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Soapbox: oh what a circus, oh what a show

It is time to forget Man City – last week’s apology for a match, and the subsequent Abu Dhabi takeover – and concentrate on laughing at Newcastle United. But Pete Sixsmith‘s enjoyment of the Toon Circus has been marred by crass media coverage.. Never, I thought, would I borrow words from the pen of that […]

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Soapbox: how City’s Arabian adventure could end in tears

Pete Sixsmith might have been expected to harrumph a lot about the Abu Dhabi billions heading towards Eastlands. But he sees every chance of the City takeover backfiring and cheekily suggests that my friends here in the Gulf should consider the newly unemployed Mr Keegan as manager….. I am not quite sure if the Abu […]

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Soapbox: pride cometh before a fall

For once the fixture gods are kind, as they rearrange the Manchester City match for after Salut! Sunderland’s (i.e. Colin’s) 60th birthday celebration The Greeks usually have a word that sums everything up and they most certainly have in this case. The word is “Hubris” and it means pride or arrogance and describes what happens […]

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Soapbox: properly spurred

Pete Sixsmith breaks a vow not to set foot in post-Ken, Boris-led London. And is rewarded for his about-turn by a performance that brought not only promise, but also the points….. A few months ago, I made the rash statement that I would refuse to visit London if they elected Boris The Cad as Mayor. […]

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Soapbox: good news, bad news.

.…in which Pete Sixsmith welcome attempts to turn the Stadium of Light dressing room into a new League of Nations…. The news from the Stadium just gets better. I nearly drove the car into a lorry when I heard that we had signed Djibril Cissé, albeit on a year’s loan. He is another player who […]

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Soapbox: a harsh lesson learned

To find out the connection between SAFC and Joseph Stalin, read on, as Pete Sixsmith delivers his first match report of the season proper. There’s a poignant bit in Blackadder IV, when the ace pen pusher Captain Darling is sent to the front by crazy General Melchett. As befits a mild-mannered man who wanted to […]

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Soapbox: come on Lads. Let’s advance, for Pete’s sake

So here we go again. After the ups, downs and constant threat of Down last season, what is in store for Sunderland AFC in 2008-2009? Pete Sixsmith starts with a party political broadcast – and makes unnecessary reference to a distressing forthcoming milestone – before getting down to the more serious business of SAFC. He […]

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Soapbox: supping in the rain

Wet, Wet, Wet. That’s how the Irish pre-season tour ended for Pete Sixsmith and assorted SAFC 24 Hour People. The black stuff appears to have offered some consolation… We suspected something was wrong when we spied a pair of cats walking hand in hand down the street, asking all and sundry if they knew where […]

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Soapbox: Sixer sees SAFC six-hitters shine

Athlone. The very name takes you back to old wireless sets and the crackly stations you found on them. Cows, fields, rain – they take me back to Europe. Pete Sixsmith enjoyed the lot, and caught a decent run-out for the Lads, a few jars of stout and real ale and a chance meeting with […]

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Soapbox: Ajax clean up, but new boys show polish

After an encouraging unbeaten run against opponents of mixed quality in Portugal, Ireland and England, SAFC came a cropper against Ajax, missed chances preventing us at least sharing the honours with a decent Dutch side. New faces figure strongly asPete Sixsmith identifies the silver lining… Home friendlies at the Stadium of Light are a bit […]

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Ha’way Sunderland against Charlton, hear Sixer’s words of wisdom and add your own

Jake: ‘make the Mackem army happy,

Forget the conspiracy theories in the Daily Mail’s report on our owners’ intentions. In fact, while the timing is rotten, […]

Sunderland vs Charlton Athletic at Wembley: let’s get it right this time

Jake: 'sunnier times for Sunderland AFC'. Click the image to reach Salut! Sunderland's home page

Charlton finished the League One season in style and ended up two places ahead of us, writes Monsieur Salut. Until […]

Sixer’s Portsmouth Soapbox: dogged, determined and disciplined as the Lads get to Wembley

Sixer'sSoapbox(featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……I said after the Southend game that I actually thought finishing 5th wasn’t such a bad thing, as […]

Sunderland bound for Wembley with nothing to fear from Charlton

Jake and and Jack capture the moment

Who would have thought? Wembley not once but twice and in the same season. Monsieur Salut is old enough to […]

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