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SAFC v Stoke City ‘Guess the Score’: anyone saying 1-6 is disqualified

Jake: Sessless but otherwise as ready as we can be ...

We’d all hoped the mini-revival sparked by Paolo di Canio’s arrival would turn the Stoke game on Monday night into a much more relaxed occasion that seemed likely just before he arrived as head coach. Villa Park, and a couple of good results for Stoke, changed all that. (more…)

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Charlie Hurley in lights as you guess the Aston Villa-SAFC score

Coming our way soon: SAFC as encapsulated by Jake.

Just before we get on to the business of inviting score predictions for the monumental game at Villa Park on Monday, there’s a spot of housekeeping to announce. (more…)

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SAFC v Everton: no Cahill, no Webb to fall for an ‘Osman’. Guess the Score

Jake: the nearly overlooked detail

Tim Cahill been shunted off to New York. Howard Webb is demoted to pub league football, or whatever is deemed his punishment for stopping Sunderland being four-up at half time against Newcastle, and no other referee in the world will surely, ever again, fall for the Leon Osman penalty trick. That still leaves the small […]

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Newcastle United v Sunderland: 9-1 to SAFC unlikely but Guess the Score

Guess the Score

Thanks to the combined forces of Twitter and ESPN, Salut! Sunderland has an Evertonian lined up for the game after the Tyne-Wear derby, plus two willing hands for next season and also a spare Mag for next season IF …. And at ESPN I have given another outing to the story of Big Jim and […]

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Chelsea v SAFC: few give us much chance but guess the score

Guess the Score

I have had fun all week with the disparate band of people in various lands who post comments to the club-by-club part of the ESPN website – (more…)

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Sunderland v Manchester United: wise babies say guess the score

Who couldn't my dad be a Man Utd supporter?

Guess the score in Sunderland v Manchester United and you could win a life-changing prize or, if we’re clean out of stock, a mug … Xuana does not know it – she was only one this week – but her dad is hoping against better judgement for big things this weekend from the reason for […]

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SAFC v Norwich City: keep spirits high as you Guess the Score

Jake: can stress really be good for you?

  As promised, Salut! Sunderland is on an upbeat track. There is a time for carping and seriously critical analysis but that time is in the days immediately following some disappointment on the field. Plenty of such material was published here and that is how it should be. But now, an absolutely vital match of […]

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QPR v Sunderland: hoops or stripes, guess the score whoever you support

Guess the Score

Is it past midnight? Then let’s begin this week’s Guess the Score. I live in hope that one of our moneyed readers will one day come up with meaningful prizes for the little competitions. In the meantime, I am once again offering a Martin O’Neill mug to the first person who correctly posts the outcome […]

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SAFC v Fulham: guess the score (but 3-0 has already been chosen)

Jake's so far away in Spain, that the chances are he'll have to opt for square

Good news for Pam Stokoe, whose name has special resonance around these parts. Her mug, won with a correct if disloyal 0-1 forecast for the SAFC v Arsenal game, has finally been ordered. Good news for Eric, who posts regularly to the Comments section and invariably offers a prediction. I will take his 3-0, which […]

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Crusty folk-rocker goads Arsenal whingers and says guess the WBA score


Monsieur Salut’s hibernation is nearly over. It’s back to France at the weekend – with any luck catching Bennett and Barnes in commentary from the Hawthorns – without even the need to plan a return for the 40th anniversary cup final in which we forlornly hoped Sunderland might feature. There’s lots of riveting nostalgia to […]

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The first time ever I saw your team: Fulham

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

John McCormick writes: I can only remember one game against Fulham, and that was at Craven Cottage, where, like Pete […]

SAFC vs Fulham Who are You?: ‘our possession football can be devastating’

Jake: 'let's be having you'

Monsieur Salut writes: I had a dream; Sunderland beat Fulham 2-0 before my eyes to end the home hoodoo. A […]

Lee Cattermole: for better or for worse, time to go? Vote now

Do you think any Mags could love him?

 ? It is fair to say Lee Cattermole has long divided opinion among Sunderland supporters. Perhaps all or certainly most […]

Bearing gifts, Sixer as not seen before (since this time last year)

You lucky people, here's sixer

The Last Time Ever I Looked, the star of Salut! Sunderland’s gripping series, The First Time Ever I Saw Your […]

The Sunderland v Fulham Guess the Score with classy Niall/SuperKev prize

Jake kicks off a new season of Guess the Score

Out with the mugs and in with the print or t-shirt. For the next two games, Guess the Score has […]

After Toronto seize cup from Seattle Sounders, could Jozy and Grabban lead our uptable charge?

Jake: 'Jody scores, we're on the pitch'

Monsieur Salut writes: what strikers want to do is score goals. The best of them, like Brian Clough, Kevin Phillips […]