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Fixture list: Newcastle gone, our nearest to a derby, Middlesbrough, comes early

Two Worried Men

Pete Sixsmith, quick off the mark, has already booked one must-do trip of recent seasons – if I say the last but one was a match of eight goals and we scored none of them, you’ll get the drift – and is raring to go. Here he casts an eye over the fixtures for 2016-17 […]

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Talk about tough: Manchester City away to start, Chelsea away to finish

Jake: 'would winning the last four games just make us angrier?'

Once again, the fixtures list is not particularly kind to Sunderland. Very well, we all hope we won’t need points for anything other than European qualification at the end of the season, but Chelsea isn’t a great place to have to go if anything does depend on the outcome. And Man City away for the […]

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Sunderland’s retained list: Who’s yet to take a walk? Who’s yet to arrive at our doors?

Salut Banner4(featured image)

We know there’s a lot of rebuilding to do. We know we have some expensive players on our books who […]

Salut! Sunderland presents: The best goal I ever scored/never scored

Whimsy(featured image)

John McCormick writes: It was M Salut himself who got me going, but only after Malcolm had chipped in with […]

From Morecambe to Blackpool, Blackburn, Bolton and Bury, then Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere. It’s an Historic Lancashire Ramble

McCormick's Craic(featured image) full size 640 x 138

WordPress seems happier with Win7 than Win10, and a change of computer has let me add more content and repost […]

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