, and I will let everyone know if that changes. But have a go anyway. There may be no Who are You? for this game. We seem to have […]

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AFC Bournemouth v Sunderland: roll up for a Guess the Score rollover

Sixer’s travel plans are sorted. Weymouth with Pete Horan (where’s that Defoe piece, Pete – Ed?) by Thursday, Bournemouth Saturday, somewhere – doubtless involving football – on Sunday, back Monday. But can he come home with three points? There was much to give us hope in the Spurs match. As Mick Goulding has pointed out […]

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SAFC v Tottenham Hotspur: Guess the Score returns as a mug’s game

Far too early for a Sunday game but the cupboard is otherwise bare so let’s go with Guess the Score. One good excuse: we have the return of prize mugs for winners to gloat about … Too late for winners so far – in fact there may have been only one, apart from the Swansea […]

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Hutch’s Patch: one word ratings after the Palace coup

Rob Hutchison is to the point. Or, after Monday, to three points if you prefer. In his one word summary you’ll find […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: the view from the couch on winning at Crystal Palace

Monsieur Salut writes: poor Pete Sixsmith. He ruled out a Monday night at London’s least accessible ground a while ago. […]

SA’s Essay: JD’s smash and grab raid breaks Crystal Palace

Jake: Pardwho?

Malcolm Dawson writes….Big Sam has set out his stall. It looks like we can expect a defensive mindset for the […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Crystal Palace 0 – Sunderland 1. Four forwards, one goal

John McCormick writes: For the second season running a move to Monday night scuppered this as a London trip. Would that I […]

The Crystal Palace v SAFC ‘Who are You?’: liking Wickham, wanting Fletch

This is Jay Crame‘s* second trip to the Who are You? hotseat. Jay, founder and editor of the Crystal Palace […]

Crystal Palace v SAFC: straight from Sixer’s mouth to the Eagle’s Beak

Crystal Palace vs Sunderland. One year on from going to that wretchedly inaccessible ground of theirs – unless you like […]