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Birflatt Boy gives Sunderland’s recruitment policy Short shrift.


It’s fair to say that recent results have brought about increased hope in the minds of Sunderland supporters the world over. We know there’s still a long way to go if the club is to get out of the mess in which it finds itself but where, only a few short weeks ago, there was […]

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Sixer’s Soapbox: lots to enjoy – but then we had to watch the match!


Malcolm Dawson writes…with Halloween just gone it may have been assumed that the time for waking nightmares had passed, but the visit to Hull proved it hadn’t and with Guy Fawkes night fast approaching, provided Sunderland fans with a pair of dummies to throw on the metaphorical bonfire. Listening to Gary Bennett’s increasing frustration as […]

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Poyetry in Motion: plenty to be proud of

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

In his post match e-mail the manager concentrates on the second half, finding plenty to admire in his nine man team. What he thinks of the first forty five minutes and the actions of the missing two he doesn’t say. I’m pretty sure he’s thinking the same as the rest of us but unlike the […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Hull City 1 SAFC 0: Sunderland architects of their own downfall


When you’re one down and your goalkeeper is injured in the first half, limiting the manager’s options to change things from the bench, the last thing you need is for one of your senior players to slip back into old habits and get himself sent off for a needless and reckless challenge in the middle […]

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Wear/Tyne derby day memories from the red and white van man

Jake asks the Lads - ours - to get the season started, just nine games in

Ellie McKeown who works for the local news website Sky Tyne and Wear, has sent us this link to an article and video of Seaham based Sunderland supporter Paul Welch who has gone to some lengths to show his passion for SAFC in the run up to tomorrow’s vital (when is it not vital?) derby […]

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Sixer’s Man Utd Soapbox: De Gea de difference

Jake's stylishly irresistible invitation

Malcolm Dawson writes…in all honesty I’m not sure many of us in our heart of hearts expected a win but as always most of us will have wished for a performance that would produce an upset. We always go in hope, even when we don’t go in expectation and for a while on Saturday, it […]

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Gambles’ Rambles: raging against the machine (part 2)

Jake, SAFC and Salut

Ken Gambles is a man with a spleen to vent. In part one of his rage against the people in power, he took issue with the FA and the media. This time around he goes global taking FIFA to task and the media again, for what he sees as its influence over the events of […]

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Gambles’ Rambles: raging against the Premiership machine (part 1)

Another Tony Roffe/Jake collaboration: but do you need to be born in its shadow to support SAFC?

Arsenal fans have their own conspiracy theory so why should we be any different? In the first part of a rant, begun before the upheaval of last weekend, Ken Gambles has a go at the “Old Boys Network” of the F.A. and the mainstream media. Is there, as he suspects, a concerted ganging up against […]

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Sixer’s Peterborough Soapbox: relief all round as Cats purr their way to victory

Jake's own three-word verdict: 'Ooh, Bally, Bally'

The atmosphere around the Stadium of Light last night was not that of a club in crisis writes Malcolm Dawson. Mind you when I arrived outside the ground an hour before kick off it was obviously typical of a League Cup fixture – quieter than Bishop Auckland on a Friday night when the bouncers outside […]

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Bally’s Backchat: pleasing performance against The Posh

Srirtign before the sacking, Jake said: 'If it goes tits up against this mob I reckon Paolo may find himself wearing a concrete overcoat..'

Malcolm Dawson writes: We have become used to our various managers’ post match e-mails focusing on the positives in defeat. After a weekend of turmoil caretaker boss Kevin Ball takes care to emphasise the positives in victory and in stark contrast to his recently departed predecessor, picks out one or two individuals for special praise. […]

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Sixer’s Sevens. Sunderland 5 Tranmere Rovers 0. Can’t be bad!

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

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A View From the Avenue: the Sunderland ‘shambles’ Parkinson must put right

Salut Banner3(featured image)

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Sunderland vs Tranmere Rovers: hoping for that delayed new manager bounce

Click on the image above, post your scoreline prediction and - whoever you support - you may win a prize

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Sixer’s Sevens from Wycombe (or Prague): anywhere to avoid seeing another SAFC stumble


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The Chapman Report from Wycombe: ‘so lacking in threat that with Ross, it would have turned nasty’

The Chapman ReportNO PIC

Monsieur Salut writes: abject apologies to all our readers. A technical issue shut us down for a while but we […]

Parkinson’s lore: Pete Sixsmith welcomes another new manager

Salut Banner3(featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes…….As I was tucking into my porridge and blueberries this morning, I received an e-mail from Pete Sixsmith […]

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