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Salut Reflections: Westwood, Mignolet and Bramble make for interesting week in Sunderland.

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

  During Martin O’Neill’s final months as SAFC manager, it became increasingly hard to gather and comment on news for a Reflections piece for Salut! Sunderland, writes Stephen Goldsmith. It seems unlikely Di Canio’s reign will be similar. The end of season is generally a bit of a lull for bloggers and writers, who try […]

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Salut Reflections: envying Man City and Swansea as Sunderland settle for passion

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

I read with some amusement all the patronising tweets that flew in the direction of the Bradford fans and players in the aftermath of the mauling they received from Swansea in the Capital whatsitsname Cup final on Sunday, says Stephen Goldsmith. I didn’t feel sorry for them, they earned their place there and deserved to […]

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Reflections: Wickham’s chance against Chelsea & Manchester United’s Little Pea making people fruity

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

Stephen Goldsmith writes: It’s been a couple of weeks since I ran a reflections piece, and I know you’ve missed it. Well gin an then, you have twisted my arm. Two things in the news that are of interest to me this week – one close to home and one not so much.   Fletcher […]

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Salut Reflections: Moyes attacks divers ahead of Everton v Liverpool

By Jake

Here’s a Salut! Reflections exclusive. We had a mole at the full dress rehearsal of David Moyes’s pre-derby team talk and it went something like this … (more…)

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Salut Reflections: Mignolet and Manchester United, ‘crude’ SAFC-Newcastle chants

Great stuff from Jake

‘Reflections’ is very much the domain of Stephen Goldsmith but he’s moonlighting, housemoving and heaven knows what else so begs other Salut folk to step into his shoes. It falls to Monsieur Salut to look at two issues that leap from the pages and screens: Manchester United’s supposed interest in Simon Mignolet and the rather […]

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Danny Rose turns a nation racist, Sunderland and Spurs fans beware

Another of Jake's Salut! banners

Stephen Goldsmith writes: This is the second time Danny Rose has appeared in a Salut! Reflections feature in the space of about three weeks. Both topics are based around Danny trying to do what he enjoys the most – play football. The issues raised, however, branch and contrast away from each other in startling fashion. […]

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Fort control: the ugly face of corporate football

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

Salut! Sunderland is full of admiration for so much that SAFC does: community involvement, combat against racism, incentives for young supporters, encouragement to players to get out into areas of everyday life where their presence will bring smiles to faces. So it pains us to bring you this wretched tale … The heart sank when […]

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Salut! Reflections: Fletcher for Scotland, Bramble’s form and Villa’s Darren bloody Bent

Jake's not the only one getting Bolshie

Stephen Goldsmith writes: I can’t believe I’m about to venture into Darren Bent territory once more. Well actually, I can. He simply doesn’t make it easy for us Sunderland fans not to. There are two developments directly involving Sunderland to discuss on Salut! Reflections this week, with Darren Bent being another. Let’s get to it… […]

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Salut! Reflections: Rose’s desire to leave Spurs, Sessegnon’s form questioned

Stephen Goldsmith writes: Recent discussions between Monsieur Salut and myself concluded that this feature could be a functional way of giving contributors a topical voice. I say discussion, Monsieur may suggest it was more a one-sided pitch akin to Tony Soprano’s boys popping round for a chat. Monday in itself provided plenty of material for […]

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Salut! reflects: has James McClean burned his bridges with Republic of Ireland?

Beauty of Sunderland: Mrs Logic

McClean Twitter rant sure to throw Republic of Ireland future into doubt James McClean should maybe think about handing his phone and laptop to his big pal David Meyler when he has something to say. Meyler providing a vetting service may be in the best interests of McClean’s career after yet another ill advised outburst […]

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Sixer’s Millwall Soapbox: Black Cats can’t see off the Lions

Sixer's Soapbox (featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes…….I’m starting to get worried. Following on from the shining example of scribemeister Pete Sixsmith, I have embarked […]

New man for Sunderland hot seat, an older man on the A list

Pete Sixsmith then (not so long ago) ... he's a lot trimmer now

  Colin Randall writes: About the only way I could get through the first half of the Millwall game, even […]

Sixer’s Sevens. For the record, Millwall exploit our defensive frailty

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

Pete Sixsmith will soon be excused duty from Salut! Sunderland in order to carry out his traditional Santa tasks but […]

Poll closes on Sunderland managership issue as Coleman appointment looms

Just a few of Jake's generic Salut! Sunderland images ...

Well that was a waste of everyone’s time. As Sunderland dawdled towards an appointment, our poll attracted just under 100 […]

The first time ever I saw your team: Millwall

Salut Banner2(featured image)

John McCormick writes – I  do remember a trip to the Old Den in the ’70s but like Pete Sixsmith, […]

If Millwall’s visit isn’t worrying enough, Steve Bruce’s Aston Villa are up next

By Jake

Sunderland’s shameful home record will become officially the worst in English football history on Saturday if Millwall are not beaten […]