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Pure Poyetry: new shape, new style but no points at Spurs

Jake: ''oh Danny boy! But dont forget Fletch's miss either'

Malcolm Dawson writes……the overall feeling amongst the Sunderland fraternity is that Jermain Defoe will bring a new dimension to a side that lacks pace. He also brings a goal scoring pedigree but the question being asked was how would Gus fit him into his style of play. The manager has been coming in for some […]

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Pure Poyetry: ref inspires team to up their game against Liverpool

Jake: 'when your secret weapon is Danny Graham you know you're in trouble'

Malcolm Dawson writes……a few problems with the website server has delayed us passing on the contents of Senor Poyet’s post match e-mail to M Salut but we’re here now – better late than never. Now I’m no Hercule Poirot but I detect a few grumblings and mumblings amongst our regular readers and a growing discontent […]

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Pure Poyetry: ‘at least we got there’

Jake: 'through, but only just'

John McCormick writes: Some days, you think “I wish I’d been there”. I don’t think that fits today, judging by the Radio Newcastle commentary which I listened to and the personal letter from the manager to M Salut, which I recently read: (more…)

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Pure Poyetry: Citeh 3 Sunderland 2. On balance…..:

what did he say?'

John McCormick writes. It’s a bank holiday, so no post delivered. Never mind, after the match Gus went out of his way to drop in a hand-written note to M Salut, and possibly some other supporters. This is what it said: (more…)

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Pure Poyetry: Gus’s well worn record from Villa Park

Jake says you are now entering a goal free zone

Malcolm Dawson writes…..More of the same from Gus today in his e-mail to M Salut and the rest of the world. It’s another case of cut and paste as the pundits were proved right for once. “This game has 0-0 written all over it” they said and that’s how it finished up. That’s five points […]

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Pure Poyetry: Sunderland 1 Hull City 3 – We need to (get a) move on


John McCormick writes: I was optimistic about this game until I read a facebook post from my niece saying that she was in the pub prior to the game. I thought she’d been barred because of her effect on the team. I did offer her my spare ticket for the Stoke game but she couldn’t […]

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Pure Poyetry from Newcastle 0-1 Sunderland: ‘some moments are special’

what did he say?'

Gus Poyet rightly hails a fabulous winner and a grand team performance. He cannot quite share our tribal passion but he gets it! Read his post-match e-mail to Monsieur Saliut, and a few other delirious fans, and feel his joy … (more…)

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Pure Poyetry from SAFC v West Ham: solid, improving but still not winning

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Malcolm Dawson writes…..the first outings for my thermals today and they meant I could more or less enjoy the game. Sixer and I speculated on the walk from car to ground why Gus might have preferred Jozy to Norman Stanley and felt it might have been a strategy to nullify the threat of the pony […]

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Pure Poyetry from Liverpool: Cats secure Anfield draw

Jake: 'phew! ..But the Lads did well'

Malcolm Dawson writes…..last Saturday afternoon, on my way to the Stadium of Light, I gazed out over Roker beach at a sea that was a deep shade of battleship grey. It seemed appropriate with the week ahead. Although like all fans I live in hope, the little nagging voice of realism was telling me that […]

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Pure Poyetry on the Manchester City defeat: a simple recognition of reality

Jake: 'let's hope we can still trust in Gus'

When you are beaten as comprehensively as at the Stadium of Light last night, there is no point in looking for excuses. Man City were much, much too good for us. Gus Poyet saw that and knows his job is to avoid demoralisation affecting the approach to another tough task, Liverpool away on Saturday. Here’s […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Rotherham earn a point as Sunderland miss a penalty.

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

It was almost half-time when I realised Pete Sixsmith had not checked in from the Stadium of Light. That’s almost […]

Sunderland – Middlesbrough U21: Sixer’s Smoggy Snapshot

SOAPBOX (featured image)

Here’s a quick warm up for tonight’s main event. Another game against another Yorkshire club. Not as important, perhaps, but […]

Sunderland vs Rotherham United. A big game, make it a big result for SAFC

Click Jake's image to enter

A good result at Accrington Stanley propelled Sunderland back into the top six. Isn’t the mark of a successful side […]

Salut Sunderland Accrington Stanley Match Report


News Now does not appear to be picking up many of our recent posts, including Peter Sixsmith’s latest report from […]

Sixer’s Accrington Stanley Soapbox:Wham! Bam! Thank you Stan!

SOAPBOX (featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……what a contrast between yesterday and my previous visit to The Wham Stadium. Less than twelve months ago […]

Sixer’s Accrington Sevens: when the result matters and the team delivers it’s a good day, despite…


Pete Sixsmith gives us value for money on yet another trip across the Pennines. He sent a pre-match text telling […]

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