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Sunderland pre-season: Sixer remembers a sad trip to Spain

Jake: 'so we didn't get Messi after all?'

Peter Sixsmith’s pre-season is well under way. He has already seen the Lads play at Darlington and the Development Squad at Tow Law and Consett. He has seen Bishop Auckland and Queens Park. That’s the well established Glasgow side and not the upstart Rangers from West London – surely the only team to be named […]

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Melanie Hill: flirting on the Fulwell, flirting on Coronation Street

melanie hill

From the YouTube account of Tt Mm Zz With hours to kill before we either stop up to catch coverage of Toronto vs SAFC, or just go to bed, here’s another bout of Summer Madness. Long ago, Salut! Sunderland ran a series of celebrity supporter interviews. Even longer ago, most of these had appeared in […]

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Supporting Manchester United, Arsenal, Barcelona or Melchester Rovers: OK wherever you’re from

Click me for a better view of the ingredients: geographical references to Jake, M Salut & Sixer, Malcolm Dawson and John McCormick

Malcolm Dawson, Salut! Sunderland‘s deputy editor, didn’t know quite what he was starting when he dredged up Monsieur Salut’s old guide to the criteria to be met before it became acceptable to support Sunderland, Manchester United or, for that matter, anyone else. It’s here – – with some great comments, new or posted when […]

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Summer Madness: the war over, a lifetime of supporting Sunderland began

Jake: 'this is the place where you find true support, unconditional commitment'

[Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums] This wonderful slice of nostalgia began life as A T – Alan – Hedley’s comment on the Summer Madness piece about criteria for qualifying as a supporter of this or that football club. It was so evocative of a different age that Salut! Sunderland has no hesitation in elevating […]

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Who do you support: what gives you the right?

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Malcolm Dawson writes….Summer Madness is the retrospective spot where we republish articles from days gone by. Well it helps to fill in time whilst we wait for the start of the new season. Pete Sixsmith and I are off to Tow Law this afternoon where the Development squad take on the Lawyers in a pre-season […]

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Summer Madness: an updated look at Sunderland’s foreign legionnaires

Jake: Were the press against him form the start?

Malcolm Dawson‘s revived series of reflections, first published in 2013, on the Good, Bad and Ugly among the foreign players he has seen in Sunderland colours has provided a fascinating summer distraction as we await news of more such signings, with maybe the odd Englishman thrown in. Here, our deputy editor updates the story to […]

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Summer Madness: good, bad and now the ugly of Sunderland’s foreign legion


Deputy Editor Malcolm Dawson’s series, reproduced from 2013, has tracked the Sunderland careers, long and short, of players from overseas. He has covered the Good, the Bad and now reaches the more bizarre foreign imports he characterises as the Ugly. Stand by for a history of mistakes, misdemeanours or anything else that came to mind […]

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Summer Madness: Sunderland’s foreign legion. Torre Andre Flo and other duds

Jake: 'this is the place where you find true support, unconditional commitment'

Scarcely a day goes by without Sunderland being linked to a foreign player. Until proper announcements are made, we have little idea of where rumour ends and fact begins. Deputy Editor Malcolm Dawson has seen it all before, albeit not in such numbers. Among them, there have been the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. […]

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Summer Madness: the good, bad and ugly of Sunderland’s foreign legion (part one)

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During the lull between seasons, where we peer through the mucky glass of the transfer window via the various speculations of the media,“Summer Madness”is the feature where we re-print articles from earlier times. Two years ago Deputy Editor Malcolm Dawson took a look at some of the overseas players who came to Sunderland AFC with […]

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Summer Madness: (1) on Man Utd being urged ‘forget our Man City Poznan’

Stephen Goldsmith: 'it may be summer but this is ridiculous'

Stephen Goldsmith, fondly remembered from this parish, unwittingly kicks off a series of Summer Madness retrospectives, good reads that deserve another airing. The choice of Goldy’s article from 2012 was prompted by a tweet from a MUFC fan explaining his jibe about Sunderland being relegated next May. It reflected his lingering anger at the Poznan […]

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For Sunderland, the only way is up – starting with Charlton Athletic

Jake's back - and so are  Charlton

Monsieur Salut writes: in just over two weeks, only Sunderland’s second season as far down as the third tier kicks […]

Wahbi Khazri: forget Saint-Etienne – you could have played at Grimsby tonight

Sunderland the Play in real life: wowing Parisian theatregoers**

As Sunderland rceord a first pre-season win, 1-0 at Grimsby, we also say farewell – or another one since he’s […]

Sixer’s Hartlepool Soapbox: bravo Benji, bravo (later) France, bad show Byrne’s boys

Margaret Byrne

Not so cool at the Pool, said Peter Sixsmith. Benji Kimpioka was cool, as were others of the young players […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Kimpioka spares the blushes to maintain a superb pre-season (for him)

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

The 2018-19 edition of Sixer’s Sevens, in which Pete Sixsmith or a super-sub sums up each Sunderland game in seven […]