Catts out, gooch out, mcgeoch out of his depth, ditto nien, honeyman out of form.

Malcolm Dawson, deputy editor, compares and contrasts Sunderland AFC’s encouraging progress on and off the field with some less positive thoughts remembered from one contributor to Comments at Salut! Sunderland earlier in the season …

On the last day of September, as the big ship was sailing on the alley alley o, Brian one of our more recent and regular contributors to the comments sections of our match reports posted the above (I quote as written).

This was just one sentence of his assessment of the situation at the club, which led Pete Sixsmith to decide he was a closet Mag, come to make fun on a website dedicated to SAFC, a claim which our friend Brian vehemently denied.

Further examples of Brian’s views on the way things have been going since the change of ownership, the quality of the players on view and Jack Ross’s management skills were (again as written):

No doubt I will reap the scorn of the ross sycophants but seriously his summer recruitment demands questiond be asked of his optician. Baldwin and mcglaughlin seem to be the only 2 who have slipped into the squad and maintain a desired level of performance . The rest are sicknotes, football bipolars or just not good enough.

When you arent good enough for this league then god help us.

Supporters are giving him a free pass blaming the previous 2 seasons for where we are.

Ellis short has left us debt free in a league where a 3000 home gate puts you in an elite group. Our stand out players are those ross inherited. Its a dream job that he seems to be daydreaming through.

We need a proper manager..soon . 

Jack Ross is he too nice for English football?

We are sleepwalking to mid table obscurity with this bloke.
I am sure He is very nice and in some circles very cerebral in a football sort of way.
Wyke and sinclair are sicknotes and why in the hell we bolstered our very thin ranks with these 2 is baffling.
Mcgeoch is out of his depth and very very injury prone.
Loovens was always slow, is now slower and also injury prone. gods.
James..another lauded player who is also a sicknote.
Take away baldwin and mcgloughlin and one shakes ones head at ross’s recruitment.
Di fantiesque?? Ie lots of cheap and nasty shoite on the books.b

Sorry for not being a member of sunderland sycophant society.
If you cant see a pattern emerging and teams already wising up then more fool you.
Every man and his dog acknowledges that we should be walking this league but ross seems too insipid to change leaving players to their own devices and so we fall for a sucker punch each game.
We are pussy cats at dead ball situations and we dont fight fire with fire.
I realise we are should be in awe of ross but I dont get the misplaced adulation.
I say it as I see it and I see more clouds than silver linings.
We dont have a settled resilient defence. It is characterised by slowness and sicknotes. If you are not tight and uncompromising at the back you will pay the price. Right now other than baldwin and mcgloughlin wr are powderpuff

Failed to impress our Brian in September.

Why is it the likes of bowyer and barton appear to be able to make their players play like men possessed from the get go and hours come out of the tunnel with all the verve of a cheech and chong sketch?
Some observers would have us believe ross is a maater motivator and an apprentice Ferguson.
Other than maybe baldwin and McLaughlin the other incomings are sicknotes or crap.For all their talk maguire and power are loose cannons doing their utmost to curry favour with the fans via social media instead of letting their football do the talking.
We have the biggest and best squad we are told by our owners and other clubs alike. Why are we not doing more with it? Are some of the players too complacent?
Is ross too nice for english football?

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and here at Salut! Sunderland we welcome the views of all, as long as they refrain from being crude or in contravention of what is legal, but our friend Brian has been noticeable by his absence for the past few weeks. Where are you marra? How do you see things now? Do you perhaps concede that those of us you dubbed Sunderland sycophants could see progress at the club which was reflective of the financial state it was in and that we had a manager and a recruitment team that were responding to the level of football we are at?

To be fair to Brian he also posted the following after the Rochdale game:

A good response from the game last week.
Lets hope we can replicate it against proper teams

Still a Teeside Mackem

A few years back now, we were frequently visited by a Boro fan who named himself Smoggie and delighted in trying to wind us up. Smoggie was not in the best of health but we are told loved coming on here to pass comment. He was at the Stadium of Light to see the Boro win just days before he passed away and was able to wind us up one last time. He is sadly missed.

Where are you Brian? Are you OK? If so are you any happier about how things are developing?

If as you said in response to Pete’s jibe:

I started supportimg safc long begore you developed your sparkling repartee. 

I think we all know there is still a way to go to get the club back in the big time and that should we get back in the Championship, things will need to happen to ensure further progression, but for now surely even you must be enjoying the ride that is League 1 and the way this team is battling and getting results but do you still maintain

I dont l8ke what I see and I have seen it so many times before. If you choose to swallow the latest crud then more fool you.?

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Born in Hetton le Hole, deputy editor Malcolm Dawson's first game at Roker Park was the three all draw with Leicester City at the beginning of the 64-65 season. Having spent more than thirty years living in the East Midlands, he was Chairman and Information Officer of the Heart of England Branch of the Supporters' Association but has now returned to live in County Durham.

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  1. David October 25, 2018 at 5:25 pm #

    I am Brian.

    • Spartacus October 25, 2018 at 5:56 pm #

      No I’m Brian!

  2. Tufty October 25, 2018 at 7:19 pm #

    Just goes to show, what you say online can come back to bite you.

  3. John Mac October 25, 2018 at 10:08 pm #

    It looks like Brian got some things wrong. Hey ho

    When Wyke racks up nine goals in his next 11 games and Loovens and Ozturk are commanding the back line maybe we’ll tell him he got everything wrong.

    I suspect we won’t be saying it soon.

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