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Poyetry in Motion from Aston Villa: ‘only thing missing was a goal’

what did he say?'

In his post-match e-mail, Gus Poyet applauds a solid team performance, rues the great missed chance and hails John O’Shea’s insistence on seeing out the 0-0 draw at Villa Park with a groin injury … Dear Colin, Of course we will take the point but we did want three and we were playing for three. […]

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Sixer’s Stoke City Soapbox: no joy as Brown sees red


Wedgewood and Minton, Doulton, Moorcroft and Twyford. All names associated with the Potteries. Now after his performance at the Britannia we can add Kevin Friend’s name to the list. Not so much pottery but potty. His decision to show Brown a red has been widely criticised by all and sundry – though maybe not Mark […]

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Birflatt Boy gives Sunderland’s recruitment policy Short shrift.


It’s fair to say that recent results have brought about increased hope in the minds of Sunderland supporters the world over. We know there’s still a long way to go if the club is to get out of the mess in which it finds itself but where, only a few short weeks ago, there was […]

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Manchester City, Meatloaf and memories of the Glorious Fallen


In the week after the derby I kept conjuring up a mental image of Meatloaf riding an elephant. Totally incorrect, of course, everyone knows Micky Dolenz, who found fame with the Monkees and thus gave us “Cheer up Peter Reid”, was the original circus boy. As Reidy had left years earlier it’s anyone’s guess as […]

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Poyetry in Motion: SAFC v Manchester City ‘a massive win, fans outstanding’

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Gus Poyet just goes on and on in his post-match e-mail. But why not? He has, after all, led his inherited squad to three successive home wins. This was a mighty one, even if beating Man City 1-0 at home is something we have to expect. It was won with a great performance – from […]

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Poyetry in Motion: Saints alive – Sunderland win!

Jake wonders whether we're doing a Wigan, bound for cup glory - and the Championship

In his post match e-mail Gus Poyet praises his team for getting more right than they got wrong. We all know it is a work in progress but he seems happy enough, seeing some improvement in the application of his philosophy whilst not ignoring the weaknesses he saw against the Saints. At least that’s what […]

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The Lars Word: as the screaming subsides, beware the late-night Beretta

Lars Knutsen - Wearside through and through

In his first article here after a spell of stunned silence, Lars Knutsen reflects on a heady weekend and contrasts the styles of the successive head coaches … (more…)

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Poyetry in Motion: beating Newcastle with ‘effort, tension, nerves and some enjoyment’

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Gus Poyet does not like to be told, as he has been, that winning today was all that mattered to Sunderland. Happy as he is for the players and the fans, he wants a repeat performance and another win next weekend, at Hull. Today was a start; we need to build on it … (more…)

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He’s served Sunderland well but is it time for Kevin Ball to leave?


John McCormick is among Kevin Ball’s admirers. But, as Gus Poyet sets about the mammoth task of saving Sunderland AFC from relegation and Ellis Short ponders the club structure from top to bottom, he argues that the time may have come for Bally to move on. Not everyone will agree … (more…)

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Unfazed by England vs Montenegro? Catch the Salut! Sunderland podcast instead

See you next season!

Right, we all – or most of us – probably hope for a decent result in the World Cup England vs Montenegro qualifier. In case this helps encourage interest, Jimmy Montgomery, Colin Todd and Kevin Phillips are likely to start – or so it said in Monsieur Salut’s dreams. Equally, as lot of us – […]

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Sunderland vs Portsmouth Who are You? ‘We should be runaway favourites by now’

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Monsieur Salut writes: Peter Allen is my very good pal and partner-in-crime (if that’s the right way to describe our […]

Sunderland vs Portsmouth: a question of points no longer in our hands

He's not in a good mood so no size this time. Click the image to have a go anyway

Even as I wrote last week that we would remain masters of our destiny and go up automatically provided we […]

Sixer’s Soapbox: Peterborough make their point against Sunderland

Soapbox black

John McCormick is editing this in Liverpool, where one of the clubs could win the Champions League, not to mention […]

Sixer’s Peterborough sevens. Bitterly disappointing

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

Is there another twist to come? With only two or three games left time is not on our side, and […]

Sunderland vs Portsmouth ‘Who are You?’: a buildup that began in December

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THIS interview, from just before our 3-1 defeat at Fratton Park in December, was among many items lost when the […]

Jim Baxter: Dave Parnaby’s Appreciation

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Pete Sixsmith provides the introduction to today’s guest: Dave Parnaby is a Kelloe lad who started following Sunderland in the […]

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