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The Fawcett Saga: Hogmanay goes pear–shaped for Fergie and Mancini


Hilary Fawcett has proclaimed her admiration of Sir Alex Ferguson, whose many achievements include making everyone at Salut! Sunderland feel impossibly young. That doesn’t stop her taking a bit of pleasure, even before we saw off Mancini City, in the ruination of his 70th birthday party … (more…)

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‘Canny for a lass’. Football, Dylan and me


Let this be the first of many articles from Hilary Fawcett. The comment sections of Salut! Sunderland invariably look more elegant when our female readers weigh in with opinion on all things Sunderland AFC. As a huge fan of Bob Dylan as well as the club, Hilary would be furious if I were to say […]

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For Sunderland, the only way is up – starting with Charlton Athletic

Jake's back - and so are  Charlton

Monsieur Salut writes: in just over two weeks, only Sunderland’s second season as far down as the third tier kicks […]

Wahbi Khazri: forget Saint-Etienne – you could have played at Grimsby tonight

Sunderland the Play in real life: wowing Parisian theatregoers**

As Sunderland rceord a first pre-season win, 1-0 at Grimsby, we also say farewell – or another one since he’s […]

Sixer’s Hartlepool Soapbox: bravo Benji, bravo (later) France, bad show Byrne’s boys

Margaret Byrne

Not so cool at the Pool, said Peter Sixsmith. Benji Kimpioka was cool, as were others of the young players […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Kimpioka spares the blushes to maintain a superb pre-season (for him)

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

The 2018-19 edition of Sixer’s Sevens, in which Pete Sixsmith or a super-sub sums up each Sunderland game in seven […]