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SAFC vs Manchester United Guess the Score: a brand of gloryseeking

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

OK, it’s only Tuesday. But let’s go early this week. The Man Utd “Who are You?” is ready to run but will appear tomorrow or Thursday. No reason, though, why we shouldn’t get cracking in the build-up to Saturday evening’s momentous game with Guess the Score. The good news is that the prize is back. […]

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SAFC vs Liverpool Guess the Score: in off the beachball for Altidore

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

Come on, all you serial optimists. Have another go at guessing a Sunderland score, the game at home to Liverpool on Sunday. William C got it right on Tuesday – 2-0 to us – and wins a mug. Two in a week is a bit much so let’s make this another one just for fun. […]

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SAFC v Peterborough United: a non-revolutionary, post-PDC Guess the Score

Srirtign before the sacking, Jake said: 'If it goes tits up against this mob I reckon Paolo may find himself wearing a concrete overcoat..'

Whether the revolution is over or on hold, just waiting for a new leader, there’s business to be done. Kevin Ball has passion and knowledge, commands respect and does his level best. No one could prepare players better than he’ll be doing for the third round Capital One cup game against Peterborough. You’d want him […]

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WBA vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’: but first, bravo Durham CCC

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

First and foremost: mighty congratulations to Durham County Cricket Club on their fantastic LV Championship title, secured with an eight-wicket victory over Nottinghamshire at the Riverside ground. Bravo, Lads. And now onto more mundane matters … For the first match weekend in many months, Monsieur Salut will be unable to keep closer in touch with […]

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Sunderland v Arsenal ‘Guess the Score’: is Raich Carter available?

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

Football is back and so is Guess the Score. Have a go in the comments below. And don’t forget to catch the SAFC v Arsenal ‘Who are You?’ interview with Walter Broeckx from the Untold Arsenal site’s sub-section examining bad decisions by matchday officials … With their unsure grasp of history prior to the […]

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Crystal Palace: Guess the Score, meet SAFC fans aged 12 and 65

Jake's matchday banner

Don’t worry – we’ll reach Guess the Score in due course. Just scroll down if you get bored … Two things have struck Monsieur Salut with particular force this week. One was this refreshingly upbeat comment from a 12-year-old Sunderland supporter, posting at the Blackcats e-mail list, after being enthralled by the last quarter of […]

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SAFC vs MK Dons Guess the Score: goals galore or banana skin?

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

It’s that time of the year again, the first fortnight of a new season when Sunderland supporters tell themselves the spirit of ’73 will be revived by the start of a new march all the way to a Wembley final. We look at the draw for the first round in which SAFC are involved and, […]

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Southampton v Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’: Altidore or Osvaldo to shine?

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

Out of 13 entries, no one was disloyal or Fulham-supporting enough last week to predict the 1-0 defeat, or any defeat come to that. So the prize mug rolls merrily forward. Are Paolo Di Canio’s men about to do on their first Premier League travels of the new season what they could not manage at […]

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SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score: a life-changing mug could be yours

Jake launches the new season

A new season and a new series of Guess the Score competitions. Sunderland take on Fulham in the knowledge that the home games that follow, right up to early December, are challenging to say the least: Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle United, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs. (more…)

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PDC’s stern headmaster act boosts our Spurs vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’

Your chance to guess the score in the last game of the season and, just maybe, win a life-enhancing prize … This is what Stan Collymore tweeted the other day after Arsenal had saved our bacon: “Spurs & Arsenal, the shootout on Sunday! We’ll be across every game,as the goals fly in on Super Sunday!” […]

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‘4,000 Sunderland fans, midweek game says it all’. Doncaster Rovers Who are You?

Click Jake's image to see all Who are You? instalments so far this season

Monsieur Salut writes: Pete Sixsmith has, as ever, written a wonderful article on Doncaster Rovers for his twin series on […]

Doncaster Rovers vs SAFC Guess the Score

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For this midweek visit to Doncaster Rovers, Salut! Sunderland reverts to a “just for fun” format for the Guess the […]

Shrewsbury v Sunderland: The view from the middle ground

McCormick's Craic(featured image) full size 640 x 138

I’m busy today, with stuff to do, so I only have time for some quick thoughts. Don’t forget these are […]

Sixer’s Shrewsbury Soapbox: Success in Salop

Sixer'sSoapbox(featured image)

  John McCormick writes: It’s only 70-80 miles from home to the New Meadow but three trains meant for a time-consuming journey.  […]

Sixer’s Shrewsbury Sevens: 2-0 to SAFC, a comfortable win and that elusive clean sheet

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

Monsieur Salut writes: this is where Pete Sixsmith offers his customary seven-word verdict on each Sunderland game he attends. He […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Ground: Shrewsbury Town, Gay Meadow and the New One

Salut Banner3(featured image)

John McCormick writes: I’ve walked past the Gay Meadow ground once or twice and I’ve driven past the New Meadow, […]

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