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Sixer’s Manchester City Soapbox: pressure’s off, so football’s on for Sunderland

So Pete Sixsmith succumbed to the power of a lifetime’s devotion. Instead of West Auckland vs an Eden Buses XI, or whoever, he trundled off to Manchester with his ticket. And witnessed the sort of performance that, if only it had been replicated in every other game this season, would have seen us safe. Sit [...]

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Sixer’s Everton Soapbox: chances unlikely

John McCormick writes: Pete Sixsmith sent me a text a few games ago suggesting we were Championship bound. I wasn’t so sure then. Now, I’m not even bothering to run the numbers to predict the final table. Why not? Well, I wasn’t there yesterday but Pete was, so why not find out from his post-match [...]

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Sixer’s Tottenham Soapbox: AND THAT IS THE END OF THAT

John McCormick writes: Pete Sixsmith has been there, he’s done it and and he has the scars under the T shirt. Today he reminisces about Fred Astaire, probably to keep his mind from Dame Nelly Melba, who’s warming up somewhere in the background, and then he gives us his opinion. Do you want to read it? [...]

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Sixer’s West Ham Soapbox: Hammers bang more nails in the relegation coffin

You’d be forgiven for thinking our esteemed illustrator, Jake, and our resident chronicler of doom, Pete Sixsmith, were pretending for April Fool’s sake to be on strike. In fact, Jake is in hospital in Spain (here’s hoping they sort you out, pal) and Sixer had a full day’s work at the chalkface. Needless to say, [...]

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Sixer’s Liverpool Soapbox: the best match report you’ll see

Pete Sixsmith was hardly alone in fearing the worst at Anfield. He is too long in the tooth to conclude from one improved display that Sunderland are on course to survival. The work that still needs doing is self-evident. It may be fully understood without lowering ourselves to more cliched talk of ‘must-win’ games. Pete [...]

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Sixer’s Soapbox: No show at Norwich

  It’s a long time since I’ve been to Norwich and I keep thinking I must fit in a game there. I’m glad I didn’t do it this season, however, although if Pete Sixsmith is correct it may be a while before I’ll feel the need to get that train again. Here’s his account of [...]

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Sixer’s Crystal Palace Soapbox: time for Poyet and his boys to get Bolshie

Malcolm Dawson writes….. Every cliché in the book was utilised in the run up to this game. A must win, six pointer, real Cup Final of a game that we were promised would see the players give of their all. Well, unlike some callers to Radio Newcastle’s post match phone in, I’ve no doubt that [...]

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Sixer’s Hull Soapbox: a shambles ahead of Palace, the season’s defining game

Pete Sixsmith felt cheated. Not because he believes Gus Poyet or the team deliberately lost, but because he was obliged to sit through a dreadful display against moderate opponents that exposed glaring weaknesses in the squad. We must all hope to find him in better spirits at tea-time six days from now …

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Proud to be a Sunderland supporter, proud to present Sixer’s Wembley report

Pete Sixsmith didn’t quite qualify for Mr Robert Halfon MP’s tribute to ‘scumbag football hooligans’, missing out on the Covent Garden riot (implies Mr H) or good-natured gathering (said the cops) and travelling down on the Durham SAFCSA branch charabanc. This is his wonderful account of a great occasion we wouldn’t let defeat spoil …

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WEMBERLEEEE: Sixer’s Sunderland team to beat Manchester City

John McCormick writes: Dennis Tueart was on local TV today, with a clip of his 1976 League Cup Final goal against Newcastle (and I have to say he looked a lot older and he’s lost weight), but that’s all I’ve seen about the final. Maybe both Manchester teams not doing well in Europe has muted [...]

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The Way It Is: where readers can have their say on anything

Cup excitement has been and gone and we’re back to the grind of fighting for our Premier League lives. So [...]

Salut! Sunderland Podcast: We Talk Man City And Chelsea.

Well despite only picking up a point from our last two games, the performances were encouraging, writes Stephen Goldsmith. I [...]

Chelsea vs Sunderland: a tale of two vists. Same year, worlds apart

Let us remember, briefly, at happened on a shockingly wet day in London when, before Chelsea vs Sunderland, Monsieur Salut [...]

Chelsea ‘Guess the Score’: hatful for them, valiant win for Sunderland?

The heartbreaking nature of Man City’s undeserved equaliser should not detract from the pride we can take, finally and for [...]

Chelsea vs SAFC ‘Who are You?’: falldown Torres, Liverpool’s media love-in and Gus

In my ESPN report – – on the spirited draw at the Etihad, I wrote this: Improbable as survival [...]

Sixer’s Manchester City Soapbox: pressure’s off, so football’s on for Sunderland

So Pete Sixsmith succumbed to the power of a lifetime’s devotion. Instead of West Auckland vs an Eden Buses XI, [...]

Pure Poyetry: on almost upsetting the Man City apple cart

Following Sunderland we learn to expect the unexpected. Having failed to achieve victory in the games we thought were winnable, [...]