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Sunderland 0-0 Chelsea: hardly worth delaying the Yorkshire pud

Pete Sixsmith is a hardy soul. Point him towards a match and he’ll be there whatever the time, whatever the weather. Mind, this was one to shake his resolve … My hope was to bring you tales of derring-do from Eppleton Colliery Welfare, where the Under 21s played Chelsea at the strange time of 11.45 […]

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Sixer’s farewell to Pantilimon and Graham hails effort over achievement

The transfer window is an opportunity for some players to move on and restart their careers. And so it is that, while saying welcome to Jan Kirchhoff and Dame N’Doye we also say goodbye to Costel Pantilimon and Danny Graham. Neither will be rated as amongst the finest signings the club has made. They will […]

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Cheer up Jan Kirchhoff: even Charlie Hurley had a debut to forget

The Hoff needn’t get The Huff. We’ve all had rotten days at work and sometimes, for some of us, on the first day of a new job. Before he knows it, the fans will be singing, ‘Who’s the greatest centre half the world has even seen … Jan Kirchhoff is his name’. Anyone with the […]

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Cheer up, Tottenham’s DeAndre Yedlin: lots of us had bad school reports

Monsieur Salut’s school record is littered with stern, sarky or downright contemptuous remarks from teachers and headmasters. ‘Could do better’, ‘doesn’t concentrate’, ‘not good enough for this school’. That kind of thing. So DeAndre Yedlin should take heart and learn from what follows, Charles Richards of The Spurs Report’s Q&A with Pete Sixsmith on how […]

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Sixer on Swansea City v Sunderland: the tables are turned

Hang on. We ask the questions, not them. Seriously, though, Salut! Sunderland never minds being asked to reciprocate when someone agrees to a Who are You? interview. One reason we never mind is that Sixer is invariably ready to do the honours. This is how he dealt with some questions from the SCFC2 fan site

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Willkommen bet Jan: Sixer tells Kirchhoff he’s welcome – and needed – at SAFC

It wasn’t signed, sealed and announced as Pete Sixsmith succumbed to the editor’s pressure and wrote his customary piece welcoming an ostensibly smart and necessary new signing. It is now (see the official announcement at safc.com)*. We don’t often get to bring in players from one of the best two or three teams in Europe […]

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Sixer recalls: when ooh ahh Cantona saved Man Utd’s blushes

Malcolm Dawson writes….I got a text from Pete Sixsmith this afternoon. It read “sitting having a drink of tea in my Northern League mug – the nearest I’ll get to any football this week!” Yes it’s a sad fact that the amount of rain we have had in sunny County Durham, falling onto already saturated […]

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Ambrose Fogarty RIP: ‘a perfect fit’ for Sunderland, Hartlepool and Ireland

Monsieur Salut writes: Pete Sixsmith remembers a player who figured in his youth and mine as we made our way every other Saturday to Roker Park. Despite having to slog for a regular place against gifted stars of the age, ‘Amby’ Fogarty was a good player who served our club, other clubs and his country […]

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Sixer Observes: half term report – must do better

Pete Sixsmith‘s opinions are much in demand. Once again “The Observer” approached him for a half term report which he supplied before yesterday’s fruitless trip to the Etihad, though I don’t suppose what went on there would have affected his responses. Now the paper is available in all good newsagents (and some not so good […]

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Sixer’s 12 Days of Christmas: SAFC’s Ho, Ho, Hos and No, No, Nos

Only a few hours to go to Christmas, just over a week of 2015 left and we’re all in festive spirits. Aren’t we? Pete Sixsmith swears he heard someone say the beatings will continue until morale improves. But he’ll be there again on Saturday, and next Wednesday night and the Saturday after, clinging to the […]

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SA’s Essay: Really pleased for everybody, and the fans deserve it

    John McCormick writes: I could get used to this. Sitting at home with the bairn laughing, me laughing, […]

Sixer’s Sevens: One hard-fought win. Three well-earned points v Man Utd

John McCormick writes: Ed posted that his lift to the game had been delayed because of the snow. I hope he got […]

Good news from Liverpool (and Everton), sad news from Bolton, and is there a thaw at Blackpool?

The main thing for Sunderland fans this week must be the cancellation of Adam Johnson’s contract. The club has said […]

Sunderland v Manchester United: MUFC fan says we (and they) deserve better

With our regular Boro-supporting visitor Smoggie in mind, this is essentially a repeat of the SAFC v MUFC ‘Who are […]

Manchester United Who are You?: ‘maybe Newcastle, not SAFC, for the drop’

Another Who are You?, another great set of replies. Step forward Chas Banks*, a committee man with MUDSA, the Manchester […]

SAFC v Manchester United Guess the Score: only four words matter

OK, we usually offer a few random thoughts on the forthcoming game as we invite readers – whoever they support […]