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Soapbox: just when you thought it was safe…..

In Abu Dhabi, the match fell off the edge of the Showtime Sports channels and appeared on Showtime Comedy. It gave me few laughs. Pete Sixsmith could easily have blamed Mike Riley’s extremely harsh penalty award – TV replays cannot seem to decide if there was contact at all – or indeed his predictable failure […]

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Soapbox: apologise for what?

After our spoof apology the other day, Pete Sixsmith thinks another is due. To him, for any suggestion that he may have gone over the top in his earlier criticisms of Sunderland preparations and performances In my life, I can think of many things that I should apologise for. Yes, Mr Newby, it was me […]

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Soapbox: three in a row

**** SUNDERLAND AFC: an apology **** In common with “Marty E”, Pete Horan, Colin Randall and thousands of other SAFC fans, Pete Sixsmith may have given the impression that he believed he had pledged his allegiance to a team of honest no-hopers led by a tactically clueless Corkman and bound inexorably for yet another relegation. […]

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Soapbox: maybe it’s because I’m not a Londoner

How do you get Boris Johnson, the Duke of Edinburgh, Tommy Trinder and camel beauty pageants into the same posting to a football website? By getting Pete Sixsmith to preview Fulham v Sunderland, that’s how A big weekend looms. End of school term on Friday (two weeks holiday – mmmmm…..), Grand National on Saturday and […]

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Soapbox: somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high/There’s a land that I heard of/Once in a lullaby……..well perhaps the something Judy Garland had in mind wasn’t 13th top for a day. The humiliation of Spurs by the Mags may have knocked us back a place, but that cannot dampen the spirits of Pete Sixsmith, who also has rare praise for […]

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Soapbox: Sunderland oddities – and a competition

Pete Sixsmith extols the virtues of coach travel for awaydays and sets a few quiz questions. The first reader to answer them correctly wins a copy of Hazey’s book* For many years I travelled to away games by car or train and used the coach only in exceptional circumstances. However, the rising cost of diesel, […]

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Soapbox: what a relief

No one is getting carried away. We remain eminently relegatable. But those three points were magical, especially after Howard Webb had done his best to vindicate Roy Keane’s remarks about a refereeing conspiracy against us/him. Pete Sixsmith is certainly happier than he has been of late…… As we came away from Kenilworth Road on a […]

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Soapbox: they don’t make Easter like they used to

Hot cross buns, church on Sunday, chocolate eggs to hunt in the garden? Not exactly. Pete Sixsmith, while sharing the hope that this weekend should bring our first away goals of 2008 (and more than Villa can score), reflects on other Easter traditions, sadly no more than a memory It’s a disappointing Easter holiday this […]

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Soapbox: fine words butter no parsnips

Pete Sixsmith welcomes the praise heaped on the Lads for their spirited peformance against Chelsea, but sternly reminds us that we still lost and are now deep in trouble Not a phrase that is used very much nowadays. In fact, the only people I have heard it from are Captain Mainwaring in Dad’s Army and […]

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Soapbox: why I don’t like Chelsea

Anyone who followed my link to the Chelsea FC Blog will know Blues fans were already feeling demonised enough without Pete Sixsmith seeing the need to share cruel memories of encounters with nastier fringes of football support. Meanwhile in Abu Dhabi, Salut! Sunderland perhaps allowed itself to become so confident about the game that colleagues […]

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Sixer’s Soapbox. Bolton Wanderers 1, Sunderland 1. Why am I not surprised?

Soapbox black

John McCormick writes: Two seasons ago I was at Bolton to witness a torrid game, where we could not neither […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Bolton Wanderers and grand larceny of the highest order


Malcolm Dawson writes: However you look at it, this was a poor day in Lancashire. Gary Bennett was not happy. […]

Benefactors or men with a motive as a takeover looms?

Salut Banner3(featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes…….I am due to fly to Venice soon but my flights are booked with Ryanair, whose pilots have […]

Bolton Wanderers vs Sunderland. Wanted: another winning trip across the Pennines

Guess the score

Just for fun, we have taken to saying about our regular slot inviting readers to predict Sunderland scorelines, says Monsieur […]

Should’ve, Could’ve, Might’ve: Sunderland v Rotherham from sublime to ridiculous

View From The West Stand (featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……..others I know will not share my opinions, but as I’ve got older I believe I have developed […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Rotherham earn a point as Sunderland miss a penalty.

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

It was almost half-time when I realised Pete Sixsmith had not checked in from the Stadium of Light. That’s almost […]

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