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SAFC v Norwich City: keep spirits high as you Guess the Score

Jake: I created this in less gloomy times

  As promised, Salut! Sunderland is on an upbeat track. There is a time for carping and seriously critical analysis but that time is in the days immediately following some disappointment on the field. Plenty of such material was published here and that is how it should be. But now, an absolutely vital match of […]

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QPR v Sunderland: hoops or stripes, guess the score whoever you support

Guess the Score in Derby County vs SAFC. Click on Jake's image to enter. Derby fans welcome to have a go

Is it past midnight? Then let’s begin this week’s Guess the Score. I live in hope that one of our moneyed readers will one day come up with meaningful prizes for the little competitions. In the meantime, I am once again offering a Martin O’Neill mug to the first person who correctly posts the outcome […]

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SAFC v Fulham: guess the score (but 3-0 has already been chosen)

Jake's so far away in Spain, that the chances are he'll have to opt for square

Good news for Pam Stokoe, whose name has special resonance around these parts. Her mug, won with a correct if disloyal 0-1 forecast for the SAFC v Arsenal game, has finally been ordered. Good news for Eric, who posts regularly to the Comments section and invariably offers a prediction. I will take his 3-0, which […]

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Crusty folk-rocker goads Arsenal whingers and says guess the WBA score


Monsieur Salut’s hibernation is nearly over. It’s back to France at the weekend – with any luck catching Bennett and Barnes in commentary from the Hawthorns – without even the need to plan a return for the 40th anniversary cup final in which we forlornly hoped Sunderland might feature. There’s lots of riveting nostalgia to […]

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SAFC v Arsenal: no need to fear Wilshere or Walcott, then. Guess the Score

Jake: 'any chance of a lift, mate?'

Three games – Swansea at home, Wigan and Reading away, and not a single reader came up with a correct scoreline prediction. See if you can do better with Arsenal at home. Snowed off is not an acceptable entry … (more…)

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Wigan done and dusted: now guess SAFC v Swansea and Reading scores

Guess the Score in Derby County vs SAFC. Click on Jake's image to enter. Derby fans welcome to have a go

The update is that if Heathrow can see its way clear to letting Monsieur Salut’s plane take off, holidays in Sri Lanka beckon. Salut! Sunderland‘s deputy editor, Malcolm Dawson, has already reached exotic parts, Lytham St Annes, and is there for a few days. (more…)

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West Ham sliced, now for the cup: guess the Bolton score

Let's see off Bolton in similar style, says Jake

Before getting on to Bolton Wanderers and Guess the Score, here is one small piece of unfinished business from the West Ham match. For my last words on the satisfactory afternoon’s work on Saturday, I shared with readers of the ESPN FC site the thought, already expressed on these pages, that the good, loud contingent […]

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Guess SAFC v West Ham score – and is Bolton fan owed a mug?

Guess the Score in Derby County vs SAFC. Click on Jake's image to enter. Derby fans welcome to have a go

Last week, I honestly thought someone, possibly a Bolton fan, had decided the FA Cup game had 2-2 written all over it. I could find no trace of such a prediction; did I just dream it? If anyone can point me in its direction, then the man, woman or child who made it is owed […]

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Guess the Score at Bolton as Sunderland’s ruby anniversary cup run begins

From an old birthday card sent to M Salut

This is a posting that could not decide whether to be one of those occasional Salut! Sunderland reviews of the week just gone, a simple Guess the Score competition or a second bite at the “Who are You?” cherry. Monsieur Salut thought of rolling them all into one but finally accepted the rebuke of Terry […]

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New Year Greetings: Spurs have dived off, Guess the Score at Liverpool

Guess the Score in Derby County vs SAFC. Click on Jake's image to enter. Derby fans welcome to have a go

Happy New Year from Salut! Sunderland They cannot all read and write as well as Michael Gove would like, but it was good to have so many Tottenham fans coming here to respond to Pete Sixsmith’s dangerously provocative comments. Consider these samples taken from the offending march report: “Spurs played well, looked a potential top […]

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Sunderland statement: right words, nowhere near good enough

Follow the Lads at

It bears the hallmarks of a statement dictated by Martin Bain (CEO) and tidied up in the press office. It […]

Down and down again. A sorry day to be a Sunderland supporter

Promotion at first attempt!

Monsieur Salut writes: this is obviously the grimmest evening, in footballing terms, since Salut! Sunderland was created back at the […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Hell, Bent on relegation as Burton come back


You could see it coming, couldn’t you. Darren Bent comes on with 15 minutes left and equalises with two minutes […]

Arsenal’s chief whinger Piers Morgan applauds Wenger? Pass the sick bag

Jake: 'you don't talk to the likes of us, Ellis, so how can we be blamed if we get somethign wrong?

It has often been said that putting a top manager in charge of Sunderland, or recruiting such players as Messi […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Burton Albion

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

Salut! Sunderland didn’t get round to entering this year’s football blogging awards. This was not a case of sour grapes […]

SAFC vs Burton Albion Who are You?: ‘let’s jump together into oblivion’

Jake says: 'click the Who are You? banner to see the series so far this season'

Monsieur Salut writes: the pain of relegation is not eased that much because everyone expected you to go down anyway. […]