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Behind Enemy Lines: shaky Fulham sink shaky Forest

Jake's so far away in Spain, that the chances are he'll have to opt for square

Rob Hutchison, our man of single word player assessments took a trip to the north bank of the Thames last night to take in a not so sneak preview of our F.A. Cup opponents. Here’s what he saw – little to fear for a Premier League side he thinks but as we all know too […]

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Fulham Who are You?: ‘SAFC fans deserve better than constant relegation scraps’

Jake: 'back to Wembley?'

As a decent FA Cup run beckons for someone, we welcome back Russ Goldman*, a USA-based Fulham diehard adjusting to life without Premier League football and therefore without access to live televised games. Like SAFC, Fulham offer radio coverage – Barnes and Benno are a class act for us – but Russ admits it’s not […]

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SAFC vs Fulham Guess the Score rollover: back on the Wembley trail?

Jake says: 'have a go':

As regulars know, or should know, a rollover stops at two at Salut! Sunderland. We don’t want to annoy our sponsors, Personalised Football Gifts by having them pack threes and fours. But just in case we do get back to Wembley this season wouldn’t it be nice to have that pair of mugs as souvenirs […]

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Ordinary Jon’s extraordinary prediction: Sunderland to survive. Maybe. (Sorry Fulham, Cardiff, Norwich)

Fabio Borini - boom? Or bust?

M Salut writes: I find it slightly worrying that John McCormick has not yet produced one of his statistical projections showing how Sunderland will stay up. Silence speaks volumes? Ordinary Jon, aka Jon Adamson**, has been conducting an exercise of his own and finds reasons for hope as well as concern – concern that would […]

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The Chapman Report from Fulham: ‘most important hat-trick of my lifetime?”

not giving up

Once again, the ever-present Robert Chapman, snapped up in a Salut! Sunderland editorial swoop on the White Horse in Parsons Green, steps up to cover for Peter Sixsmith, who missed out on the bargain train fares and gave Fulham away a miss. He did see Shildon beat Consett 2-0 and doubtless was kept in touch […]

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Poyetry in Motion: Johnson the key at Fulham

Jake: My oh my!

Earlier this week Gus Poyet, in his post-Man Utd e-mail, identified the arrival of Adam Johnson, our purchase from Manchester’s stronger club, as the match-changing moment of a heartening cup victory. That was just a harbinger of an even better performance from the man of the moment. Dear Colin, It’s difficult to compare this to […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Fulham 1 Sunderland 4 – a hat trick and off the bottom

Jake recaptures that hat trick by the man whose underuse puzzles Wrinkly Pete

Pete Sixsmith doesn’t always go to London games and he wasn’t there today. Won’t he be unhappy with his decision! Here’s his substitute Bob Chapman’s seven word verdict on a win that sees us move off the bottom, and if you want to quibble with the use of the word hatrick just think how long […]

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Fulham vs Sunderland Guess the Score: when cups fade into relative insignificance

Guess the Score

No fanfare, no fuss, no prize. You can bid for Eric Bowers’s Salut! Sunderland in a charity auction at another post – West Ham gone, Man Utd faltering. Forget formalities: Man City-SAFC final – but this is the just-for-fun Guess the Score for Fulham vs SAFC. (more…)

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Fulham vs Sunderland ‘Who are You?’: super Steed, gunman winger, impressive Poyet


Dan Crawford* is a sportswriter, Fulham supporter, Labour councillor (‘when will my bins be emptied?’) and commissioning editor of the Cottagers’ Hammyend.com fan site. It’s a good read for proper fans of any football club … (more…)

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The Salut! Sunderland Podcast: the Fulham one that nearly got away

See you next season!

Mea culpa, penitent stool, abject apologies … guess what we clean forgot to post last week? Our much-feted podcast duo, Stephen Goldsmith and Gareth Barker, meant to send Monsieur Salut the file but didn’t. M Salut, weighed down by work and domestic duty, neglected to chase them. What’s the point, you may well now ask, […]

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Salut! Sunderland’s ‘state of the club’ poll closes tonight

Just a few of Jake's generic Salut! Sunderland images ...

The poll has had a good run and will close roughly 12 hours from now as I start writing, that […]

The Championship cometh: we start with Derby, end with Wolverhampton

Pete Sixsmith: reflects on the comic opera that is SAFC

Monsieur Salut writes: so now we know the who and the when of our Championship opponents for the coming season. […]

Our poll hammers Short and Bain. But there is another Sunderland viewpoint

Salut Banner2(featured image)

Salut! Sunderland is always anxious to present the other side of a contentious story. We cannot pretend to know much […]

Already given up on SAFC promotion? Have your say in our poll

... through the Championship, we're on our way?

Even before the lamentable SAFC club statement on the bleak farce of the supposed attempts to sign a manager, Pete […]

Sunderland AFC: truly a wretched state of affairs

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Monsieur Salut writes: in case anyone wondered why Derek McInnes, and frankly any other self-respecting candidate for the long-vacant position […]

Sixer Says: the comic opera that is SAFC just now

Pete Sixsmith sees the clouds looming on Teesside

Malcolm Dawson writes……..David Moyes might have been lured to the North East with false promises about a year ago but […]