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Crystal Palace: Guess the Score, meet SAFC fans aged 12 and 65

Jake's matchday banner

Don’t worry – we’ll reach Guess the Score in due course. Just scroll down if you get bored … Two things have struck Monsieur Salut with particular force this week. One was this refreshingly upbeat comment from a 12-year-old Sunderland supporter, posting at the Blackcats e-mail list, after being enthralled by the last quarter of […]

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SAFC vs MK Dons Guess the Score: goals galore or banana skin?

Jake: 'forget the mugs: Monsieur Salut has a better class of prize these days'

It’s that time of the year again, the first fortnight of a new season when Sunderland supporters tell themselves the spirit of ’73 will be revived by the start of a new march all the way to a Wembley final. We look at the draw for the first round in which SAFC are involved and, […]

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Southampton v Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’: Altidore or Osvaldo to shine?

Jake: 'forget the mugs: Monsieur Salut has a better class of prize these days'

Out of 13 entries, no one was disloyal or Fulham-supporting enough last week to predict the 1-0 defeat, or any defeat come to that. So the prize mug rolls merrily forward. Are Paolo Di Canio’s men about to do on their first Premier League travels of the new season what they could not manage at […]

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SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score: a life-changing mug could be yours

Jake launches the new season

A new season and a new series of Guess the Score competitions. Sunderland take on Fulham in the knowledge that the home games that follow, right up to early December, are challenging to say the least: Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle United, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs. (more…)

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PDC’s stern headmaster act boosts our Spurs vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’

Your chance to guess the score in the last game of the season and, just maybe, win a life-enhancing prize … This is what Stan Collymore tweeted the other day after Arsenal had saved our bacon: “Spurs & Arsenal, the shootout on Sunday! We’ll be across every game,as the goals fly in on Super Sunday!” […]

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Guess the Score as SAFC/Southampton, Wigan, Newcastle, Norwich, Aston Villa, Stoke, Fulham fight drop

Guess the Score in Derby County vs SAFC. Click on Jake's image to enter. Derby fans welcome to have a go

Only one relegation spot left yet any of eight teams could fill it. The scenarios are not endless but they are certainly plentiful. With Wigan engaged in the FA Cup final this weekend, the agony may go on to the last day. (more…)

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SAFC v Stoke City ‘Guess the Score’: anyone saying 1-6 is disqualified

Jake: Sessless but otherwise as ready as we can be ...

We’d all hoped the mini-revival sparked by Paolo di Canio’s arrival would turn the Stoke game on Monday night into a much more relaxed occasion that seemed likely just before he arrived as head coach. Villa Park, and a couple of good results for Stoke, changed all that. (more…)

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Charlie Hurley in lights as you guess the Aston Villa-SAFC score

Coming our way soon: SAFC as encapsulated by Jake.

Just before we get on to the business of inviting score predictions for the monumental game at Villa Park on Monday, there’s a spot of housekeeping to announce. (more…)

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SAFC v Everton: no Cahill, no Webb to fall for an ‘Osman’. Guess the Score

Jake: the nearly overlooked detail

Tim Cahill been shunted off to New York. Howard Webb is demoted to pub league football, or whatever is deemed his punishment for stopping Sunderland being four-up at half time against Newcastle, and no other referee in the world will surely, ever again, fall for the Leon Osman penalty trick. That still leaves the small […]

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Newcastle United v Sunderland: 9-1 to SAFC unlikely but Guess the Score

Guess the Score in Derby County vs SAFC. Click on Jake's image to enter. Derby fans welcome to have a go

Thanks to the combined forces of Twitter and ESPN, Salut! Sunderland has an Evertonian lined up for the game after the Tyne-Wear derby, plus two willing hands for next season and also a spare Mag for next season IF …. And at ESPN I have given another outing to the story of Big Jim and […]

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The bookies say Sunderland, Barnsley, Charlton, Portsmouth, Luton and Scunthorpe. What about you?

McCormick's Craic(featured image) full size 640 x 138

And so we have it: the fixtures are out. You’ll be getting your fill of dates, and conjecture from all […]

Alim Ozturk gets the traditional Salut! Sunderland welcome

Just a few of Jake's generic Salut! Sunderland images ...

No time for much else, but Salut! Sunderland could not let the signing of Alim Ozturk – our first acquisition […]

Charlton at home to start. Seaside promotion party at Southend to finish?

Just a few of Jake's generic Salut! Sunderland images ...

Monsieur Salut introduces the full fixtures list for next season, starting with Charlton at home, remembers an ambitious pre-match request […]

World Cup Diaries: (4) Moscow en fête as Russians celebrate another big win

Andy Falconer: 'I love Sunderland really'

Our Boro-suppporting World Cup diarist – Monsieur Salut’s nephew, Andy Falconer – changes city. After revealing in the beauty of […]

Sunderland’s Spanish conquest: ‘the essence of English football in its purest sense’

Jake: 'when will we next see sunny times for Sunderland AFC?'

This well-researched and, for Sunderland fans, heartwarming slice of football history was written by David Hewitt, a PhD researcher in […]

The Paddy McNair question and the ins and outs of squad rebuilding at Sunderland

One that was made earlier. Nic, left, with Claire, from outside the Fulwell

This tweet, from a Twitter contact (we follow each other), caught the attention. Well Mr Paddy McNair I do not […]