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Sixer Says: something rotten in the state of Sunderland

Rats live on no evil star. The ultimate palindrome, or at least the one we learned at school. In this outstanding analysis, Pete Sixsmith detects lots of rats scurrying about in the bowels of the Stadium of Light. And he still hasn’t decided what to do with the Man City v SAFC ticket sitting on [...]

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Sixer Says: another week, another mess and now we go to Spurs

Pete Sixsmith has declared Tottenham on Monday night to be his last away game of the season. If, as seems likely, we lose, it may as well be Sunderland’s, too. Sorry to be so downbeat; it’ll all seem better when we’re banging in goals for fun and winning games galore in next season’s big promotion [...]

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Sixers Says: Allardyce’s Hammers need to be nailed

That’s Pete Sixsmith‘s appalling pun in the headline – Monsieur Salut is quite capable of coming up with his own – and it’ll be Big Pete’s presence that is felt on BBC 1′s Late Kickoff on Monday night. In what spirits will Tuesday morning find us? Pete discusses the stakes …

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WEMBERLEEEE: Sixer’s Sunderland team to beat Manchester City

John McCormick writes: Dennis Tueart was on local TV today, with a clip of his 1976 League Cup Final goal against Newcastle (and I have to say he looked a lot older and he’s lost weight), but that’s all I’ve seen about the final. Maybe both Manchester teams not doing well in Europe has muted [...]

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Sixer Says: Sunderland triumph over Newcastle again

Pete Sixsmith is beginning to feel spoilt. A couple of nights after seeing the Lads waltz to victory at the home of football’s current laughing stock, he was at the Stadium of Light for a visit from the Newcastle Development Squad to play ours. The winning habit was not broken …

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Sixer Says: still glowing in the aftermath of Sunderland’s glory, Newcastle’s humiliation

Pete Sixsmith reflects on a highly satisfactory weekend and what it means for Sunderland’s games to come …. Forty eight hours after that momentous lunchtime at The Sports Direct. I was still buzzing.

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Sixer Says: Di Canio just cannot keep his mouth shut

Pete Sixsmith would like to think Paolo Di Canio’s outburst will cost him hard in the pocket – and also herald the start of a period of silence …

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Manchester United vs Sunderland: Old Trafford-bound with excitement or nerves?

‘CSB’ won the Salut! Sunderland mug auction hands down and his £30 will go to Water Aid. Pete Sixsmith has sometimes had more water than he’d like at his hillside Shildon residence (Busty Bank to the initiated) but hopes Guy Poyet’s defence will have plugged the leaks evident on Saturday in time for tonight. Talk [...]

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Arriverdici Roberto

John McCormick writes: It seems like only a few weeks ago that I wrote  about having a modern, professional, forward looking set-up that would do us well for the future. Then we sacked the manager. Now the director of football has gone. This shows I know nothing about the game and am not fit to [...]

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Sixer Says: Sunderland held as Stoke young ‘uns play the Pulis way

On his night of fame – a cameo in a BBC programme about the Northern League that fell some way short of the Andy Warhol four-minute test – Pete Sixsmith found himself dodging paparazzi and autograph seekers at Eppleton for a youth development squad match against Stoke City …

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Sunderland vs Cardiff ‘Who are You?’: on Tan, Malky, Ole and relegation

Phillip Nifield seems a decent character. He and Monsieur Salut pursued the same, now dying trade; he found life after [...]

SAFC vs Cardiff City: Guess the Score in this ‘massive crunch match’

No one correctly guessed the score at Chelsea. That does not mean no Salut! Sunderland reader could bring himself or [...]

The Way It Is: where readers can have their say on anything

Cup excitement has been and gone and we’re back to the grind of fighting for our Premier League lives. So [...]

Awards surely premature, but Mannone and Borini deserve their acclaim

It seems odd, rather too soon and unnecessary to be naming players as best of the season. With four immensely [...]

Ganterbury Tales: a Sobs guide to the lifetime adventure of SAFC support

Monsieur Salut writes: I have long envied Sobs. Paul Dobson, that is. We tend to meet only at away games, [...]

Keir’s Player Ratings: a four-point harvest from Manchester City and Chelsea

Nic Wiseman, fresh from being told on Twitter by Sky’s SAFC-supporting David Jones that It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand [...]

Best away game in ages: still drooling about Chelsea game and Seb

Salut! Sunderland readers are generally too sensible to get carried away, says Monsieur Salut. Maybe because I need something to [...]