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Jordan Henderson: after Chelsea glory, the Wembley grounding

We cannot really be sure what to think about those five out of 10s in this morning’s England match reports, or the barbed “not quite ready” remarks on one debutant’s individual performance in a poor team performance. Maybe we should just be quietly content; we know how good Jordan Henderson is and it’ll do Sunderland […]

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Luke’s World: The Chelsea Power Show

It’s often said that being a Sunderland supporter is never dull.  Just when we might have thought we were heading for a straightforward, mid-table finish, we have the low of Newcastle followed by the high of Chelsea.  Luke Harvey reflects on an amazing fortnight, and applauds our players’ resilience in bouncing back.   I could write reams and reams on my emotions […]

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Luke’s Blackburn World: truly, truly awful

No goals, no great creativity, precious few thrills – and yet they’re queueing up to say what they think. First Monsieur Salut! with his immediate post-match thoughts, later Pete Sixsmith will doubtless tell us the highlight of his evening occurred on the other side of the Pennines long before kickoff. Between those two grumps, let’s […]

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Luke’s World: so have we acquired a new Lee Cattermole?

It would be unrealistic to draw from two card-free performances the notion that Lee Cattermole will not see yellow again relatively soon, and red again some time thereafter. For now, Luke Harvey is happy to salute a much-criticised character for trying to set his house in order … As Sunderland left the field with a […]

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A mate’s death in combat made Sunderland’s season less important

Luke Harvey – pictured below – renews his acquaintance with these pages with his first Luke’s World contribution for some time. With good reason has there been a gap: Luke gets round to football but first explains his recent silence. The explanation is brief, to the point and reminds us of priorities. The posting first […]

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Luke’s World: putting football into perspective

Now to be found at this linkLuke Harvey renews his acquaintance with these pages, but first offers a solemn and moving explanation for his absence …

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Luke’s world: banish Benfica blues – see our fantasy England team

AND come back later today for our Eric Roy interview Here would be as good a place as any for people to post their thoughts on Benfica 2 Sunderland 0. The official club site’s stuttering text coverage had us playing some good stuff at times, though we were often second best. Consolation for two Sunderland […]

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Luke’s world: are the French just firing Blancs?

Luke Harvey believes the one-match ban on French players for their playground tantrum in South Africa is both ineffectual and, by punishing the (possibly) innocent, unfair. The truth remains confused: the French sports minister spoke of the bullies and the meek but players who have spoken publicly insist everyone was up for the strike with […]

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Luke’s World Cup: roll on 2014

Almost done in South Africa but it seems an awful long time since England were still involved. Luke Harvey tries to look forward four years to the next World Cup and wonders where our version of Mesut Ozil might come from … Salut! Sunderland’s World Cup coverage has betrayed an uncanny resemblance to Christmas day […]

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Who’d be the most hated man in England?

How do we choose the next England manager? We no longer turn to a committee of octogenarian football administrators, but there are always the sports editors of the tabloid press, TV pundits and Glenn Hoddle’s spiritual healer. And if they can’t help, says Luke Harvey, we could do better than consult ancient Chinese history … […]

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The end of an era. Salut! Sunderland’s journey will soon be over

Jake: 'this is the place where you find true support, unconditional commitment'


Salut! Sunderland’s 13 years and Sunderland’s 13 managers: (1) Keano

sixer says(stripes)

As Salut! Sunderland winds down, Pete Sixsmith comes up with an idea to keep us occupied in our remaining weeks. […]

Wycombe, Oxford, Coventry and Fleetwood intrude. But what about Peterborough, Rotherham, Doncaster and Portsmouth?

McCormick's Craic(featured image) full size 640 x 138

Another international weekend with Sunderland players called up. You might wonder how, given that we’re a League One club and […]

Sixer’s Scunthorpe Sevens. Sunderland ironed flat


Pete Sixsmith sent a bonfire night seven word text concerning the probability that we wouldn’t be making a trip to […]

Not quite viral (2): a small world mourns Salut! Sunderland’s demise

Another of Jake's Salut! banners

Monsieur Salut writes: as the world now knows, Salut! Sunderland’s days are numbered. If you missed the news, it’s here: […]

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