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SAFC v Peterborough United: a non-revolutionary, post-PDC Guess the Score

Srirtign before the sacking, Jake said: 'If it goes tits up against this mob I reckon Paolo may find himself wearing a concrete overcoat..'

Whether the revolution is over or on hold, just waiting for a new leader, there’s business to be done. Kevin Ball has passion and knowledge, commands respect and does his level best. No one could prepare players better than he’ll be doing for the third round Capital One cup game against Peterborough. You’d want him […]

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SAFC vs Peterborough Who are You?: ‘it’ll soon be a league fixture’

Jake wants answers: see how good this series has been in League One by clicking on the image

Amid all this turmoil, there’s work to be done. It falls to Kevin Ball to drum up enthusiasm among the rebellious waifs and strays left behind by the PDC whirlwind. If anyone can do it, surely it’s Bally who somehow produced a home win, the only one of the season, as caretaker manager when we […]

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From Stoke to Sunderland, Burnley to Peterborough, here’s to the travelling fans

Martin O’Neill said it: It’s delightful to get the three points on the board as they are very important to us and it’s a great win for all of the fans who travelled down to watch us play. We have given them something to cheer about on the way home. (more…)

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Peterborough Utd v Sunderland: Hoping We Can Cosh the Posh

FA Cup fever hits Salut as Pete Sixsmith dredges through his memory bank to remember a cup run from long ago. A similar scoreline for the red and whites would entertain the ITV viewers on Sunday afternoon. It’s a real pleasure to get to a place that we don’t often visit for a Third Round […]

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The Peterborough Who are You?: ‘beat Sunderland, Liverpool next please’

terry bly

Sunderland’s involvement in the early stages of the FA Cup or Carling Cup far too often sees us massively underperform. We all hope this time for a nice little run to go with some upward movement in the Premier League table that the wonderful win over Man City signalled. Robert Graves*, not from the Dead […]

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Another team I like: (1) Peterborough United

Probably everyone has another team they’re fond of. Most regulars to these pages live, breathe, love Sunderland AFC. Some of us would not dream of having a “second club”. But there are equally loyal fans do who have such a thing in their lives, and indeed third or fourth clubs, too, and many of the […]

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An evening with Nyron and helping hands for a Sunderland school and the fans’ museum

Nyron in a hat

Roy Keane famously said the less time Nyron Nosworthy spent on the ball, the better for all concerned. He was […]

Rambling through Accrington, Coventry and Ipswich to Lincoln. How do Sunderland’s rivals shape up financially?

McCormick's Craic(featured image) full size 640 x 138

League One comprises 24 clubs. Three of them, Bury, Bolton and Blackpool, are entering, exiting or plodging in the clarts […]

Simon Grayson, Steve Bruce, Ahmed Elmohamady, David Meyler, Paul McShane: a Hull of a connection

From_Our_Archives_featured _image

John McCormick writes Did we get rid of Simon Grayson too early? There are some stats that say we could […]

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