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Sunderland v Southampton ‘Guess the Score’: reaching for glory amid the gloom

Jake wonders whether we're doing a Wigan, bound for cup glory - and the Championship

It’s nearly here. Tomorrow, which will coincidentally be a full week on from the (unfulfilled) promise by Northumbria Police to get back to Salut! Sunderland with answers to our questions about the disgraceful late change to the matchdate, Sunderland play Southampton in the fourth round of the Capital One Cup. In a season that has […]

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Hull City Guess the Score: is Father Marc seeking new papal miracle?

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

Salut! Sunderland never had its star illustrator Jake down as the sort to believe in the power of prayer. But here he is imagining himself in the place of the Sunderland club chaplain, Father Marc Lyden-Smith, who seems to have had a spot of success in persuading Pope Francis to arrange some much-needed divine inspiration […]

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Sunderland vs Newcastle United Guess the Score: even Geordiedoonsooth can enter

Jake as Tony Roffe's caption writer

Last week, the prize offered in Guess the Score was a generous, unaffordable £50 but the bar was set high: to win, you needed correct scorelines from two internationals plus the Swansea match. No one got close enough to trouble me, but then not many bothered to enter at all. The rest must have known […]

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Guess the Score special: Swansea-Sunderland, England-Poland, Belgium-Wales

Guess the Score in Derby County vs SAFC. Click on Jake's image to enter. Derby fans welcome to have a go

There is something very special to Monsieur Salut about the first of the three games in the headline. It will be his debut for the season so far at a Sunderland game. (more…)

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SAFC vs Manchester United Guess the Score: a brand of gloryseeking

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

OK, it’s only Tuesday. But let’s go early this week. The Man Utd “Who are You?” is ready to run but will appear tomorrow or Thursday. No reason, though, why we shouldn’t get cracking in the build-up to Saturday evening’s momentous game with Guess the Score. The good news is that the prize is back. […]

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SAFC vs Liverpool Guess the Score: in off the beachball for Altidore

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

Come on, all you serial optimists. Have another go at guessing a Sunderland score, the game at home to Liverpool on Sunday. William C got it right on Tuesday – 2-0 to us – and wins a mug. Two in a week is a bit much so let’s make this another one just for fun. […]

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SAFC v Peterborough United: a non-revolutionary, post-PDC Guess the Score

Srirtign before the sacking, Jake said: 'If it goes tits up against this mob I reckon Paolo may find himself wearing a concrete overcoat..'

Whether the revolution is over or on hold, just waiting for a new leader, there’s business to be done. Kevin Ball has passion and knowledge, commands respect and does his level best. No one could prepare players better than he’ll be doing for the third round Capital One cup game against Peterborough. You’d want him […]

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WBA vs Sunderland ‘Guess the Score’: but first, bravo Durham CCC

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

First and foremost: mighty congratulations to Durham County Cricket Club on their fantastic LV Championship title, secured with an eight-wicket victory over Nottinghamshire at the Riverside ground. Bravo, Lads. And now onto more mundane matters … For the first match weekend in many months, Monsieur Salut will be unable to keep closer in touch with […]

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Sunderland v Arsenal ‘Guess the Score’: is Raich Carter available?

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

Football is back and so is Guess the Score. Have a go in the comments below. And don’t forget to catch the SAFC v Arsenal ‘Who are You?’ interview with Walter Broeckx from the Untold Arsenal site’s sub-section examining bad decisions by matchday officials … With their unsure grasp of history prior to the […]

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Crystal Palace: Guess the Score, meet SAFC fans aged 12 and 65

Jake's matchday banner

Don’t worry – we’ll reach Guess the Score in due course. Just scroll down if you get bored … Two things have struck Monsieur Salut with particular force this week. One was this refreshingly upbeat comment from a 12-year-old Sunderland supporter, posting at the Blackcats e-mail list, after being enthralled by the last quarter of […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Gillingham shown what for as Will Grigg steps up


John McCormick writes: For 10 minutes I was winning a mug but I was worried, especially as Pete Sixsmith had […]

Sunderland vs Gillingham prize Guess the Score

Gillingham H

Off on holiday the morning after the Accrington Stanley game, Monsieur Salut presents a pre-prepared edition of prize Guess the […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Sixer on Gillingham.

Gillingham H

Malcolm Dawson writes…..I reckon I have seen Sunderland play Gillingham on four occasions. I must have seen them at home […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: Accrington have bottle. What about Sunderland?

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

John McCormick writes: I hesitate to give an analysis from a TV broadcast but I thought Accrington Stanley’s confidence grew […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Sunderland manage to draw at home to Accrington Stanley


John McCormick writes: this game coincides with the start of a real ale festival at the Masonic and I thought to […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team – Accrington Stanley

Accrington H

Malcolm Dawson writes…….the games are coming thick and fast and thanks to the TV we have three home floodlit games […]

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