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Wigan ‘Who are You?’: eating pies, fighting relegation, hailing Three Amigos

We’re going early with this week’s “Who are You?”. It would be easy to say this was because it is such an important match that it was high time to stop carping about what has made it so. The more humdrum reason: I’m away in Italy today and will have my work cut out on […]

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Birmingham City v SAFC: Bruce out, Villa down, says our Bluenose

Since Steve Bruce writes to us so often, he must be a regular reader and have seen the odd bit of praise and support as well as the brickbats. This one, though, is not for him: John Baker*, who runs a USA-based photographic tours company, is a Birmingham City fan with his own unflattering analysis […]

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SAFC v West Brom: a tale of two Kevs

We will all have found ways of trying to blot the memory of Sunday from our minds, but I was still thinking about the gruesome nature of our Eastlands capitulation when I went to Marseille last night, not for a Ligue 1 game but – as old folklies do – to see Joan Baez. What […]

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Man City v SAFC: Trautmann to Tevez – a true fan speaks

A “grand read”, said Pete Sixsmith of our Manchester City “Who are You?” interviewee’s replies to the Salut! Sunderland questions. “Shows the way that the vast majority of football supporters share the same emotion,” said Phil Johnson. “It was a delight to hear Peter Kelly’s views here. They were those of a proper football fan, […]

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Manchester City v SAFC: ‘what a difference all that dosh makes’

… the main difference being that you can now “see a man in blue passing to another man in blue”. Last season, I met a Manchester City fan on holiday in China and he kindly agreed to sit in the hot seat for a Who are You? questionnaire, which appeared just before what turned out […]

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Who are You? Mick Quinn’s divided Liverpool and Newcastle loyalties

Salut! Sunderland casts its net far and wide in search of interesting candidates for the Who are You? series. For today’s return to Premier action – Sunderland v Liverpool – we found Mick Quinn, who grew up on the Kop but had to play his football at downtrodden stadiums in places like Newcastle and Portsmouth. […]

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SAFC v Liverpool: boy from Kop who proudly wore Newcastle No 9

‘I’m the real Mighty Quinn’ The star in our Who Are You? hot seat ahead of the sell-out Sunderland v Liverpool clash on Sunday is Mick Quinn, interviewed by phone and text messages. Growing up in Liverpool, this Quinny supported the Reds from the Kop, but had to travel far afield to make a career […]

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Arsenal v SAFC: nothing to match Bergkamp – or the Roker Roar

Without wishing to start a civil war, we can safely state that when it comes to using the word Gooner, our second Arsenal “Who are You?” previewer, Tony Briggs*, does not quite see eye to eye with our first, Tom Watt. Tony describes himself as a “third generation Gooner” and proves, with his responses, to […]

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Dodgy award goes Stoke City’s way

Each month, if we remember, we make a modest award to the supporter of another club who has impressed most with his or her answers to the “Who are You?” questionnaire … Salut! Sunderland likes to cause the odd surprise. Looking back over the “Who are You?” contributions from opposing supporters in February, we were […]

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Who are You?: ‘Up the Arsenal, down with Gooners’

A few days ahead of Arsenal v SAFC, 5-0 against Orient has an ominous ring to it. Has life picked up again for the Gunners at just the wrong time for us? Our Arsenal previewer, the infuriatingly prolific writer, actor and broadcaster Tom Watt* certainly sounds like an optimist. When it comes to soaps, I’m […]

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Sunderland vs Charlton Athletic at Wembley: let’s get it right this time

Jake: 'sunnier times for Sunderland AFC'. Click the image to reach Salut! Sunderland's home page

Charlton finished the League One season in style and ended up two places ahead of us, writes Monsieur Salut. Until […]

Sixer’s Portsmouth Soapbox: dogged, determined and disciplined as the Lads get to Wembley

Sixer'sSoapbox(featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……I said after the Southend game that I actually thought finishing 5th wasn’t such a bad thing, as […]

Sunderland bound for Wembley with nothing to fear from Charlton

Jake and and Jack capture the moment

Who would have thought? Wembley not once but twice and in the same season. Monsieur Salut is old enough to […]

Sixer’s playoff Seven: Lads hold out for second trip to Wembley


Malcolm Dawson writes…….at half time Pete Sixsmith’s text was less than complimentary about our opponents who he feels reflect the […]

The Salut! Sunderland Haway awards: Peterborough, Wycombe, Rochdale and Bristol Rovers in the running

Jake: 'thanks to all who participate'. Click this image to see all of this season's interviews

It has become a bit of a stuck old gramophone record, Salut! Sunderland‘s pride in a tremendous season of Who […]

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