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Robson Report in colour: Cardiff’s Bluebirds breathe fire, Leeds yearn for past

The new Sunderland strips are out and we’ve got off lightly again. As Jeremy Robson put it yesterday, at least we still look like us It wasn’t always thus, but the abomination of the early 80s toothpaste tops is still insignificant compared to what Cardiff City fans have been asked to endure. Jeremy’s look at […]

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The Robson Report: Appreciating Mr Short

While Len Shackleton’s assessment of “what the average director knows about football” may be even truer now than it was in the ’50s,  Jeremy Robson is grateful to have our owner on board.   Like many other fans, I am feeling quite dizzy after the whirlwind start to Magic Martin’s start at the SoL. Amidst the hoopla associated […]

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The Robson Report: acclaiming – and understanding – Gary Speed

Long experience of coroners’ courts has persuaded Monsieur Salut that depression can afflict the most successful, normally intelligent of people. We do not yet know what drove Gary Speed to suicide. Jeremy Robson offers a little more than the sympathy everyone feels … Only Ryan Giggs and David James have played more games in the […]

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The Robson Report: Bruce makes Leeds and 1973 seem centuries ago

The Robson Report: Bruce makes Leeds and 1973 seem centuries ago

  Steve Bruce looked a broken man on Match of the Day. Some of the abuse lobbed at him, Salut! Sunderland believes, was unacceptable, but it had hit home. To a large degree, of course, he is the author of his present misfortune. Jeremy Robson, hardly a born again convert to the Bruce Out cause, […]

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The Robson Report: let Doncaster’s Billy Sharp personify football’s soul

Jeremy Robson Did John Terry mouth a racist insult in “conversation” with Anton Ferdinand, or was he merely enquiring as to whether Anton erroneously thought he had done so? A number of players insist that Terry is not a racist; the facts have yet to be determined. Billy Sharp’s gesture, however, needed no interpretation. Jeremy […]

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The Robson Report: killing football in ‘one foul swoop’

Every decent football supporter was outraged by the Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre’s repugnant call for changes to TV rights that would divert more and more money to a handful of “big” clubs. Jeremy Robson is surprised more attention was not given to another corporate threat to the national game, this time from Suits of […]

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Darren Bent: going, going ….

With M Salut still out of the country, Jeremy Robson is the first to comment on the surprising – and, for many of us, the very disappointing – news of Darren Bent’s transfer request.  He’s scored thirty odd goals in a season and a half. He has consistently presented himself as a good professional, and has this morning […]

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Merde alors! We haven’t quite finished with the French

Apologies instantly to Tony who, commenting on the last piece, thought one bite at la cerise of French football was already more than enough. Jeremy Robson, who clearly puts my stance on Evra, Anelka et al on a par with the way his ancestors regarded wicked coalowners, simply wouldn’t shut up. His thoughts are now […]

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The first time ever I saw your ground: Burton Albion and the Pirelli Stadium

Sixer'sSoapbox(featured image)

John McCormick writes Burton is one of those places you’re not likely to visit by accident if you live in […]

Burton Albion Who are You?: Brewers’ ‘Pieman’ says we can both beat relegation

Jake: 'let's be having you'

    Dave Child* is a fan of the old school. Burton Albion through and through – ‘who are Derby County?’, […]

Burton Albion vs SAFC Guess the Score: what could possibly go wrong?

Jake kicks off a new season of Guess the Score

Just look at the home and away table. Two wins, a draw and six defeats at home, nine goals scored […]

Sixer’s Aston Villa Soapbox: neither a bang nor a whimper

Jake: 'here's the one report you should read, Chris'

Chris Coleman is unlikely to see this at all and, should he accidentally find himself at this page, still less […]

Hutch’s one-word ratings after Aston Villa defeat: who was drab, who was ‘crablike’?

Jake: 'is it to be Coleman delivers?'

Monsieur Salut writes: had I been able to make it – up for me, from London – for Chris Coleman’s […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Aston Villa 2-1 SAFC. Coleman sees measure of his task

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

Pete Sixsmith saw Chris Coleman’s managership start in painfully familiar fashion, yet another bright start undone by yet another piece […]