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Sunderland vs West Bromwich ‘Who are You?’: season comes down to this

Jake's images brighten these pages

OK, it doesn’t precisely come down ONLY to this. We can lose and even fail to win on Sunday but still stay up. We could lose both games and stay up provided Norwich failed to beat Arsenal. But please, Lads, be sufficiently composed and clinical on Wednesday to ensure the happy ending to the football […]

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The Manchester United Who are You?: (2) ‘tremendous respect for Sunderland’

Jake: 'come on Lads. Make every Mackem's day'

The first part of the MUFC vs SAFC ‘Who are You?’ appeared yesterday – – with Pete Molyneux* telling us about that Ta Ra Fergie banner protest of his, back in 1989. United had gone five minutes, maybe even six, without winning, so he had good reason to be cross. He later mellowed and […]

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Manchester United vs Sunderland ‘Who are You?’: (1) the Ta Ra Fergie man

a chance for Posh fans to have their say

Colin Randall writes: Pete Molyneux** is a Manchester United fan with form. Cast your minds back to 1989. Pete was fed up. Now we think we know all about Being Fed Up. It has a different meaning among United fans – they’d lost a home game, for heaven’s sake – but Pete felt it all […]

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Sunderland vs Cardiff ‘Who are You?’: on Tan, Malky, Ole and relegation

Jake: 'banned word or not, it's what we've got at last'

Phillip Nifield seems a decent character. He and Monsieur Salut pursued the same, now dying trade; he found life after newspapers so must remember to send a begging letter. But he’s always been a Cardiff fan, with lots of memories as you’ll soon see. Surely he’d be grudgingly happy for us to win. Surely we […]

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Chelsea vs SAFC ‘Who are You?’: falldown Torres, Liverpool’s media love-in and Gus

This is what Jake urged ... and he was right, with crucial help towards the end of the season from Giaccherini

In my ESPN report – – on the spirited draw at the Etihad, I wrote this: Improbable as survival remains, with the club three points adrift at the bottom and six short of a position of safety with just five games left, Poyet’s own self-respect has to make him want to summon superhuman powers […]

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Manchester City vs SAFC Guess the Score, Wembley and Bust, Jozy mini-row

Jozy: poor sod. A journeyman footballer, not a premiership striker

It’s time to forget about Saturday, the sure approach of relegation and idiotic, contrived controversies about Graeme Anderson’s Jozy Altidore tweet*. Not yet – quite – time for all Salut! Sunderland contributors to rattle off their pieces for what we shall call the Wembley and Bust series. What’s it going to be about, someone asked. […]

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Manchester City vs SAFC Who are You?: Sunderland’s demise a ‘real shame’

And up steps Jozy to take the last-second penalty kick at 0-0 ...

Mark Barber*, secretary of the Manchester City Disabled Supporters’ Association and our ‘Who are You?’ interviewee ahead of Man City vs SAFC, still reckons we’ll score first through Adam Johnson. If you want to know how often he thinks they’ll reply, you’ll need to read on. Check out the Q+A at and you’ll see […]

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SAFC vs Everton ‘Who are You?’: on uneven contests and chasing Liverpool

a chance for Posh fans to have their say

Goodison Park, Boxing Day. It was backs to the wall against 10 men after a good first half that should have produced another goal, but the win gave us all hope. Despite our helping of cup glory, it’s been mostly downhill since then and we stand at the gates of doom. Not so Everton, playing […]

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Tottenham Hotspur v SAFC ‘Who are You?’: they thought they had problems

Jake: out of hospital and on the mend
The Lads? Still poorly

At ESPN, I have suggested that Gus Poyet tries to get his hands on the Edison wax cylinders on which Harry Houdini, not Harry Hood, recorded a description of one his greatest escape acts a century ago this year. He could then play it repeatedly to the team before Monday night’s game at Spurs. As […]

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SAFC v West Ham ‘Who are You?’: TalkSPORT’s The Moose hunted down


TalkSPORT has been kind to Salut! Sunderland. We had a good ‘Who are You?’ with Micky Quinn before a SAFC vs Liverpool game in 2011 – – and an outstanding one with Melissa Rudd, as assistant producer, before her club, our other recent opponents Norwich City, visited the SoL in December ( Now The […]

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The end of an era. Salut! Sunderland’s journey will soon be over

Jake: 'this is the place where you find true support, unconditional commitment'


Sixer’s Scunthorpe Sevens. Sunderland ironed flat


Pete Sixsmith sent a bonfire night seven word text concerning the probability that we wouldn’t be making a trip to […]

Not quite viral (2): a small world mourns Salut! Sunderland’s demise

Another of Jake's Salut! banners

Monsieur Salut writes: as the world now knows, Salut! Sunderland’s days are numbered. If you missed the news, it’s here: […]

Not quite viral (1): a social media world reacts to Salut! Sunderland’s doom

Jake: 'why not, with so many players with SAFC connections in Russia?'

    Another of Monsieur Salut’s messages: news of our imminent demise has touched a nerve. Plenty of people have […]

Sixer’s Gillingham Soapbox: ‘I worry about the state of the club’

Pete Sixsmith:


Sixer’s Sevens: Sunderland 1 Gillingham 1 is not a good omen

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

Pete Sixsmith has sent some interesting seven word texts in recent weeks, many of them on the pessimistic side. The […]

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