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Hull City vs Sunderland Guess the Score: Things Can Only Get Better

Well the headline gives you the hope. The reality comes at the KC when Gus Poyet once again tries to a) send out a team that can defend and score and b) avoids defeat against Hull City. It is difficult to be optimistic after recent gormless displays but we have to keep the faith. Hull [...]

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Manchester United vs Sunderland Guess the Score: theatre of dreams or nightmares?

This week’s Guess the Score is a rollover and Man Utd fans are welcome to join in. Curiously enough. given how often Sunderland games have ended 0-0 this season, no one opted for that as the outcome against WBA, though a few sensed the probability of defeat. Two mugs – design reflecting the winner’s allegiance [...]

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SAFC vs WBA Guess the Score: 50 Shades of unbearable hope

Decades of Sunderland support should bring an element of gallows humour to anyone’s personality. If our situation were not so dire, or so familiar, it would be wall-to-wall fun, which it isn’t. But I’ve still enjoyed the doom-laden banter here since Bradford (actually you could insert your own team name after “since” as there have [...]

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Bradford City vs Sunderland Guess the Score: cup glory or unwanted distraction?

The lamentable collapse against QPR puts an entirely different complexion on the 5th round FA Cup game at Valley Parade. I am of the school that wants Sunderland to win every game we compete in, even if it is a meaningless end-of-season match and even if victory for us might save Newcastle skins. I fret [...]

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Keir’s Player Ratings and QPR Guess the Score

Apologies to all for pulling these two items together, a necessity given constraints on time between the two games, at Swansea on Saturday and at home to QPR tomorrow. Agree or disagree with Keir Bradwell’s man-by-man ratings from the 1-1 draw at the Liberty Stadium and then have a stab at the scoreline in tomorrow’s [...]

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Guess the Score – Swansea v Sunderland: three wins on the bounce?

Malcolm Dawson writes…….just what is going on! Only a week after I advise you all to start your prediction with Sunderland Nil we get five goals in two games and what’s more a home win! But just as we think we have almost a full squad available we find that Lee Cattermole is joined on [...]

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Fulham v Sunderland Guess the Score: positive approach or park the bus?

Malcolm Dawson writes……a return to a flat back four, a midfield three and two forwards in support of our new striker was an encouraging early sign on Saturday. That the boys looked to go forward more so. The formation actually gave the fullbacks space and for the first time in ages we looked to take [...]

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SAFC v Burnley Guess the Score: be first with Sunderland nil

Malcolm Dawson writes….Dennis Walton became the proud owner of two Sunderland inspired designer mugs, courtesy of our sponsors Personalised Football Gifts with a banker 0-0 prediction for the game against Fulham. M Salut, currently sunning himself in uptown Havana, will no doubt be in touch on his return. Gus has suggested that he won’t be [...]

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SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score rollover: back on the Wembley trail?

As regulars know, or should know, a rollover stops at two at Salut! Sunderland. We don’t want to annoy our sponsors, Personalised Football Gifts by having them pack threes and fours. But just in case we do get back to Wembley this season wouldn’t it be nice to have that pair of mugs as souvenirs [...]

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With or without Defoe: Tottenham Hotspur vs SAFC Guess the Score rollover

So, I awoke to an interesting e-mail from my friend Lesley Ciarula Taylor, from the Toronto Star newspaper, which was reporting that Sunderland had signed Jermain Defoe from the Canadian club. The story had been in that well-known fountain or truth and wisdom, The Sun, and tweeted just before I’d turned in; it was an [...]

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If Poyet cannot make Sunderland less turgid, can he make turgid work?

Amid all the gloom that has descended over the collective support base of Sunderland AFC, the one sentence that some [...]

Sixer’s City Soapbox: Cheap beer, not much else at Hull City

John McCormick writes: listening to Gary Bennett on Radio Newcastle’s stream couldn’t give me the full picture of an eventful [...]

Hutch’s Patch: one-word verdicts on SAFC at Hull. Not for squeamish

Let Rob Hutchison‘s summary speak for itself: ‘This Get out of Jail Free card may be kept until needed or [...]

Pure Poyetry: Gus gets to the point at Hull and gives thanks to all

Malcolm Dawson writes…..a point is better than nothing I suppose. Gus had said we needed to win one of the [...]

Sixer’s Sevens: Hull City 1 Sunderland 1. Rodwell to rescue in late revival

Colin Randall writes: Pete Sixsmith watched the first half in dismay. To my ‘utterly atrocious’, he admitted to feeling ashamed. [...]

Wrinkly Pete, a fan bound for Hull, on these troubled Sunderland times

Peter Lynn is as wearied by events as Nic Wiseman, but heads for Hull full of measured hope, rational thoughts [...]