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After Eight: a mint Sunderland vs Arsenal edition of Guess the Score

What better to accompany the tea or coffee, or stronger, in your rollover pair of prize mugs than a few tasty wafer-thin mint chocolates with cream inside?

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Southampton vs SAFC Guess the Score: football’s back with a rollover

From our good friends at Personalised Football Gifts, a Weardale business owned by a Sunderland supporter, two mugs await the winner of this week’s Guess the Score. Only one reader correctly predicted Sunderland 3 Stoke City 1. Step forward Keir Bradwell. Then step back again: he posted it after the match.

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Sunderland vs Stoke City Guess the Score rollover: making amends?

Everyone knows the drill by now, or should. Accurately predict the score in SAFC vs Stoke City Round Two, Premier League on Saturday, be the first to post that prediction and do so before kickoff and you win a prize.

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SAFC v Swansea City Guess the Score: can we bounce back?

Possibly out of sequence as we await Pete Sixsmith’s magisterial analysis of SAFC vs Stoke. But the weekend is approaching, I’ve a lot on – paid-for work – so let’s get cracking with Guess the Score …

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The great Guess the Score rollover: SAFC v Stoke – Wembley-bound again?

Guess the Score produced no winner at Turf Moor. No one, it seemed, had a dour enough disposition to suggest we’d be reduced to a wretched 0-0 draw. As Jeremy Robson has pointed out on these pages, that’s now two visits to promoted sides without a goal and with no more than a point. Even [...]

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Burnley vs Sunderland Guess the Score and SAFC towels hit Turkey

All the way from the Black Sea comes this sign of the globalisation of Sunderland support. The picture comes from a Spurs supporter, George Dearsley, an acquaintance who cut his journalistic teeth on the Northern Echo.

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Bill Cowell already has an OBE. Now he’s Guessed a Sunderland Score

Burnley away and another chance to Guess the Score will come soon enough. But first, let’s hear about a winner, a supporter whose mother moved south but had the good sense and exceptional style to go back to her native Sunderland to give birth to each of her children … Bill Cowell is one of [...]

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SAFC v Tottenham Hotspur Guess the Score: a partnership is born

Let’s go early, I thought. The international breaks are important of course, and it was naturally Sunderland AFC that turned Danny Welbeck into such an impressive striker. But even though I have to return to France until October, I am excited as anyone planning to be at the SoL on Saturday about the resumption of [...]

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QPR vs SAFC ‘Guess the Score’: no beer, no prize

Can two sets of supporters, from good, decent football clubs, be trusted to share the same licensed premises with a couple of coppers on hand to nip any nonsense in the bud? The answer from the Met is No. So make sure to get your pre-match pints in Kings Cross or elsewhere. Shepherds Bush may [...]

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Birmingham vs SAFC ‘Guess the Score’: Lee Clark, SMB and another Wembley dream

It seems only five minutes, but is more than five months, since we were all putting a thumping at Arsenal behind us and watching a spirited first half at Wembley in which Fabio Borini scored one cracker, from Adam Johnson’s marvellous long ball, and ought to have had another. Citeh then produced two even better [...]

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Pure Poyetry after Arsenal: Sunderland so difficult to beat they’ll do it for you!

Malcolm Dawson writes…’s part of the manager’s job to be upbeat and seek out the positives. He couldn’t quite do [...]

Sixer’s Sevens:SAFC 0 Arsenal 2 – comedy of errors as panto season comes early

Pete Sixsmith went to the Potteries to watch the other SAFC – Shildon in the FA Cup. One more win [...]

After Eight: a mint Sunderland vs Arsenal edition of Guess the Score

What better to accompany the tea or coffee, or stronger, in your rollover pair of prize mugs than a few [...]

Football Blogging Awards: make your Yes vote count for Salut! Sunderland

It is time to vote in the annual Football Blogging Awards. There are some big guns in the field and [...]

The gloomy stats that doom QPR, Burnley and Newcastle (or us)

John McCormick:

Lost in the deluge of post-Southampton news, anger and gallows humour, John McCormick applied a scholarly eye to the statistics [...]

Arsenal ‘Who are You?’: out with Wenger, fond of SAFC, don’t care about Spurs

Quaking in their boots in expectation of a heroic bounceback from 8-0 – or breezily confident, after coming from behind [...]

Wrinkly Pete: last words on Southampton and some of them are positive

We cannot guarantee these will be the very last words – Salut! Sunderland clings to democratic values – but, speaking [...]

From WBA to Bolton, Sixer chooses his top 10 moneyback Sunderland games

Pete Sixsmith will, for once, be absent when Sunderland take on Arsenal on Saturday. No boycott, just the competing lure [...]